What new releases are you looking forward to?

Originally posted by munch:
Do you know if the Zero 7 will be out on vinyl?
Are you going to see them?

Mrs JWM Big Grin, in moment of enthusiasm, bought our tickets for UEA on 30th Sept.

Don't know about vinyl edition. Hope so, as we all of the other albums on vinyl.

Have a good day tomorrow. Regards to all.


West Norfolk Phonographic Society convenor.
Cheers for that James.
Good news on the Alevel front give her a big kiss from me and i bet you both are well proud.
Great news.
Good to see you got the Zero 7 tickets.
Wish they played just up the road from me.
I have to make do with this album

And the new Beatles cds. Smile
Originally posted by Bruce Woodhouse:
Originally posted by munch:
This is a good one to pre order for next month.
Heard it this week while getting my hair cut. Big Grin

Is this new material? Good news.

I'm waiting for the new Richard Hawley, due next month.


It is newly released material but it was recorded back in 1992. No doubt given a little bit of a clean up before release.

I am looking forward to Richard Hawley too.
Originally posted by BigH47:
Originally posted by munch:
Have you bought any of the new JB vinyl?

No not yet. You?
Got the live double you have the cd of.Its blinding.
The others you have also came out this year.
Nice pressings and not mega bucks new on amazon.
Originally posted by droodzilla:

Good news. I like the three trio albums, but find them a tad interchangeable, so maybe it's time for a change of configuration.

I agree - one more trio album would maybe have been one more trio album too many. Guess it will be a solo album after this one.
Originally posted by Steve Bull:

Me too, though before buying, follow the thread on Steve Hoffman forum about possible sound quality concerns.

Thanks - I'll take a look. I am only buying this one if it is top notch. Let's hope they got it right - if not i'll stick with the ones I have.


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