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vintageaxemanPosted: 10 August 2018Last Updated: 11 August 2018
A question about the Naim n-Vi. If I connect my n-Vi up to my Panasonic TV, can I ALSO use one of the other video outputs AT THE SAME TIME< to feed a small 10" monitor? Thank you.
Jonas OlofssonPosted: 08 June 2018Last Updated: 09 August 2018
Well, 5 times at Naim and now dead again (6 months since last time...). Quite boring. Is it worth to send it AGAIN or should I move forward? Still have some DVD but really never plays them. Looking at Netflix and HBO, through n-Vi, Naim Accent, Kudos 10, n-Sub, and some rear speakers. What should I do? //Jonas
ConsciousmessPosted: 21 July 2018Last Updated: 08 August 2018
What I mean is this. Saw the BBC Mark Kermode again and he reviews many different genres; maybe others share this, but for me, some movies are Ďtaintedí by previous partners. Therefore I could review movies with a neutral starting stance. Thoughts?
AndyMossPosted: 25 July 2018Last Updated: 05 August 2018
Hi all, I'm not really in the market for a new BluRay player at the moment but was thinking of picking up an Oppo 203 'while stocks last'. I'd imagine my current player and a year or two left in it, and I'm not one for replacing stuff that's still working OK. From an operational point of view do you think itís OK to have one stuck in the back of a cupboard for that time until its needed, or am I just best off seeing whatís available at the time I need a new player (if indeed they still exist...
Mike-BPosted: 30 June 2018Last Updated: 22 July 2018
Anyone watching or aware of BBC iPlayer is transmitting all England games in UHD. You need a 4K TV & set up an account, very simple on-screen instructions. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/help/live-uhd Then in case you want more, its also available for Wimbledon.
BazzaPosted: 19 July 2018Last Updated: 20 July 2018
I recently bought the Muso and am currently awaiting delivery of an Oppo UDP-203 and Samsung 55" QLED TV which is the model line with the near invisible cable. This TV has a one connect box which you plug other devices into rather than directly to the TV. I just wondered how best to connect everything to the Muso to get the best out of it and the Oppo. Any suggestions / help greatly appreciated.
dukeofhazardPosted: 18 June 2018Last Updated: 19 July 2018
Finally, after a long search, and coming from the died down Marantz SR 8002 (see the thread further down), the following solution is in place: Low key IOTAVX1 multi-chanel pre in combination with a used and recapped NAP 175 (mains via SuperUniti). It has been appealing to me to find a solution without all the features of modern av-receiver. In my living environment a 5.0 solution is enough to experience a exciting film and TV sound. The sub is substituted by the Ovator 400 capabilities (As...
ConsciousmessPosted: 07 July 2018Last Updated: 07 July 2018
I doubt this thread will get much traction, but hereís another great thing about the nVi and itís pre-out... I can listen to very high fidelity music while also playing a game in 5.1, simply by being on CD setting and letting the nVi decode and amplify the remaining 3.1 speakers. Great with classical or Native American music and playing a hunting game out in the wilderness. No Iím not ashamed being a gamer at 42!
rackkitPosted: 21 June 2018Last Updated: 01 July 2018
Both my AV2 and Denon DVD player have to be set up manually for delay & levels for all speakers - no fancy auto calibration here! The front, centre and sub are straightforward enough being between 2.7m and 3.3m away from the listening position but the rears are less straightforward (to me) as they're on the rear wall directly behind (so level with my ears) but 1.5m away in each direction. Now do I set them at 1.5m or 0.0m for the delay from the fronts, centre and sub? In other words, is...
vintageaxemanPosted: 30 June 2018Last Updated: 01 July 2018
A few questions about the Naim N-Vi. 1. I know that some DVD-Audio players which claim to be 96kHz actually only put out 48kHz data. Does anyone know definitively whether the N-Vi plays DVD-Audio discs at the full 96kHz, or whether it only plays (or even downsamples) to 48kHz? Thank you. 2. Can the N-Vi be used as a DAC by connecting an external digital device to one of its digital inputs? If so, what does the DAC decode the signal at? 48 or 96kHz, please? 3. Regarding screen...
vintageaxemanPosted: 20 June 2018Last Updated: 28 June 2018
I have a Naim N-Vi. It is NOT currently connected to a screen, as I use it for playing CDs. Can it be connected to a SMALL (7" touchscreen?) monitor that can be used with the Naim N-Vi to select and play DVD-Audio tracks?
angelodipaPosted: 26 June 2018Last Updated: 27 June 2018
Hello to all I would like to understand if I can use an NNP01 (or NNP02) simply as an amp to connect to the AV2 to drive the "rear surroud" speakers and then move from the current 5.1 to 7.1 configuration. thanks in advance for your always valuable suggestions!
rackkitPosted: 11 June 2018Last Updated: 18 June 2018
From my Denon Blu-Ray (DVD 3800BD) player using the analogue outputs into my AV2 despite them being present when using the players speaker set up routine menu. This is after a recent strip down and i've been over every connection & still can't find a solution. Any ideas folks?
AndrewhPosted: 31 May 2018Last Updated: 17 June 2018
In a few weeks time I have builders coming to do some alterations in my living room where my home cinema lives. They're removing an archway and doing some replastering so I thought while they're about it I should grab the opportunity to install 4 ceiling speakers for Dolby Atmos. My current system is 5.1; PMC Twenty 23 main front L & R, PMC Twenty C centre and PMC Twenty 21 for rear surrounds. My AVR is the Denon AVR-X7200WA and 4K bluray player is the Panasonic DMP-UB900EB providing...
MrsurrPosted: 11 June 2018Last Updated: 15 June 2018
So I've got a new Nova. It's truly an amazing piece and the sound and features are blowing me away. However, it's not without its issues. I'm hoping somebody might be able to give me some clarity here. In the above setup I've experienced the following quirks with the Nova downstream from the TV via HDMI: Signal detected, no sound Signal not detected (I believe this was a cable issue) Signal detected, digital noise only (I believe this was a cable issue) Sound plays through TV to Nova but...
Mike SullivanPosted: 09 June 2018Last Updated: 09 June 2018
I posted this in the Hi-Fi corner, not realsiisng there was a HT section, so Iím reposting here. Interested in thoughts and future proofing for surround sound and Atmos. Iím looking to upgrade my audio set ups for a new media room setup in my home office. I currently run my main audio setup in the lounge using a UnitiQute 2, NAP100 and Totem Hawks. In the media room I have my old system, an A&R Cambridge A60, Rega Planar turntable and Acoustic Research 22BX speakers. My 4K bluray and...
ken cPosted: 15 April 2018Last Updated: 07 May 2018
Hi guys, As per title. we have changed ur TV from an old Panasonic that used to have analogue output to a Samsung which has optical output. I intend to but a DtoA so I can then connect the RCA to the DtoA and get better TV sound from my Naim system. I have seen a few such devices on Amazon etc ... but I would obviously want to get something of good sonic quality. I'm sure you guys have a lot of experience in this so would appreciate some suggestions please. any questions, clarifications,...
living in lancs yearning for yorksPosted: 19 April 2018Last Updated: 07 May 2018
a few posts down I discovered that I cannot have my nVi fixed by naim. I am therefore looking for a replacement dvd and av amp combination but donít quite know where to start. I want to use with my n-system speakers and want to keep the quality up there - any suggestions what I should try? not entirely sure of budget but I suppose I would spend circa £2k give or take and could stretch further for something sounding particularly good. I will speak to acoustica for their advice as well but was...
stradPosted: 27 March 2018Last Updated: 21 April 2018
I'd like to use the stereo outputs of an Oppo 203 into my Naim 52 pre-amplifier running a pair of 135 amps out to Linn Isobarik's. Anyone thoughts on how to make this work without killing my Naim gear? Configuring the volume settings on the OPPO so as not to harm the 52 is my main concern. Also would there be any benefit to taking the 52 out of the equation and running the 203 directly into the pre-amps? Will be using this with an LG OLED 65" B7P and probably a Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar...
Kevin-WPosted: 21 April 2018Last Updated: 21 April 2018
I know there have been a number of Freeview 'retune events' recently, and now (my local transmitter is Crystal Palace) I have lost BBC4 on HD. I've retuned both my Freeview TV and YouView box, and updated software on both, but to no avail. I seem to have lost a number of other channels as well but I'm not really bothered, but BBC4 is one of my favourite channels and as it hosts a lot of arts and history shows it seems a shame not to have it on HD. Anyone else had a similar problem?
vintageaxemanPosted: 31 March 2018Last Updated: 19 April 2018
All of a sudden my AV2 has stopped responding to Naim remotes for anything other than switching mains power on & off. Neither a Narcom DV nor Narcom AV will do the main thing I need which is to operate volume. It just suddenly stopped one night. However,my Virgin V6 remote, which I had programmed to operate the AV2 volume, luckily still does it! So, what do I reset to get the AV2 to respond to volume instructions from a Narcom AV or a Narcom DV? Thank you.
tonymPosted: 03 April 2018Last Updated: 15 April 2018
Shocked to read that Oppo Digital have decided to stop making A/V products. This is a bolt out of the blue, and a real shame. I've owned various Oppo disc players over the years, still got three of them, and they've always been a cut above the competition, in both audio and video quality, plus the excellent service they've provided in the past. Oppo will continue in the mobile phone market (news to me, I didn't realise they were even selling phones). I guess this is a reflection of the...
jsciviasPosted: 07 April 2018Last Updated: 07 April 2018
i am able to connect my tv to my speakers by pairing my tv bluetooth to unitiqute bluetooth - however, when i try to connect the tv to unitiqute using the optical cable and i switch my input to digital 2 my speakers immediately start producing loud buzzing noise.. i am not sure where the issue lies, has anyone ever encountered such a problem? thank you for your help
5ecret60Posted: 18 March 2018Last Updated: 22 March 2018
We are due to move house in the next few months and will need to move from three rooms downstairs to two (larger) rooms. Unfortunately this means that our separate music room will no longer be available (bad news) so will have to be integrated into a larger (good news) room including a TV and other watchy things. At present my AV Audio is based around a Pioneer VSX-A-1019 (possibly) and Kef eggs (6 of them around the room) and an REL subwoofer.. Ideally I want to use the Kudos speakers as...
dukeofhazardPosted: 06 February 2018Last Updated: 08 March 2018
Dear Naimees, my old and beloved Marantz SR 8002 died (again). After a power supply failure and a repair lat year, now the power amplifier section died (Actually on a home and alone session of MAD MAX Fury Road). How can I now this? Because the front via Superuniti is well and alive. Therefore, it is stereo only in movies for now. I already miss the voice presentation from the N-Cent, which is a clear indication that I 'am not ready to give up on AV. However, I like the HD-Sound Standards in...