Who owns speakers which are NOT British?

Tim F posted:

US-Shahinian Larcs

Sweden-Larsen Model 4

Both run off of Naim Uniti1/Pair of Nap-100's run in mono mode, or Uniti1 as source into Croft Micro 25 pre/Croft Series 7 amplifier.

How do you run the 100's in mono? I had one of them and didn't know I had the option to run 2 as monoblock.

Interesting as it would definitely open up the speaker options for these little amps.

I imagine you'd get a custom lead so that one channel went to each 100. But unless you did something to bridge the amplifier, which of course cannot not be discussed on the forum, you'd have only one channel of each 100 working. I suspect you'd get a better result from a single 200. 

I'm amazed at the range of available speakers, and the excellent choices in a wide range of prices. We inevitably end up choosing from which brands we have available in our area. I'm sure I could live with many different speakers. 

I went from PtoAc Tablets, to Neat Mystique 2 to GamuT Phi 5Mkii to my current loudspeakers; Lawrence Audio Violin SE. Small production company from Taiwan. A remarkable speaker, IMHO. And not a 'thin-walled British monitor' type of sound. 

DC71-Yes, I run my NAP-100's like HH described, I have a special lead that I made using Preh DIN connectors, just running half of one side of each NAP. As HH mentioned, a single NAP-200 would probably be "better", but seeing as I had an extra 100 laying around as well as the connectors, I thought why not give it a go. 

If I notice anything over the single NAP-100 or even the built in amp of the Uniti, it is just a touch of added control and drive, but certainly no great OMG moment here. At some point I may flog the NAP-100's and grab a 200, but I am more than happy/content with what I have now, a truly enjoyable setup.

AussieSteve posted:
gmischol posted:

Germany, Lansche Audio No 3.1

I love the look of Lansche's, How do they sound, that plasma tweeter is interesting.

Sorry for my late answer, this speaker is just amazing, not only the plasma tweeter. I'm so happy my dealer demoed this speaker. Since it moved in, I spend hours listening to music again, even more with my new NAP 300 (non DR). There is never any sharpness, at first it seems something is missing, just to realise with time how natural the highs are. Never regretted this decision for a second in the last 6 month. And with the NAP 300 (compared to the 250.2 before) they seem to go at least an octave deeper

Skimming thru this I got curious and pulled out my pair of Audience 1+1, small speakers I had in storage.  Tonally very accurate and have radiators to sides but 3" speakers front and back.  They are lean compared to my SLH5 but if I had to downsize to small space  they are great. 

Don't tell my dealer but I'm going to sell them to a good friend. 

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