Why Wi-Fi is degrading the audio signal : A physical explanation ?

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How do you know? Have you established that with any kind of controlled, blind, listening test? Who says a packet drop necessarily causes a loss of sq? It doesn't have to. It surely isn't supposed to. Why is it allowed to in some pieces of (expensive) hifi. 

Likesmusic, I have, as I have posted previously on this forum undertaken controlled and measured evaluations, and indeed notice subtle SQ changes based on TCP segment flow patterns and timing ... not dissimilar to differences I hear between WAV and FLAC,. In short I say this accounts why many people hear differences between Tidal FLAC and locally streamed FLAC, and why Tidal SQ can vary. Tidal, by its nature of being carried via the internet, has a more dynamic set of TCP dynamics to deal with than local streaming.. if you like the RCP state machine is working harder or at least differently. The same happens with wifi

Naim are entirely aware of this, which is why it takes a long time validating firmware and its impact on SQ when the TCP/IP stack is changed. 

But yes theoretically there should be no difference, but system coupling means there are often interactions in closed systems in the real world.



Can a big increase in RAM help? I suspect it does.

Yes,  used "subtle" in my post quoted above, and in the grand scheme of things network data dynamics do lead to subtle changes(like more naturalness, sound have better space, music seems breath/flow better) , perhaps like comparing playing wav and FLAC... So worthwhile changes, but overall character of performance not overly changed, but clearly subtle change/difference is a relative term

Thanks to everybody,

I start that thread to get new ideas that could explain "why wi-fi is degrading the audio signal"

And they were a lot of interesting one. mainly:

1) the resources ( elecrtical, processing ) needed to stream a audio signal over Ethernet or Wi-Fi is different

2) The "translation" of the digital signal is different if you use a wire copper instead of a electromagnetic wave

3) the order and time consistency of the TCP frame differ too

For those that say it SHOULD not be different, I totally agree

but even if I have immense respect for maths I will always trust my ear over an equation :-)

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