Introducing Uniti, our revolutionary new streaming platform.


Dear Forum members,

Today we announce our most revolutionary streaming platform yet. Inspired by our unfaltering passion for music and enabled by more than 40 years' of tireless innovation, we introduce the new Uniti range. Comprising the Uniti Nova, Uniti Star and Uniti Atom all-in-one players and the Uniti Core hard disk server, Uniti's brand new state-of-the-art technology enables you to experience music like never before. Rip and store entire collections, play or stream music from any source, at the touch of a button, all with the deep, immersive sound only a Naim system delivers.

Our Research and Development team in Salisbury had to fundamentally deconstruct every historic design and technology decision we had ever made to challenge themselves and go further, especially in terms of sound quality. It’s a true ground-up development, all hand-built in Salisbury, with our core principles at its heart. We looked at every single aspect of the product proposition, the electronic architecture, the mechanical enclosure, the user experience and the approach to manufacture and assembly.

The result? A clear step change in every single aspect of the products, a true achievement of excellence. We hope you enjoy this exciting new product range and look forward to hearing what you think.

Discover Uniti:

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[Edited: 13.01.2017]

The new Uniti range is our biggest release in over fifteen years and we are really proud of all the work that has gone into crafting this revolutionary new product range. Due to the technical complexity of Uniti we have faced more challenges than we initially anticipated and we still have some features to refine to ensure the products that reach you are of the highest possible quality.

 We are currently processing certifications for AirPlay, GoogleCast, TIDAL, Bluetooth (aptX HD), WiFi, HDMI and Spotify Connect  and beta testing our latest software; the team is working extremely hard to ensure that the products stand up to the level of quality you have come to expect from Naim.

 As such we have made the difficult decision to delay shipping Uniti Atom until May with Uniti Star and Uniti Nova following in June.

 We have been reviewing all customer feedback from the Uniti Core servers shipped in 2016, and made the decision to stop shipping after Christmas, to ensure we have fixed any software issues before shipping en masse. We are expecting a firmware update next week, and an over-the-air update will be available via the app for those who have already received their Uniti Core servers.  Shipping will re-commence next week as soon as the firmware is available and tested.

We know the delay is frustrating and sincerely apologise for it. Thank you for your continued support and patience while we put the finishing touches on your Uniti.


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If the release date for the Atom is late November as per What HiFi's preview then the advice on Naim's site would appear to be appealing to people in deep space hibernation


"Uniti Atom will be available from our network of specialist retailers in December 2017. Sign up to be the first to discover more."

Tony, I agree, very useful.  Among other things, I use my current UnitiQute as an amp for a TV and blu-ray player so having ARC connection and control is a nice little feature.

However, for me, it's potentially the Uniti Core that is most interesting.  A proper power supply at last and the swappable HDD along with Naim's (improved?) ripping and serving software and a nice BNC s/pdif out for local DAC connection. Could be something special...

As I see it, it is horses for courses, the new items fitting certain parts of the market, and nothing whatsoever wrong with that. The only legitimacy to complaints about Naim's direction of travel would be if they stopped supplying/supporting other key hifi items such as the classic range, and there is nothing here to even hint that might be the case.

However, my question is in what way do the new items reimagine our music collections? They seem to simply provide different options for playing them. Could that just  possibly have been marketing hype?

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The hdmi input's a surprising but very welcome addition.

Nooooooo .... it'll only lead to audiophile HDMI cable neurosis 

Well, a good hdmi lead has the ability to totally transform the audio signal into realms previously thought completely unattainable.


Tonym, The HDMI W*nky Cable Co. Ltd.

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