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I just got a 78" Samsung TV in a large room and consider building a home theater around 5.1 wireless  setup with a floor-standing sub and wall-mounted speakers. The room is around 70 m2 floor area and 5 m high ceilings. 

The TV and HT is arranged in the open part of the room with around 15 m2 area.

The most critical part is to have the rear surround speakers connected wirelessly but I guess it drags the whole pack to be wireless. 

Any suggestions ?

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If you use a AV amp which has pre-amp outputs, you could then run a separate wireless transmitter and receiver.  The receiver could then need to be connected to an amplifier before powering any speakers (or use powered speakers).

A short google found a pair of devices from Stageline - the WSA-24T and WSA-24R.  These are "professional" audio devices so you would need to cope with the TS jacks for input and output.  AudioEngine's W3 Wireless Audio Adapter is another option more "hi-fi" orientated (mini-jack input and output).

I'm sure there are others around.

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