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Bob the BuilderPosted: 25 December 2018Last Updated: 07 January 2019
Music always has played a large part in our Christmas lists and I can remember certain Christmas days by the music I got as a present. So what CD, vinyl or music file did Santa bring you?
PederPosted: 04 November 2018Last Updated: 06 January 2019
????????????????YOUTUBE VIDEO-THREAD???????????? In this thread we can put in various Music-Video's. There are many good music-videos with pretty good soundquality. Unfortunately,quite a few with poor soundquality too. But it's the only chance to be able to see our artists Live when we want,many has also passed away. So then the only chance to see them Live,is on these music video's. I shall start by putting in a video with.... ????John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers with Gary Moore- ĒSo Many ro
kumaPosted: 01 January 2018Last Updated: 05 January 2019
Starting a new thread for the new year!~ So did anyone go to the New Year's Concert in Vienna?
GhettoyoutPosted: 04 January 2019Last Updated: 04 January 2019
The Festive Fifty has been revealed by Dandelion radio in the John Peel tradition. It is being broadcast each day until the end of January on should you wish to tune in and hear a lot of stuff you never knew existed. There are some fairly long songs that must bring back happy memories to the aging prog rockers that reside here. A note to Richard Dane: please can you confirm if I'm allowed to list the number 22 song. Apologies if it breaks the forum rules. 50 Teleman -...
J.N.Posted: 02 January 2019Last Updated: 04 January 2019
Interesting news item. John.
ConsciousmessPosted: 04 January 2019Last Updated: 04 January 2019
Like others on this forum, I have eclectic music tastes and maintain my desire for well recorded material - hence my passion in audiophile equipment. Therefore purchasing compilations can be a win win.... up to a point. How do they make compilations? Is it the record companies with master tapes or is it a third party splicing together tracks they have? Iím of course referring to legitimate releases, but need to know as I could be risking purchasing sub par quality, when getting the original...
Mike-BPosted: 03 January 2019Last Updated: 03 January 2019
Interesting report in the UK news this morning: Sales of CD's are down by 23% last year, drop of 9.6 million year-on-year. 32 million CD's were sold in 2018 - close to 100 million less than in 2008. Its the same in USA, in the same 10 year period CD sales have fallen from 450 million to 89 million. The move is to streaming just in case any one was wondering, also interesting to note downloading sales are following a similar downturn to CD Other notable data: Vinyl began to plateau in 2018...
impyPosted: 31 December 2018Last Updated: 01 January 2019
Just heard that Ray Sawyer from Dr Hook has passed away at 81. Grew up listening to them. Very sad news. Trev
JohnellPosted: 31 December 2018Last Updated: 31 December 2018
We came in from a party with our friends around 1am, the other half went straight to bed and I sat down with a coffee and listened to a couple of SRV tracks, Tin Pan Alley and Lenny. Just wondering what you chose as the first track(s) you listened to in 2019.
JonnersPosted: 29 December 2018Last Updated: 31 December 2018
This may be the wrong Forum for this in which case I expect Mr.D will move it but I'm wondering the following: A: Whether any TT-owning Forum Members attend Record Fairs, in which case - any to recommend? B: Whether a Fair might be a suitable place to meet over a cuppa and a biccie any of you might fancy it one wet weekend morning or afternoon to shoot the breeze and put faces to names. I'm up for London or Birmingham and anywhere in-between if anybody's interested? If there's no takers then...
Richard DanePosted: 31 December 2017Last Updated: 31 December 2018
On the eve of a new year, it's time for a new thread. Last year's thread can be found here:,
fathings catPosted: 28 December 2018Last Updated: 29 December 2018
Looks like it could be the end for HMV - see story on the SuperDeluxeEdition website. Sad if this happens..... Gary
JazzDocNaimPosted: 26 December 2018Last Updated: 29 December 2018
I guess there have been some important ones this year. We have seen the 50th anniversary editions of 'The Beatles' and 'Electric Ladyland' but if I had to pick just one, my choice would be the 50th anniversary of Jethro Tull's 'This Was'. The HiRes Steven Wilson mix on the DVD sounds great. Sadly, I don't have the hardware to play the surround mix. Over to you Naimees ... What is your favourite reissue of 2018?
J.N.Posted: 22 December 2018Last Updated: 29 December 2018
Enjoy - fellow fans of The Dan. John.
MangoMonkeyPosted: 25 December 2018Last Updated: 28 December 2018
Got several tips from forum members a couple of time regarding classical music. Thanks. Here are my finds so far... Looks like even after about half a year, I haven't progressed much beyond Bach. Just listening to a bunch of his other stuff. Mozart: Incredibly boring. :-) Violin Concerto No. 5 is however something I have had on repeat. (Hilary Hahn's recording). Also - instead of starting with composer, I've been collecting music by Sir Colin Davis, Hilary Hahn, Helene Grimaud and now...
TomSerPosted: 19 December 2018Last Updated: 28 December 2018
The Spirit of Turtle Ė The art of recording A few months ago, I discovered a small label: North Star Recordings. Bert van der Wolf drives the label and is the main sound engineer. Iíll make it short : the recordings are amazing! If you enjoy acoustic music, then you should really give Bertís recordings a try. You can download his recordings directly from his website called ď The Spirit of TurtleĒ (google : The Spirit of Turtle Records). He offers his records in many formats: PCM up to...
Acoustics GuyPosted: 27 December 2018Last Updated: 27 December 2018
I am not sure this is the correct forum to post my question. I looked at the streaming audio forum which seems more suited to equipment. I have decided to go for a streaming app at work this year. There seem to be three streaming platforms that specialize in classical music: QuBoz, Primephonic, and Adagio. I looked at their websites and cannot decide what service may be best. Price really is not a factor. Convenience, reliability, and music selection are important. Would appreciate hearing...
ConsciousmessPosted: 25 December 2018Last Updated: 26 December 2018
I ask this question as I look for 24 bit versions of albums I like and sometimes they are from companies who offer many formats including vinyl rips. Are there bona fide companies doing this or is it better not to get lured in?
JaptimscarletPosted: 19 December 2018Last Updated: 23 December 2018
Just seen a report that a new record pressing plant is to open in Liverpool It's planned for 2020 and will be inside the The Jacaranda music venue Cannot imagine it will be on any scale ...but if quality is good that is good news to us vinyl heads ( and has got to be better than those awful back to black efforts surely? )
Richard DanePosted: 13 December 2018Last Updated: 22 December 2018
Much anticipated, and with the release delayed a few times, the Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet Complete Lansdowne Recordings box set has finally arrived thanks to Jazzman records. My own set arrived today, and I couldn't wait to find out whether the reissues live up to the high expectations. The project itself was something of a labour of love for all concerned, and in particular a great deal of licensing must have been involved, not least for the use of logos etc.. in order to perfectly...
Richard DanePosted: 05 October 2018Last Updated: 22 December 2018
Well, it finally looks like the entire Kate Bush catalogue has been remastered and is being re-released in November. What's more, everything will be available on vinyl as well as on CD. James Guthrie did the remastering alongside KB. Apart from that, there doesn't seem to be any more detail, particularly with regard to the vinyl releases. I have everything of Kate Bush's releases on vinyl and CD already, but still I'm tempted, especially by the last box of 12" and rarities. It could get a...
ArnsiderPosted: 18 December 2018Last Updated: 21 December 2018
Hi folks, Iím usually lurking in the hifi corner forum so hopefully Iím posting in the correct one for my question! Some background first. My uncle recently lost his wife of 60 plus years and Iím sure you can imagine has been a difficult time for him. He is just about 80 now and has played the saxophone in a jazz band for donkeys years. He has enjoyed a primarily Linn based system for a long time with an LP12 and Linn amp (not sure on current speakers). Whilst chatting with him recently he...
J.N.Posted: 21 December 2018Last Updated: 21 December 2018 John.
ersterstPosted: 25 November 2018Last Updated: 20 December 2018
I saw this useful list of jazz albums some of which perhaps are on your radar. Otherwise have a scroll. Some to investigate:
VoltairePosted: 02 May 2009Last Updated: 18 December 2018
I am sure this thread has been started before but...What new releases are you looking forward too?I'll start the ball rolling...