What was the last vinyl you bought?

Kevin, its worth exploring Discogs in detail. 

Discogs is proving quite the valuable resource for me. As my vinyl revival gathered pace, I set up an account and created a ‘Collection’, then used this to catalogue my old records as I went through them all. Its proved a very helpful archiving / valuation online database, especially as to the potential value of some of the old / rare discs (jaw dropping in some instances - worth how much!). Vinyl done, and bout half way through the CD’s at the moment.

There's also the iPhone App. Link this to a collection and can call up the database when on a shopping spree to check whether an album is already in the collection. That alone is a very useful asset.

And then of course, there’s the wallet damaging ‘Wish List’ facility. Once set up and populated with albums being sought, it provides a list of registered Discogs retailers (private & commercial, with full feedback details similar to ebay) selling examples of these albums. Regular emails are sent out when new albums on the wish list become available - this really tests restraint! 

Fellowship Of The Ring boxset. I've no idea how I missed this boxset, as it's been out since April. The vinyl has more background surface rumble than I'd like, but it's free of any crackle/pops. It's also needs the volume cranked up, so the background noise is magnified. Other than that, it sound great and the music is sublime.

71GjKV3GOsL._SL1425_ copy

1½ x LP - Reprise 2018 reissue 

Arrived this morning from Amazon uk : )

Musically fabulous but...

one of those 3 sided double vinyl albums with a blank side 4 which always leaves me feeling cheated after playing side 3 and i flip the record over to side 4 on the turntable to look at an etching  : /

Be careful just relying on a blank unmodulated LP.  It can be useful for establishing a ballpark, but the drag of a modulated groove means that bias set up accurately on a stylus tracing a blank LP will not be quite exact when applied to the same stylus/cart/arm tracing a modulated grooved one.  Usually a small extra adjustment must be made - preferably by sight and by ear.

Matt Park posted:

Hi everyone. First of all as a little disclaimer I work at Naim so I will be popping in from time to time but I thought I'd come along to this thread for my first post here. I recently bought Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen on vinyl, a beautiful listen. 


Welcome MATT, good choice.

The Beethoven Treasury. A 1981 Readers Digest release made up from earlier, Analogue recordings. £9.50 from a local charity shop. 10 LP’s with RPO performances of all 9 symphonies, Violin Concerto, Emperor Piano, Moonlight Sonata and a few other bits. My copy seems almost unplayed and the cleaning machine has come up trumps with quiet surfaces and highly dynamic performances. Minor quibble on Symphony 4 and 5 which have each been squeezed onto a single side I feel mainly by speeding up the tempos to breakneck levels. Exciting, but maybe just a bit too quick. The Violin Concerto sounds lovely and is worth the price of entry on its own IMO. 

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