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Kevin-WPosted: 18 October 2018Last Updated: 13 November 2018
OK, the last thread similar to this has closed. I am full of tape love at the moment so I am reviving it. Pretty self-explanatory really.
David O'HigginsPosted: 02 November 2018Last Updated: 13 November 2018
I think this deserves a thread of it’s own. There are 88 previously unreleased recordings connected to Bob Dylan’s ‘ Blood on the Tracks’. I’m 16 tracks in, and captivated.....
migoPosted: 06 September 2018Last Updated: 13 November 2018
I am starting to explore the Bandcamp site for music. the Guardian: " Indie music service Bandcamp reaches $100m of payments to artists With sales up 30%, US company says it’s bucking music industry trends and helping musicians to get paid for their work". . Good ''audiophile'' names like Gregory Porter and Carmen Gomes are selling CD's as well as downloads via the site;
iliriaPosted: 12 November 2018Last Updated: 12 November 2018
I have just seen/heard this video on you tube. One was a direct filming of the performance and the other was a demo of ProAc Studio 3 speakers. Although classical music is the last I would think to listen I have to say that I truly loved this play. Does anyone know if this can be found to purchase (Cd or even better, vinyl)? I have been searching but cant seem to find it.
dave marshallPosted: 09 February 2018Last Updated: 09 November 2018
I couldn't find a current thread for this, so, thought I'd start a new one, mainly 'cos it's a good way of bringing to folk's attention, tours which they might otherwise have missed. So, Eric Bibb is kicking off a short UK tour in April, and I've captured tickets for an intimate local gig ............ woohoo!
PederPosted: 22 July 2018Last Updated: 06 November 2018
....... WILL TAKE OVER.. ? ???? Had the privilege to see a legend last night...Graham Nash.? This above wrote Dan Steel in the Concert thread just now. I started thinking,..have had that idea before,too. Think all these great artists....... ?The Rolling Stones. ? David Bowie. ? Rod Stewart ? Paul McCartney. ? Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits. ? Bryan Adams. ? Elton John. ? Joe Cocker. ? Eric Clapton. ? Lionel Richie. ? Stevie Wonder. ? Paul Simon. ? Kenny Rogers. ? James Ingram ? Tina Turner ?...
MeerkatPosted: 05 November 2018Last Updated: 06 November 2018
Hi there I'm trying to download some Hi Res 24/96 Queen albums from ProStudioMasters, but they won't allow me to do it, as it recognises that I'm based in the UK. I think there is some kind of proxy software, but that looks like grief. Does anyone know of a site that you can purchase these 24/96 downloads? HDTracks & HIRESAUDIO don't sell them. Thanks
HmackPosted: 06 November 2018Last Updated: 06 November 2018
I currently use Qobuz for virtually all of my downloads and I am pretty happy with the Qobuz service. The Qobuz download service has a very useful feature in that if you pay for a hi-res album, then not only can you download that album more than once (I don't think I have ever needed to do this), but you can also download lower resolution copies of the album at no additional cost. I haven't used this feature for some time, but I assume it is still offered. Can anyone tell me if Onkyo Music...
Bert SchurinkPosted: 03 November 2018Last Updated: 04 November 2018
it’s very sad at only 49, he died much to young...
lutyensPosted: 01 November 2018Last Updated: 01 November 2018 enjoy.
ChrisHPosted: 20 October 2018Last Updated: 31 October 2018
Ive become increasingly irritated with Amazon's dominance and failure to pay a proper amount of tax in the UK but find it difficult to find alternatives on line that I want to support, apart from buying direct from record labels / bands. This is difficult for older recordings , and Im not happy about paying more money than a physical copy for a digital download of a CD quality album (I guess most of the albums I look at do not have hi-res options). I do support my nearest record store when I...
PederPosted: 25 October 2018Last Updated: 28 October 2018
???? The Music Legend Has Left Us ???? Swamp-rocker Tony Joe White,a cult-favorite singer/songwriter whose songs were covered by everyone from Elvis Presley to Tina Turner,died Wednesday at 75. White had just released his latest album,“Bad Mouthin’,” on the Yep Rock label Sept. 28 and had made his debut on the Grand Ole Opry that same night. “He wasn’t ill at all,”his son, Jody White, told the Tennessean.” He just had a heart attack…there was no pain or suffering. The Louisiana native died at...
AndyP19Posted: 26 October 2018Last Updated: 28 October 2018
Just checking on Fridays new releases and the new album by David Crosby 'Here If You Listen' looks and sounds quite interesting. Logon to Qobuz and the 16-bit version is £16.99, then off to 7digital where it is still an ouch! at £14.99. Finally check what is up the Amazonian river and the physical CD is £9.99 and the same price at His Masters Voice. What is going on here! How does that work?
GraemeHPosted: 27 October 2018Last Updated: 27 October 2018
Not sure if this will fly as a Topic. I was very surprised how superb this ‘Remaster’ sounds for starters: G
Atom/Iota/Kan StandsPosted: 26 October 2018Last Updated: 26 October 2018
I was just randomly listening to tracks from artists I'd never heard of... Wow, I can't believe my lowly Atom/Iotas can make this sound... staggering... La Saboteuse... turn the volume right up....
JedTPosted: 24 October 2018Last Updated: 25 October 2018
What should pop up on Tidal last thursday but this. Listened to 5 hours of it straight through that night. Bloody good. You have to love the BBC engineers who always do a brilliant job. Stumbled on the Las at the BBC on Tidal earlier in the year which sounds stunning. The R.E.M. boxed set is a mixture of concerts and live studio recordings. I think my favourite is a gig at Nottingham Rock City from 1984 - great recording of the young band sounding like they were having great fun and...
dave marshallPosted: 16 August 2018Last Updated: 25 October 2018
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced. I've just mentioned this album over on the "University" topic, and I can still remember bringing it home from the record shop and being absolutely gobsmacked, hearing it for the first time. I'd never heard anything remotely like it before, and to say that the first listening was jaw dropping would be an understatement indeed. So, what album had a similar effect on you, the memory of which has stayed with you till this day?
nimrodmr2pPosted: 24 October 2018Last Updated: 24 October 2018
Went to see this biographical dramatisation at the cinema and can thoroughly recommend it. If you go look out for the little bit of Hi-fi nostalgia. Freddie Mercury puts a vinyl on in a promoters office, it looks like a Garrard 401 with SME 3009 S2 arm with detachable headshell and a Shure M75 series cartridge (not sure which version EJ or ED?). He plays some opera then turns down the volume using the middle knob on the turntable!? this is in fact the pitch control not a volume control.
nigelbPosted: 15 October 2018Last Updated: 21 October 2018
I have just noticed that Bentley Caldwell has joined the Forum and has liked some posts in the Music Room. How cool is that! I don't think I am breaking any forum rules here as he has used his real name as his forum name. Well a warm welcome to you Bentley and you have some admirers on here, me possibly the biggest. Your debut album The Place That I Call Home is a stunner IMHO. I wish you all the very best in your career.
PederPosted: 30 September 2018Last Updated: 19 October 2018
????????Danish Artist KIM LARSEN Died???????? The danish artist Kim Larsen has died,says his agent Jörn Jeppesen in a press announcement. Kim Larsen fell asleep on Sunday morning after a long period of illness. Kim Larsen was the lead singer of the rock band "GASOLIN" in the 1970-century,and had great success with songs like... "Hva Gör Vi Nu, Lille Du"..."This Is My Life" and "Kvinde Min". Kim began his solo career after the dissolution of the group "GASOLIN" 1978. As a solo artist,he made some
badger1963Posted: 09 October 2018Last Updated: 16 October 2018
this weekend I head to Tokyo for 2 weeks holiday, very excited. I want to buy some CDs whilst there, any suggestions as to what to look out for? i do listen to a fair amount of stuff already. I like Cornelius, Kikagaku Moyo (the new album is good), kuricorder quartet, Shugo Tokumaru. Any other thoughts on what I should investigate / buy? plus anyone know where is the place to go to buy CDs?
Kevin-WPosted: 17 September 2018Last Updated: 16 October 2018
Afternoon all I think it would be interesting to get a feel of which artists or genres forumites collect assiduously - ie, you buy everything (reissues, remixes etc) - even if you're not really that bothered or interested in it. This would also include singles, boots, foreign pressings etc. And why do you collect? Speaking personally, I've not idea why i have this acquisitive urge with certain artists. With some - Beatles, Zep - the official catalogue or canon is quite small but there are...
Bob the BuilderPosted: 13 October 2018Last Updated: 13 October 2018
This is for all of the Dire Straits aficionados, above is a photograph of the back cover of my copy of Love Over Gold in every other way it is a standard UK 1st press but it has this gold leaf disc just below the Vertigo logo it is not a sticker and is actually impressed into the cover the small black marks within the gold are just age related. I have asked on other forums but with no luck so if anyone has a similar impression on either a Love Over Gold or any other LP for that matter or who...
PederPosted: 10 October 2018Last Updated: 13 October 2018
Yoko Ono Makes Own Version Of "IMAGINE" What do you think about this below,..I myself have never listened to her music,so I have no idea of her skills as a singer and musician. ?"47 years after the original release,Yoko Ono released her own version of her husband John Lennon's song "Imagine”,..writes The Guardian. Yoko Ono has in recent years received official recognition,as co-author of the song released 1971. John Lennon was strongly inspired by her poetry collection "Grapefruit",where...
J.N.Posted: 09 October 2018Last Updated: 11 October 2018
About 42 minutes in, immediately after the superbly apposite 'Hero' by Neu (referencing a BMW 320), there is a quiet snatch of music which I cannot identify. I tried Shazam, but the foreground dialogue is too loud to obtain a result. I'm thinking 'early Elton John'. Can someone identify the song please? It's driving (no pun intended) me potty. John.