What's your favourite perfume scents?

Gazza posted:
Mercky posted:

Cant believe this dident get a mention or maybe it did, I find if used generously the women just flock around me, have been using it successfully since 1971

Essex boy here......all I ever got for Xmas😭

Brut, Ford Escorts, Capris and freedom of expression without social handcuffs, those were the days

Mercky posted:

Before I discovered the alarming effects of Brut this was my weapon of choice

I personally don't get on with this (Overpowering Aldehydes like with Chanel No. 5 ) but I know a few friends use it for a nostalgic reasons. ( 'it's my old man used to wear etc.. ') It's probably now is a cult and has huge followers.

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    Intro: 1937
    House: P&G
    Perfumer: Albert Hauck

After having a tooth extracted last year, my scent bunnies seemed to go AWOL. Have not enjoyed anything.

although everything seems as normal now as I remember.

I got this one..


..at that time and couldn't really tell if I liked it or not. Now it's telling of a complete complex overdrive of everything that's subtly nice.

Richard Dane posted:

Linx borrowed shamelessly from Hai Karate. Anyone own up to having had Hai Karate?

Yep - I owned that along with Jovan "Musk for Men" and they both had the effect of attracting wasps in large numbers. I also admit to having had "Brut 33",  "Denim" and "Blue Stratos", all of which are best used for unblocking sinks as frankly Cilit Bang smells nicer. The only 60s/70s fragrances I think have stood the test of time are "Tabac" and "old Spice", both of which are classics IMHO.

TOBYJUG posted:https://www.versace.com/dw/image/v2/ABAO_PRD/on/demandware.static/-/Sites-ver-master-catalog/default/dwef423a1b/original/90_R721010-R100MLS_RNUL_23_DylanBlue100ml-Fragrances-versace-online-store_0_1.png?sw=1440&sh=2000&sm=fit

..at that time and couldn't really tell if I liked it or not. Now it's telling of a complete complex overdrive of everything that's subtly nice.

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  4. Intro: 2016
    House: Versace
    Perfumer: Donatella Versace


    I see this is pretty complex!

Musc Noble is the newest creation from Guerlain for the Absolus d’Orient Collection replacing Ambre Éternel.

It's a bit of a disappointment as, to me, this is not as unique. It's like a cross between their Encens Mythique d'Orient ( a whiff of ambergris ) and Santal Royal for sweetness. I was curious to see what Thierry Wasser can create with musk but no new discovery for me here. Altho, as a non musk lover, this is easier to like since the musk is rather underplayed. It's just not interesting. I thought he could do better.

Musc Noble

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Intro: 2018
House: Guerlain/LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton
Perfumer: Thierry Wasser

People sweat around here and most expensive scents are more than you want.  Makes you smell like you are trying too hard and are cloying in an elevator.   Chicks don't dig it and neither do colleagues.  Not cool.

This is my favorite.   12 oz. for $10.48 at Wal Mart.  I discovered Lilac Vegetal 50 years ago and have used it ever since.  It is a barbershop scent.

I also like this one.  Another barbershop slash.  A little more exotic.   7 oz. for $3-4 everywhere online.

My wife much prefers the Hermes perfumes for herself.  I take her in there now and then,  and she tries them all.  We usually buy a couple.    Some of them are unisex.  Cheapest way to get out of that store!   The prices are both steep and glaciated in the back of that store!   By glaciated I mean impressive, but I just can't imagine people actually getting up there!



What Would Kuma Do!

Great to hear from you, Kuma.   Never thought you and I would be swapping adult scent tips.  

I saw a cute couple today wearing matching tank tops that said "Make America Chill Again".  That is what this product is about.    

Fight the humidity.

Check out Clubman online.   Lilac Vegetal (and Florida Water are) popular on the USA Gulf Coast.   They have cheapened their image since they have migrated to the middle class plastic bottle.  Each is light and not cloying or in your face,  and dissipates by 10 a.m.   Each is a great product if you don't want anybody to think about how you smell, which is what I am looking for.    

I met this guy who had a brick and mortar store in Evanston which is an easy drive for you.    These products go on sale regularly.   I had been to the store but he gave it up in favor of a building in a distribution center.  Call him up and tell him I sent you.  Their killer product in my view is the non aerosol spray deodorant and shave cream.     Never thought I would be buying either online but they are that good.  You could buy one of everything on his site for less than the price of a trip to the Hermes perfume counter.    Treat yourself to the Florida Water, too (not from Clubman.  YOYO).   Both venerable barbershop products for the sweaty parts of the USA.

We are loving our Kleos SL with the 400 ohm Z plug from AV Options, and it rocks with the Herbie's products to eliminate the feedback.   Chris West was absolutely right about the loading.   The Etna SL pricing is just too glaciated for me.  

Come see us.  Little Rock is cooler than you all think.  Not in July and August.  But any other time.

TOBYJUG posted:
kuma posted:


You've got me curious. 

Need to try the LV to see what you're on about!

For those times when you need to remind yourself not to take life too seriously by smelling like a urinal cake.  

Ha.  You may be right.   But I think that is a little harsh.  

In audio we all see things as points on a spectrum.  From Low to High, I see Lilac Vegetal  on the low end, Florida Water as just a little higher, and Axe Cologne off the high end of the spectrum.  I don't know any of the brands above and I am happy where I am with my barbershop scents.

LV and FW smell strong in the shower but dissipate by the time I get to the office.   Several of the high dollar Hermes scents my wife loves are light and unisex enough for me, too, but I rarely like my scent to be as memorable as she is.   Axe is promoted to high school and college football and basketball players,  and teenage boys who aspire to be like them.    Axe gives it away to wrestling teams which is where my boys discovered it.   Back then when they used to be outside, I could smell them when i pulled my car into the driveway.  No, thanks.

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