Your 4 favourite ECM albums.

1. Jon Balke - Siwan John Blake - Siwan

2. Jakob Bro - Gefion Jakob Bro - Gefion

3. Anouar Brahem - The Astounding Eyes of Rita Anouar Brahem - The Astounding Eyes of Rita

4. Eberhard Weber - Colours Eberhard Weber - Colours (this is cheating since there are 3 albums which make up colors)

Since I am only beginning to explore the ECM catalogue this list will certainly change...... (I did only select albums that I have purchased)

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It will be interesting to see the selections of Adrian who owns the complete ECM catalog.

Well, 4/1500 or somewhere near that is tough to choose but here are four I rather like...


That's not bad, Adrian. You can select four different albums every day and still never repeat yourself for over a year. Do you know what are the all time 10 top selling ECM albums or should we ask Manfred?

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I remember during the days when we still purchased discs in music stores, always searching for ECM copies from Germany which for some reason sounded sweeter that their US made counterparts.

I did the same thing.  As a rule, American pressings of European labels are inferior--second-generation masters, sometimes noisy vinyl.  Also, back in the day, new Japanese releases of American rock always sounded inferior, and the Japanese would usually buy the widely-available American pressings (often cheaper, due to the exchange rate).  Later on every one loved Japanese pressings for reissues, but clearly they were not given decent masters for the first round.

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 Now that ECM is streaming a lot of its content, what are four favourite ECM albums? 

These are mine (currently)



Pretty good selection. about....


Keith Jarrett ;Rio

Pat Metheny: Bright Size Life

Tord Gustavson ; Being There

Apologies for slight detour on the thread. I love the ECM label and I'm a great fan of the guitar god Steve Vai and respectful of Percy Jones' immense bass talents but this 1986 release by The Epidemics headed by the Indian violinist Shankar and his wife Caroline together with the aforementioned Vai and Jones plus a drum machine is just atrocious beyond belief!

Anyone who has this and can find some merit please let me know, as I struggle to undestand how this ever got a release on such an esteemed label.


This is a nice idea, but selecting only four took a while. But here they are, in alphabetical order:

Jan Garbarek - I Took Up The Runes

Keith Jarrett - The Melody At Night, With You


Arianna Savall - Hirundo Maris

...and two of them haven’t been not mentioned yet  

I'm rather surprised, if not disappointed, that no one has yet listed any of the early Pat Metheny albums. Without going through my record collection to find which are ECM, I am certain without doubt that this is my absolute favourite on ECM: 'Offramp'.

Also up there would be 'As Falls Wichita...' and maybe 'Officium'.

Although I have a copy of Keith Jarrett's 'Köln Concert', I just don't get it. I heard part of it on Jazz Record Requests a couple of weeks back and thought it sounded OK, so I thought I'd give it another chance, but still it didn't work for me.

I have those last three, and really rate them. The Ambrose Field is particularly good. 

Four I’d suggest, though I’m not sure I can really identify ‘favourites’, are:

John Holloway - Biber/Muffat- Der Türken Anmarsch

Kim Kashkashian & Robert Levin - Asturiana - Songs from Spain and Argentina

Marc Johnson - Shades of Jade

John Taylor - Rosslyn 



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