Wilson Sabrina and 300dr

I've listened to the entire Wilson range for years, driven with both Naim and other electronics.  I always walk away with the same assessment: bright tweeter, recessed mids and boomy bass.  I feel like the each driver in the speaker has been engineered to show off and exaggerate the sound.  I don't hear music.  

I'd check out the Titan's... designed with Naim electronics from a guy who get's it.  

Thanks for sharing! I have to have speakers close to wall, so for more reasons they dont seem to be the right pick for me. Happy that ART speakers are coming for homedemo and at least based on commentry here should work well at my place.

hope you get good results in the end!

Just seeing this thread. I did listen to Sabrinas with a NAP 300 (not DR) and it was excellent in a 15 by 20 foot room. I ultimately went with Sopra 3 but it was a tough decision. No problem driving the Wilsons. BTW the Sopras are wonderful in all respects.

The loan pair of Sabrinas went back to the dealer today. They are a terrific speaker - very natural sounding with great imaging. Unfortunately I'd need to get them further out into the room to overcome a bass resonance. Although they have low impedance, the 500 managed well.

Being American all the nuts are in Imperial and you have to use a 7/16 spanner (supplied)  for the lock nut on the spikes. They weigh a ton and have huge packaging to boot.

The dealer left me with a pair of Duette 2s to try in order to control the bass. On initial listening bass is much better but the magic of the Sabrinas has been reduced. Treble is noticeable on the Duette; slightly bright.

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I first heard the Sabrina's with a modest Rega integrated set up and fell in love with the sound.  I figured if they sound good on a low powered Rega integrated the Naim system should be fine.  I feel the Wilson's are a nice match up with a Naim system, plenty of power. Quality over quantity, right?  The 300DR would be really nice with the Sabrina's.  I sure like my 250DR/XPSDR/NAC272 with the Sabrina's.

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