Would you prefer movies to be in 100 f/s?

And I would get sea sick... 25 to 30 fps seems to be rate we/I am conditioned to enjoy, especially on the big screen.. That frame rate also usually allows the blurring of fast motion which helps the brain process the image. On my videos I always try and keep below 30fps for this reason... 

Films made with computer graphics will often slow the frame rate to 30 fps or less to help make it look more 'natural'. Even with video you sometimes need ND filters to achieve suitable depth of field in bright light and yet keep a natural looking frame speed.


Consciousmess posted:

I think I would, looking at computer graphics!

Yet they make it 25 f/s!

I prefer movies to have stories, characters, great cinematography, things like that. And to be well-written, well-photographed and well-directed. Frame speed is a minor technical matter and is entirely irrelevant if the basics are not there.

The reason why the (mainstream) film industry is in such a parlous state is that it is run by wankers who know nothing about pictures, who cater for teenage dimwits seeking instant gratification; and that audiences these days are often visually and cinematically illiterate. Probably through playing too many videogames.

Pictures should be resembling computer games less, not more!

If 24 f/ps is good enough for Renoir, Hitchcock, Dreyer, Coppola, Ozu or Welles, then it should be good enough for anyone.

I agree with Kev. The film industry is in a mess. If it's not remakes (Magnificent Seven), then it's just basically poorly made made films. 

All the real talent seems to heading to high quality Tv series these days leaving film to spend big budgets on surefire big hits that cinematically leave a lot to be desired. 



I don't remember the exact quote... but Mark Kermode said it best a few years ago.  High frame rate, black and white vs colour, silent, IMAX and even 3D should be decisions made by the director to best present their art... the problem is that most films are shoehorned into whatever the latest buzz word technology is.

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