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GraemeHPosted: 18 December 2018Last Updated: 18 December 2018
Drive back late last night from Edinburgh was made most enjoyable by this: Radio 2 Rock Show - A celebration of 50 years of Led Zeppelin - @BBCRadio2 G
Bruce WoodhousePosted: 17 December 2018Last Updated: 18 December 2018
My wife came upon this little gem sent from 'The Handsome Family' mailing list. Best gig Mrs W and I have been to for several years. Something about their droll misery just hits the spot with us. We both also dislike/avoid Xmas! 'Christmas is the season when most folks kill themselves Christmas is the season of all those stupid bells' Not the finest recording, or indeed example of what they do well but still priceless! So have a happy and peaceful few days according to your cultural norm for...
ChrisGPosted: 14 December 2018Last Updated: 15 December 2018
"Steve Wynn & The Miracle Three", such a great band if you like guitar rock, take a few minutes to check this out: Chris
Happy ListenerPosted: 05 November 2018Last Updated: 15 December 2018
Noticing recent threads on vinyl re-issues and the general level of re-issues (across formats, inc streaming) which are hitting the market (e.g. Bowie/Kate Bush), I wonder how many times we've paid for the same LP/content i.e. not including 2nd-hand purchases or the free-downloads)…….and why do we keep buying the same thing over and over again!? What are we hoping for, given the underlying tapes et al must be compromised after all this time albeit, I suspect, better processing may balance...
FangfossFlyerPosted: 13 December 2018Last Updated: 14 December 2018
Bob Dylan plays The Sound Organisation – York Or, Bob Dylan’s “More Blood, More Tracks” evening at The Sound Organisation (York). Several attended an evening at The Sound Organisation in York which many felt was as if Bob was playing there. Hamish, David, Bob and Matthew of The Sound Organisation organised not only an evening listening to Bob's recent “More Blood, More Tracks” LP but also an exhibition of several Dylan signed prints shown by Joe Davidson from Syndicart, a local York company...
hilzPosted: 14 December 2018Last Updated: 14 December 2018
off to see Adrian Cox play with Wynton Marsalis in NewYork in July ????
ChrisR_EPLPosted: 12 December 2018Last Updated: 13 December 2018
Renewed an old friendship recently; naturally enough we got on to audio stuff so I now need to plan for a demo to show the stereo in a good light. There are a few tracks on my NAS that always sound good [as distinct from just being good music] and a bit of Googling has also thrown up some suggestions. But you’re the people who know Naim and probably have go-to tracks that show it at its best, so over to you. Recommendations sought for good demo music to play please. Limitations: I’m Tidal +...
PederPosted: 25 April 2018Last Updated: 12 December 2018
???? TINA TURNER,...what can I say. 6 month ago a friend send me a clip from YouTube. I have some of her records on vinyl,have listen to her records and also earlier.....a long time ago see her on TV. But never see her doing a Live Performance on stage,I have now.....thanks to YouTube. The sound is not so good on YouTube-clips than on vinyl-records,but it doesn't matter,to see this heroin-lady (as Oprah Winfrey says) in Live Performance is out of this world To see her performing live is...
PeakmanPosted: 10 December 2018Last Updated: 10 December 2018
every shopping mall playing Christmassy pap and every church choir rehearsing the same old carols in the same old arrangements brings out my inner Scrooge. But rather than stomp around shouting 'Bah! Humbug!' I turn to music in my collection which offers a new perspective on old themes and here are a couple of examples. Rees-Williams and his fellow players offer a jazz take on several traditional tunes including a clever rendering of White Christmas heavily disguised as a Bach prelude! To my...
BartPosted: 09 December 2018Last Updated: 10 December 2018
I have flac versions of what definitely appears to be two distinct studio versions of Tommy. One I'm pretty sure is a rip of the MFSL cd, and the other is the Deluxe version from HDTracks. They DEFINITELY are different versions, and I didn't think that there were 2 studio versions. I've posted track listings below hoping that someone might help me sort it out. Were there 2 studio versions?? I know that file size is meaningless, as it comes down to flac compression. The second version...
Ardbeg10yPosted: 09 December 2018Last Updated: 10 December 2018
I travel a lot for work, and when I meet people, I ask quite often about interest in music. When I ask what kind of music someone likes, the answer is often 'everything' and when I ask another question, the extremes Classical Music and Dance music are often mentioned together. One likes apparently both. When I ask what kind of Classical music, the reply has been more than once (in two weeks this time): 'Einaudi'. So I have done a simple test at home. I have a bunch of kids. One has no...
CamlanPosted: 07 December 2018Last Updated: 09 December 2018
Is the price of used CDs on the second hand sites to rip. Unbelievable value, top quality DG classical box sets for less and in some cases considerably less than the price of a pint. This is top quality music for nothing. Ok you can stream some of it but how long is that going to last with the business model seemingly challenging ? Personally at these prices I’d rather own it and make hay while I can.
nicnaimPosted: 06 December 2018Last Updated: 08 December 2018 Just way too young
T38.45Posted: 05 December 2018Last Updated: 05 December 2018
...for me:-) Just bought 6 month hifi abo from Qobuz...streaming now in CD quality, really fantastic...Wow, I was very nice this year ;-)
YetizonePosted: 01 December 2018Last Updated: 04 December 2018
BBC Radio 3 - The Lost World of the LP. Five nightly episodes starting Monday 3rd December to 7th December at 10.45 PM. Could be an interesting listen. I'll be tuning in, or more than likely, listening on the iPlayer, or 'Sounds' App as now called... "Author and former magazine editor David Hepworth discusses our enduring relationship with vinyl. Part one of a five-part series."
Alley CatPosted: 02 December 2018Last Updated: 04 December 2018
I'd have never assumed this would be a viable thing to do, but crooks do anything it seems:
Richard DanePosted: 26 November 2018Last Updated: 30 November 2018
I managed to catch this excellent film by Michael Epstein that was on channel 4 over the weekend. Made up of some personal lennon film footage taken at Tittenhurst Park during the making of the album, Imagine, it was interspersed with some really interesting interview insights from those who were there at the time, including Julian Lennon telling us what it was like as a child living in the "Tittenhurst bubble". Mostly it gives us a picture of Lennon post-Beatles, looking to be just John...
Gary HPosted: 20 November 2018Last Updated: 26 November 2018
I'm on the forum (in silence) as I've just tripped the thermal protection on the 250.....
ConsciousmessPosted: 22 November 2018Last Updated: 25 November 2018
Just bought a ‘great’ CD package of 8 of the main composers each with 4 discs... it’s called e.g. The composers - Mozart. BUT, the fidelity of sound is atrocious. Could there be a thread of albums - even a full forum - not to get for this reason? People praise some albums, but for an audiophile site, sharing Naim as replay, isn’t it only right folk warn others??
Kevin-WPosted: 27 July 2018Last Updated: 25 November 2018
... if you're a Bobby Gentry fan! As I predicted in the 'What releases are you looking forward to?' thread, this September sees a mammoth (8 CDs) Bobbie box called The Girl from Chickasaw County. This contains, at a rough count, 75 tracks never heard/released before, even on bootleg. So, we get all seven Capitol albums - Ode to Billie Joe, Delta Sweete, Local Gentry, Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell, Touch 'Em With Love, Fancy, Patchwork - in new masters, all supplemented with extensive...
AndyP19Posted: 24 November 2018Last Updated: 24 November 2018
As the Qobuz sale draws to a close, I thought I'd recommend IMHO a few essential purchases. Firstly, the whole of the PIAS catalogue is worth snapping up or at least a listen to:- Melanie De Biasio, Mogwai, Spiriualized, John Grant, Laura Viers, Beach House and Marissa Nadler. From the rest here are some classics at a very reasonable price that are worth a listen or checking out on the Mazzy Star - Seasons Of Your Day Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions - Until...
PeetPosted: 22 November 2018Last Updated: 22 November 2018
Naim has some great hardware offers going; But the Naim label seems unaware of Black Friday. That is a missed opportunity as the other hi-res labels are having great offers these coming days. HDTracks has 15% off worldwide. And Sound Liaison has a very generous 40% off on all albums with the coupon code; blackfriday2018 just to name two of the Naim Label competitors. there...
MerckyPosted: 20 November 2018Last Updated: 20 November 2018
For any of you who remember or are aware of Switched-on Bach, the first synth LP released back in 1968, here's a fascinating article from todays Irish Times
mason63Posted: 18 November 2018Last Updated: 19 November 2018
I have bought myself a ticket to see the Bootleg Beatles in Nottingham , great reviews i have read , any reports?
nimrodmr2pPosted: 25 October 2018Last Updated: 14 November 2018
Is it possible we will witness the extinction of a whole category of recorded media in the next few years, namely laser read discs, CDs and DVDs. John Lewis announced this week that it will cease to sell DVD players this goes along with Naim reducing their CD player range to one model. We generally felt vinyl was gone but it made a strong return to a smaller but significant position; I am not sure how easy it is to re-introduce cartridge manufacture as against the re-introduction of CD...