What was the last vinyl you bought?

Oh and ‘Jazz on the Corner’. A good compilation, notwithstanding the preposterous (or is it ironic) cover art. But... if I recall, someone commented on the lack of anti-stat sleeves. I should have paid more attention. My TT plinth isn’t best pleased and neither are my speakers. Shocking (how could it end otherwise). 🙄

Busy day for me at the local record shop.

John Lennon. Imagine. s/h early pressing from 1971

John Lennon. Imagine. s/h early pressing from 1971


John Lennon. Plastic One Band. s/h early pressing from 1970


John Mellencamp & Carlene Carter. Sad Clowns & Hillbillies. New from 2017


John Fogerty. Eye Of The Zombie. s/h first pressing on the Warner Brothers label from 1986


Paul McCartney. Chaos And Creation In The Backyard (2005). Re-issue released today

Again, I acquired this to satisfy my completist tendencies - I already have the original vinyl of this, which goes for silly money for some reason. A listen to PULSE on tape yesterday demonstrated that it's not that great a live album (there are better bootlegs of this tour out there) but it'll be interesting to see whether Grundman, Plante and Guthrie have improved the SQ, and what'll happen to prices of the original...

Just visited a record fair and came away with some nice records:

Supertramp - Free As A Bird (pleasantly surprised by this 80s release sans Roger Hodgson).

Roger Hodgson - In The Eye Of The Storm (very good, sans Supertramp).

Supertramp - Famous Last Words (yet to play).

Supertramp - Breakfast In America (potential upgrade copy)

All Near Mint With antistatic inners. £18


Patti Labelle, the 4 first albums, in mint condition ( the lp surface), original pressings, all from Discogs.   soul music at his best, with jazz musicians like david spinozza, jimmy johnson, and the meters too.    «  voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir ? ».....well known track of here( lady marmelade).....my rega rp10 will smile in some days.

1 x LP 

Morcheeba new album released yesterday!

BLAZE AWAY, their ninth album overall, is the band’s first in five years. The album combines the modern approach of the band’s last few full length releases with their classic Trip Hop sound. The most obvious example of this new direction is the album’s title track, “Blaze Away,” a collaboration with British producer Roots Manuva. Morcheeba and Roots Manuva rose to fame at roughly the same time so the combination of their talents is a look back and step forward at the same time. This Morcheeba set is as experimental as ever which means it never stays in the past too long –  this is NOT a journey down retro avenue! “Never Under,” “Find Another Way,” and “It’s Summertime” are just a few highlights. BLAZE AWAY is an album that sounds as fresh as anything else you’ll hear this year.

I'm of the opinion one can't have too many Morcheeba albums in the collection, so i've gone ahead and bough this new release after a quick track sample on Amazon. The vinyl looks nice, my copy awaits a clean by the RCM. Will enjoy later : )


Currently £6.35 on Amazon : )

"On his debut album The Host works in a spacey interzone, using vintage gear to create dramatic panoramas for the headphoned mind. He creates a unique suite of modern impressionistic sonics that tumble and waft in and out of the mix, earthed with strong melodies that take inspiration from net-age genres while never recalling them directly. Throughout, he masters all the potentials of vintage synths, drum machines and reverbs, along with guitar and bass to explore a sound that sets him apart from producers working on computers, creating something much more band-like but rich with lively micro-detail. Opening track 'Neo-Geocities' is full of drifting synths and distorted drum machine toms reminicent of a jerry-rigged footwork style. 'Angel Fire' melts muted guitar and gentle keys into haywire 808 rhythms, while 'Internet Archaelogy' dubs hazy melodies, tape edits and bass guitar into murky but upliftingly melodic shapes. 'Hidden Ontology' riffs majestically over arpeggiated synths, while '3AM Surfing' and 'Summer Solstice At Cape Canaveral' sound like savoured quiet moments after a good night out. 'Rainy Sequences / Phosphene Patterns' is a dense and ecstatic blur of sound, coalescing into a pretty guitar melody weaving through the lush noise while 'Aeontology's pastoral drift is probably best appreciated horizontal, and the delicate and exquisitely detailed spring mood of 'Birthday Bluebells' is a gentle closer. A focused and unique artist with a strong debut which often suggest a similar musical language as that of Kuedo s Severant" .

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