What was the last vinyl you bought?

Originally Posted by Chris Kelly:
Last night I was given a pristine copy of Led Zeppelin 1, on the original plum label, as a birthday present. Almost worth turning 60 for!
Happy Birthday, Chris.  60 yoa is not so bad, I can still remember it.  I believe the only vinyl copy I ever had was an American Atlantic records release, red and green label and black lettering on the cover.  Presumably the plum label is the original British release and of some particular rarity and value at this time as well as considered best sounding ?  Somebody loves ya!

Jeff A
You will love it!

Originally Posted by Nigel 66:

Have been thinking about this Jimi Hendrix box set for a while, but has always been a bit steep at £115. So looked on Amazon USA and it's only £51, including £8 for shipping. Have ordered it so will have to see how long it takes, and what condition it's in when it arrives. Here's hoping.

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