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Yes, MM is in the listening room. It's fan is inaudible beyond about 3 feet when the room is silent.

System is MM/Audiv - Gustard - Hugo - power amp - speakers. I don't use a preamp, though I have an old one I can use if I want to play anything else (keyboards etc). Present power amp is a Bryston 4Bsst, but I also have my trusty Musical Fidelity P270 that some time I will do proper comparisons. Speakers are PMC EB1i. 

I don't have any system pics - nothing stunning as set up is in a state of flux aith recently changed amp, but if I remembervat the weekend I may take one.

I missed off - I do have a NAS, used as a backup device and for other things, not part of music play - all my music is on the MM (i have 2x 1 TB SSDs, but all my music - system says 12 hundred and something albums, though that's not accurate as some are duplicated awaiting tidy up - fits on one with plenty of space tomspare. All music files are flac, probably about 2/3rds  red book, the ramainder 24 bit and various resolutions. As well as Audirvana, I have Serviio on the MM, which is a free UPnP servvthat can serve music files to oth devices if desired ( hangover from an interin stage where I set up MM as a silent NAS before investigating Audirvana)

Docv posted:

New MM with 16RAM  on order - arriving next week. Hugo coming tomorrow via ebay.

A mouse and a wireless adapter also bagged. Have got a RCA-DIN connector for Hugo-52 but need to get a USB cable for the MM-Hugo.

Hopefully happy days ahead.

Bear in mind that MM usb direct into Hugo can suffer from degradation due to electrical/rf interference. Without an isolator you might find thatbthe MM optical out is better, even though that is using the MM's soundcard which (with Audirvana) can be bypassed completely by using dedicated usb.

An isolator does sound like the right way to go - I will listen without one and then investigate further: USB regen and jitterbug as used by DayJay may be required...haven't looked into the cost yet but I will not spoil the ship for a ha'penny of tar as the saying goes!

Managed to get new stuff working last weekend before having to leave home again for a few days. The sound hadn't settled down at all but showed lots of promise -  52 SQ really does oscillate for a while after a fresh fire - up.

My main problem was the tiresomely slow load up of Audirvana favourites...my android devices show all of the albums instantaneously. The MM has 16mb of ram...any suggestions to remedy problem?

I had a 1:1 exchange with Audirvana support which was very helpful - I think that the issue is my bumpkin broadband service...superfast is arriving next year although I have heard that one before! My tablet does not have a problem loading up my Tidal Albums - would operating Audirvana via their App be of assistance?

Meanwhile I have been enjoying and experimenting with recently acquired MM/Hugo/Jitterbugs x2. I have ordered a USB Regen which will hopefully arrive soon.

One thing I haven't figured is how to switch to DSD256....my set up seems to be limited to 128 at present...any thoughts/advice.

I am also interested in hearing what others have settled on as their favourite settings in the audio filters menu of Audirvana.

Is forced upsampling necessarily best for SQ? What value is preferred for "Filter max length" etc.





DSD256 is only available if supported by the DAC (and connections between) - Hugo, for example, is limited to DSD128.

Below are screenshots of my Audirvana settings. xCORE is the Gustard U12 isolator/converter between the MM and Hugo. Most of the settings are the defaults for best quality. I haven't played around with upsampling, intending some time but not got around to.

regarding isolation, with the Hugo, the Gustard U12 does an excellent job, including RF filtering, and jitter isn't an issue because Hugo is asynchronous and reclocks, so no other inline electronics are needed.

Thank you IB

Great to have options but also good to settle on a combination of parameters and then sit back, relax and enjoy the music.

So far I have had some fab sessions and friends and family have commented positively on the system. There have also been times when the music has sounded too bright/harsh.

I am looking forward to adding the Regen as it could make a significant improvement. I am also beginning to build up my local resource of albums ripped via EAC - these make for an easier listening experience generally and I think SQ is better than streaming.

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