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GosseriesPosted: 09 January 2019Last Updated: 09 January 2019
Any idea about the lifetime of a Supernait 1? I wonder it because I intend a second hans one, almost 10 years old.
scubafinkPosted: 08 January 2019Last Updated: 09 January 2019
Does anyone know if you are meant to keep the NAPSC powered on all the time? The HiCap DR has a power off button, but there is nothing for the NAPSC, just plug it in and turn on the wall socket. Leaves me thinking the 282 should be left on 100% of the time through the NAPSC and only when listening to music with the HiCap DR. thoughts????
JonnersPosted: 23 December 2018Last Updated: 09 January 2019
I joined this forum in the Summer having owned my Naim-based system for the best part of 12 years with no changes. Spurred on by opinion and advice on this Forum I have undertaken a series of upgrades and tweaks, some of which have made a huge difference and some, very little. As we near the end of 2018 I am wondering what purchases or tweaks you've made this year and which made the most difference.
SvettyPosted: 07 January 2019Last Updated: 08 January 2019
Sorry if this is a bit of a ramble but I'm at a bit of a crossroads and can't see the wood for the trees in terms of how best - at an economic cost - to improve my system; currently CDX2/XPS2/282/HCDR/250DR/Kudos C10s I mainly listen to CDs - partly as I find faffing with networks to be a real pain in the ass - our house has internal brick walls so wireless reception is marginal. We also watch TV with the sound through the system. I have FLAC'd our CDs to a NAS which we use to supply a...
BoazPosted: 08 January 2019Last Updated: 08 January 2019
Hello friends, I have a problem which prevents me from playing music.... My CD player (5i2) reads the CDs with no problem, but won’t play them. I tried to replug everything from the start but it didn’t helped. I connected an old DVD player instead, and it played well (through Supernait 2). What seems to be the problem? Can anyone help... Boaz.
DasherPosted: 07 January 2019Last Updated: 07 January 2019
I have had since 1976 a Michell Transcriptors Electronic TT fitted with a SME 3009/S2 improved, detachable head shell. It hasn't been used for many moons and is due to return to Michell for a full service sometime soon. In preparation for its future use I want to use this with my 62 / 90 / Hi Cap + LS3/5a's. I believe the phono board in the 62 to be a 323K, as originally this system was hooked up to an LP12 / Ittok / Asaka. (The LP12 is in use in my main system elsewhere). As I understand...
Bruce WoodhousePosted: 25 August 2018Last Updated: 07 January 2019
Thanks to the absence of my NDS on repair I have been enjoying portable audio via my Astell + Kern Kann and I also have an Arcam rHead on my main system. All with a pair of Grado 325e headphones. With a rare opportunity to visit a dealer I decided to demo some pricier headphones to see if I could push things a bit further. I hope this is interesting to some. So thanks to Analogue Seduction for setting up the following. It is worth noting that my old Grado are really not so bad, but although...
AceonePosted: 07 January 2019Last Updated: 07 January 2019
Hi can anyone tell me can you upgrade superunity with a hicap2 plz .
ArnkPosted: 05 January 2019Last Updated: 07 January 2019
I know this subject is on the forums but I don't think it has been reviewed since the 4.6 firmware update and just general passage of time. There was a general consensus around 2016 that for some systems the XPS2 gave a warmer presentation than the XPS-DR. I think one or two people commented about how some "boogie" was lost on certain kits. Anyone have any updated comments about this?
MangoMonkeyPosted: 03 January 2019Last Updated: 07 January 2019
Running a Nac72/HiCapDR/Nap250DR. Is it safe/advisable to connect a Subwoofer to one of the three 4-pin outputs of the HiCap? The HiCap has 3 outputs - are they all the same? ( I found a 4 pin to RCA cable that I'm using). I've got it hooked up and it seems to work - not done any phase integration yet...
GgmogoPosted: 06 January 2019Last Updated: 07 January 2019
Imhave narrowed down my options to the Ls 50W and the Naim Uniti atom with bookshelf speakers. I am looking for timing and high spl, recommendations? Thanks!
M@rtinPosted: 08 December 2018Last Updated: 07 January 2019
I ordered an ND5XS2 in September without opportunity to listen to it before. I got it this week, but here is short background description before I try to describe my listening impressions of ND5XS2. CD5XS has been my main source since 2009 completed with nDAC 2010. But the last five years we used an iPad with Spotify connected with a cable directly to the nDAC most of the time, since we are consuming a lot of music. But of course the sound was not good enough with that solution so one year...
Charles44Posted: 06 January 2019Last Updated: 07 January 2019
I am giving buying this serious consideration but being uncertain of some things I am seeking advice. I would run this with a Naim XS amplifier but I feel that it is not possible and would possibly need a DAC, am I correct? Also could I run two versions of the app to control it, one in Android and the other on Apple? Finally what size hard drive might other people be using? Thanks for any feedback on my query.
rraoPosted: 04 January 2019Last Updated: 07 January 2019
Hello everyone, I am new to this forum although I have been enjoying Naim gear for a few years now. I started my Naim journey from the XS series and now own the following units at present; Naim XS2 ( early version – 2011) CD5-XS Flatcap XS ND5-XS XP5-XS NAC-A5 Cables All above housed in locally made AV rack with isolation spikes only at the bottom level. Speakers ---Sonus Faber Luito FS / Yamaha Soavo-1 with SW / Yamaha NS1000M Interconnects -- Atlas Equator Power Conditioner – Furman Elite...
John bqePosted: 05 January 2019Last Updated: 07 January 2019
Hi all, be nice - 1st time writing on the forum, but been ‘reading topics’ for some time. Purchased a Dac V1 some time ago, used with Mac mini/Audirvana, CD5i, 202/flatcap xs/napsc (will hicap when funds allow), 200 into ATC scm 11/2 (with goldring GR2/stageline - hence power supply). If I switch power off on Dac V1 I lose the left channel until I unplug the din out plug, then plug it back in; all is then fine: any ideas as to why this is happening? John
SmithfirePosted: 06 January 2019Last Updated: 06 January 2019
Hi all After having my Nait 3 serviced last year, I wanted to see if using a seperate phono stage would lift the planar 6/Exact a bit, especially in the soundstage and imaging dept. So I purchased a new Rega fono last week and after much faffing around installing it into my system (6mm glass sheets suspended by wooden batons in a fire place....no access to the rear!) I managed to get everything back in place. Left it a week to burn in/warm up. 1st serious listening session today, so I feel I...
scubafinkPosted: 14 December 2018Last Updated: 06 January 2019
Hi all, I've been reading through all the postings and need some advice. I began my Naim journey with the UnitiQute v1 and pair of Sonus Faber Concerto speakers. That grew into a NAC172XS/NAP155XS with the same Sonus Faber Concerto speakers that then became the NAC172XS/NAP250.2/Sonus Faber Domus Concerto floor standing speakers. Today I'm at the crossroads of the next jump; Option 1 - NDX/NAC282/HiCapDR/NAP250.2/Sonus Faber Domus Concerto floor standers (pre-owned NDX and NAC282) More...
Stephen packerPosted: 05 January 2019Last Updated: 06 January 2019
Just wondering if anyone can help me date a few pieces of equipment... 1) NAC12S: S/N is 0829 and the label shows Naim's address as Salt Lane. The phono input is labelled 'phono' rather than 'gram' 2) NAC32.5: S/N is 0932 and the label shows Naim's address as Southampton Road. The LED is red (although I suppose they all were?) 3) NAP160 Bolt Down: S/N is 2066. There's no address on the label, the model and S/N are stamped into the label. 4) NAP250 Bolt Down: S/N is 1467 and the label shows...
FilipePosted: 09 November 2018Last Updated: 06 January 2019
I’ve just got a demo Rega Aura, and it does exactly what Rega claim. It just hits you immediately with the excitement it delivers. It’s not even had much time to warm up. Has anyone else listened to it and compared it to the Superline powered off the preamp (252 in my case). The downside of the Superline for me will be that I have Superlumina RCA to DIN which would be redundant. I’m back from walking 729km from Pamplona to Santiago de Compostela (Camino Frances) between 29 September and 25...
Michael_B.Posted: 05 January 2019Last Updated: 06 January 2019
Has anyone made this step as a direct upgrade? If so, what did you find? I already have a Powerigel and am in the process of getting a price for a UK plugged Powerigel Plus. Unfortunately there is no possibility of an audition prior to purchase and not all the comments I have read about the “upgrade” have been positive, so I’d love to hear some real world impressions, especially for classical music.
ChicoPosted: 06 January 2019Last Updated: 06 January 2019
Hello Naim friends, Recently sold my Superuniti and Tannoy DC8, wanted something new. Looking at Elac Navis active speakers, was wondering if just the NDX (wich i'll buy second hand) will be enough to get me going or do i need something with a volume control like a N272.
BailyhillPosted: 05 January 2019Last Updated: 06 January 2019
Been doing some normal tuning with speaker position and cables. I have my system so it sounds beautiful for most Ripped CD's and Hi Rez downloads. However every once in a while, maybe a song or just a verse or two of a song on an otherwise beautiful sounding source comes so close to being bright. I am think that some small percentage of the time, this is how it should be, because some of the mastering out there has "those spots". I have not not heard this take on it before. It always seems...
MDSPosted: 22 October 2018Last Updated: 06 January 2019
Yes, it’s a bit of a mouthful isn’t it? In plain-speak they go under the feet of equipment and were, I believe, developed primarily for those people who can’t accommodate dedicated racks and instead have to place their hi-fi boxes on shelves and furniture etc. but want some of the isolation benefits of a rack. I came to discover this new product when I was contemplating trying a CD555. I have two stacks of Quadraspire SVT with bronze spike upgrades supporting the top shelves on each rack,...
JimDogPosted: 06 January 2019Last Updated: 06 January 2019
To post a CD5i do I just screw in the transit screw and post it? Does it need anything else to hold the CD platter in place, or similar? (I've read and manual and the FAQ on ' Packing a CD3 for Transport' ). thanks Jim
JimDogPosted: 05 January 2019Last Updated: 06 January 2019
Has anyone tried Allaes with a sub-woofer or 2? If so, which type and do you have any tips or advice on how this could work?