What new releases are you looking forward to?

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ewemon, any details on the JJ Cale album? I can't find anything except the title.

H, I was also curious and found this. 


A release of FM broadcast recordings. The reclusive, enigmatic J.J. Cale did not enjoy touring, but was on fine form when playing this superb set in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma on New Years Eve, 1975. The CD is presented with background notes and images. 

01. Cajun Moon
02. Call Me The Breeze
03. Lies
04. Clyde
05. After Midnight
06. Call The Doctor
07. Got My Mojo Working
08. Magnolia
09. Crazy Mama
10. Sensitive Kind
11. Bringing It Back
12. Cocaine


Due for release on the 10/08/15 on the River. 

The long-announced new studio recording of Aida. With Pappano at the helm, this will certainly be interesting, but whether Anja Harteros and Jonas Kaufmann will have the charm, chops and chemistry to pull it off remains to be seen. Supporting cast list looks good too.



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