Who owns speakers which are NOT British?

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I taste a lot of europa-made versus china-made sentiment in this thread

Really? Have you read the entire thread because there seems to be a lot of North American makers posted. Far more than China.

I did reallize that once I clicked Post Reply. Lets put it differently: Western World vs Asian.

It would be interesting for context if   respondees were to identify their location as well as speaker source, because this topic begs the questions as to whether when it comes to hifi different nations or perhaps cultures have different preferences in respect of sound balance/character (given that the speaker is the part most responsible), and whether that then infuences speaker choice, or, if there is a tendency towards choosing local speaker source, whether it is more a matter of shipping and availability, especially at the larger end of the scale.

All speakers I've ever owned have been British (though drive units have included Scandinavian as well as British, and my very first home brew one had a driver of unknown origin, possibly far East.) I live in the British Isles. Many years ago I auditioned about a dozen speakers that today would be in the £2.5-3k price bracket. Most were British. And most had sonic characters very different from one another, so not really suggesting a 'British sound', though it would need a far bigger sample of other countries' speakers to be able to determine that.

Shahinian Obelisks. American. Live in Jersey (not New). Thankfully very helpful dealer in Alderney sourced a pair to try from a very helpful distributor in UK. No commitment at demo but wife was immediately convinced and they've stayed. Still stunned every time I listen. 

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I will get to hear De Vores at some stage. I think they look great and imagine i'd like their presentation too.

i'd highly recommend that, Gary! i just added a 282/250 to my Gibbon 8s and i'm pretty knocked out by how good it sounds.

i'd love to hear a Nait 2 into some O/96s.

French - Focal Sopra No 1s

As an aside, all my many previous speakers have been British, including a pair of Heybrook HB2s.  Great speakers apart from the regularity with which the tweeters blew.  Talked to the designer (Peter Comeau IIRC) and he acknowledged this was a weakness of the model.

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Denmark dynaudio when dynaudio was Denmark and not China.

All Dynaudio speakers are still made in Denmark, from the cabinets to the drivers, are still all made in house, just like it has always been.  Even their entry level Emit line is made entirely in Denmark.

Their R&D, is also still based in Denmark, other than being owned by a Chinese  company, Dynaudio is the same exact company, they just have more money now to invest in other projects, a win - win  situation, just like Naim, except Naim is now owned by a French investment company as opposed to Chinese.

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Devore here – love my Nines. Dream of Xs!

I want to hear the X's but my local dealer won't be getting them in.

My dealer was disappointed DeVore didn't expand on the Orangatan range instead; reading between the lines he didn't find the X much different or better than the Silverbacks.

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