what was the last cd you bought?

after a suggestion,i have split up the old topic into this one and what was your last vinyl purchase.I hope it makes life easier.
so to get things off and running
queen--the highlander sound track
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Syntax - Meccano Mind.

It's excellent, if you like the poppier end of the Underworld/Fluke crossover. Vocals are a bit like Rob Dougan, which is a shame.

Sixtoo - Antagonist Survival Kit (and the instrumental one as well).

Outstanding, absolutely outstanding.

Tomasz Stanko Quintet, Suspended Night. Lovely chamber jazz. A lot of the reviews have it pegged as similar to Kind of Blue, but it's more comtemorary than that. Some of it feels like a close relative to EST and the trumpet has a Kenny wheeler like tone - must be the ECM studio effect.

GU026 is really good, but not worth having if you have already got WWIII, IMHO.

The first GU CD is very similar to the first CD on WWIII, with about half the tracks being the same (and in the same order). The second CD is slightly darker and harder, and is most like that 3am>5am slot in a decent club. If you know what I mean. Not quite head down mindless boogie, but getting there.

If you don't have WWIII, then it's well worth having. If you do, then be warned about the first CD.

Bought 2 DG SACDs yesterday:

Helene Grimaud - Credo (Excellent and different,variety of music including the Arvo Part debut)

Mischa Maisky/Zubin Mehta, Berlin Philharmonic DVORÁK Cello Concerto, Strauss, Don Quixote. )(Live recording, did not sound special on first listen)

GU026 is very different - GU025 is where prog house has, erm, progressed to and I thought whilst it was good it was a little tired. GU026 is good, but could probably have existed a year ago in terms of it's style - it's also darker and dirtier than GU025.

I very much doubt that either will be played as much as Deep Dish - Moscow (GU021 I think).

Originally posted by BigH47:
Under the Pink Tori Amos

This is amazing on pink vinyl Smile Have you figured out what "Icicle" is about yet?? I love "Yes Anastacia" too...

My last CD was Talkie Walkie by Air, but since it's actually NOT a CD (it won't play in this computer for a start) I'd have to say that Minus' "Haldor Laxness" was the last PROPER CD (rather than Corrupt Data) I bought...

Make your choice, adventurous Stranger;
Strike the bell and bide the danger
Or wonder, till it drives you mad,
What would have followed if you had.

Nick / Rasher,

I am saving myself for the weekend trip into London!

(A happy DS, seeing that I have won an EBay auction for a record I have after for 5 years, Koenig Cylinders 2!!)

Perhaps there woould be 30,000 record shop assistants out of a job if we all shopped non-virtual shopping?


OTD - Decomposed Subsonic - Live In Barcelona
Foo Foo & the boy - H2C (following a very kind borrow from james at Cymbiosis - ta James!)

This is on the Naim label and really rather good - I only played the borrowed one once then ordered it!

also on order - Voodoo child - baby monkey (AKA Moby)

andy c!
Cinematic Orchestra: Everyday
Cat Power: You are Free

Both is a pretty decent sale at the soul-less Amazon. A lot of Ninja Tunes stuff for 6.99 a go: don't often see that sort of thing in sales. I don't ever feel I've had the whole experience when getting cds on line, but these were good prices.

Today's CDs :

Various Artists: Made in Frankfurt
[Label complilation with Roger Devlin, Warpphunk, Major North]

Various Artists: Made in Frankfurt 2
[Label complilation with Roger Devlin, Til & Ron, Major North]

Supplied by Total Recall in the Netherlands, who offer a good good service for E-Buying.


OTD - DK8 - Murder was the Bass
Did anyone give up buying music for lent?

Not me! After several weeks absence, back to CD Warehouse in Sunnyvale - I love that place.

Rush In Rio live
- not crazy about live albums but I swear the 60,000 crowd sing every word!
Boz Scaggs Dig
- Heard King of El Paso track on the Bob Harris show on a UK stop-over back to the US last week and had to buy it
Boz Scaggs Come on home
Lori Lieberman A thousand dreams
Carina Round The disconnection

whats the cinematic orchestra cd like?

ta for any reply...

andy c!

It's a good record: jazzy like a mix of St Germain and Massive Attack, if that make's sense. I think I prefer The Man With The Movie Camera, which shares a few tracks with Everyday. It's completely instrumental, has a few more horns on it a wider range of moods to it. Let me know what you think if you get it.

Yeah ive got the SF too, cracking but Ibiza edges it, along with quite a few others. There were some in the sale that werent available in store Frown, but I guess I'll appreciate that more when the credit card bill is due.

Ive got sander klienenbergs nubreed, prolly will get burridges too. Im not arsed for Lawler though, couple of times ive seen him I was not that impressed, he does nothing special in prog house that other DJs on the scene cant do, and often do better IMHO.
Frank Black - Teenager of the year
Yo la tengo - I can hear the heart beating as one
Snow Patrol - Songs for polarbears (to replace old copy that seems to be MIA)
Husker Du - New Day Rising
Stereolab - Margarine Eclipse

Thanks to whomever suggested these to me (4/5 are forum suggestions), the bills are in the post to you all.

We'll expect a full report by morning.

No way, Pedro.

I am so impressed by Yo La Tengo that it's on repeat. I think that was your/someone elses joint suggestion - is this typical of their work?

There seems to be a lot of YLT to choose from.

YLT are so great and my vocabulary is so limited that I can't say enough nice things about them. That album and "And then nothing turned itself inside-out" are both phenomenal and two of my favorite albums of all time. "Painful" is a notch lower in excellence IMO. I never bought "Summer Sun" as hardcore fans seemed to brush it aside but now you have me considering it...

[EDIT following lunch: I forgot that you're a completist. Early on they were a bit messy and not so dreamy. I don't recommend venturing any earlier than "Electro-pura", and if you get the soundtrack they did (I forget the title) let us know if it's good.]

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