You are happy with both your high quality Digital front end and your Record Player. How much do you use the latter?

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.. Unfortunately, too many modern recordings, or remasters of the older material, are inferior, be it digital or vinyl.

Tony that is probably because, as I have said a few times, contemporary 'vinyl' replay is digital - and the phono equipment effectively provides an electro mechanical reconstruction of the digital signal.... I am not sure why some people don't understand that  phono replay of modern vinyl is digital.. its not a case of 'digital' or 'vinyl' in the general sense as that makes no technical sense whatsoever. The choice is whether you prefer pure electronic digital reconstruction of a particular device  compared to the  combined electronic/mechanical/electrical digital reconstruction for modern vinyl media replay on a turn table.



This has been discussed many times and I’ve also commented that even when the recording comes from a digital original recording the vinyl can still smoke the digital version.   On Every Street and Nothing Lke The Sun come to mind.  



which Vinyl player (LP12, rega etc etc)

Which Digital (ND555, Linn KDS, Chord Dave?)

it's all dependant on which player....

I can't see how we can generalize like this.

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