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ConsciousmessPosted: 14 October 2017Last Updated: 22 October 2017
This is a question no review has revealed. Would it need to be a very expensive projector I.e. £8000 up? Or is it not possible? Like others here, I have a 4k TV but thatís on a bare wall 6m x 2.5m. I look at the TV and imagine the screen 4 times the size or more. I have awesome Naim sound now in a room suited for stereo and AV. Itís only worth dreaming if its eventually possible- hence the question!
BodgerPosted: 05 October 2017Last Updated: 20 October 2017
All, just had a quick search for this subject and came up blank. So the question stands, what sound bars are folks using and recommending these days. I used to use an AV amp and external speakers but no longer due to the faff. I recently bought an LP OLED HDR 65 incher - the one with the built in soundbar at the bottom. It really is not up to the task. Hence the question, what is better and out there now. The last "bar" I had was a Samsung (with Samsung tv) which also had a small sub. This...
Tom HPosted: 02 September 2017Last Updated: 06 October 2017
Morning all. After numerous repairs, my n-vi has again packed up (display failed) and I think it's time to find a replacement bit of kit. It still sounds great when it's working but it's getting too expensive to replace the display every couple of years and deal with the other breakdowns. Does anyone have any recommendations for some other hardware (not necessarily Naim), that can do the same thing, and integrate with the rest of my Naim kit. I am using a 282/200 for the front channels, and...
kevin J CardenPosted: 10 September 2017Last Updated: 26 September 2017
We'd like to buy my Father in Law a new Music and TV sound solution and wondering if anyone has experience and advice. My FIL is very bright and alert for his 91 years, but isn't really tech savvy, so streamed or PC based music is not really option. The music source will be CD's. TV is fed by a NowTV box. DVD's of standard def only are the other video source. For room logistical reasons he'll need a small sized, bookshelf stereo pair (with possible addition of a centre speaker for dialogue...
TOBYJUGPosted: 26 July 2017Last Updated: 12 September 2017
Seems all the big branded cable manufacturers have not brought out any Premium certified HDMI cables yet. Although plenty are available online and in the consumer stores. Any one tried one ? Most are cheap compared to lower spec branded. So for £20 I've ordered one. Shall see if it'll better what's used at the moment.
SkipPosted: 04 September 2017Last Updated: 05 September 2017
I have a wonderful, lightly used, Meridian F80 which I would be using to play DVD's except my TV has only HDMI inputs. The Meridian has an S-VHS out which I used to excellent effect with a Nordost S-VHS cable into a Sony TV at one time. No more. That TV bit the dust. Is there an adapter or device that could make playing the Meridian DVD player a possibility? Thanks for the help. I am all Naim except for the stray Meridian piece.
hyunaPosted: 05 September 2017Last Updated: 05 September 2017
Let's see a video at first? Schematic: Introduction about TDA7266D Tiny stereo audio amplifier board has been designed around SMD TDA7266D which is an IC produced by ST. The TDA7266D is a dual bridge amplifier specially designed for Portable Audio, LCD TV/Monitor, PC Motherboard, and TV applications. This circuit provides high quality audio output of 3W approx. on each channel with standard audio signal input. The circuit works with 3.5V to 5V. Due to low supply input this amplifier is...
ConsciousmessPosted: 04 September 2017Last Updated: 04 September 2017
I know this product is discontinued, but like others mine is still going strong and is my 5.1 sound. But what perplexes me is the music setting NEO 6 music and NEO 6 movie. What is the difference? Cheers
meaculpaPosted: 03 September 2017Last Updated: 04 September 2017
Nothing on N-Vi's and then two posts in one day own the Forum! My N-Vi is still going and providing surround sound in parallel with a 202 & 200 for stereo. It has been back once to Salisbury when the display failed (it went as alternate lines failing), but apart from this and the occasional hard reset, it has been fine and used every day. I now notice that the display is getting dimmer and dimmer. I was wondering if this is going to need a replacement (surely no other way?) and if so,...
FleischPosted: 14 June 2017Last Updated: 04 September 2017
Dear forum members My beloved AV2 is acting up lately - it stopped outputting any signals via sub/center channel (contraire to the last nine years). The main channels have no problem. No rears as I'm running it in a 3.1 configuration. What I have tried so far: - n-SUB and n-CENT work properly (tested) - all cables work properly (tested) - Reset according to manual, reentering the speaker information: no test tone output via sub and center - Hard power down, leaving it unplugged overnight -...
slowshadowPosted: 30 August 2017Last Updated: 30 August 2017
Hello, can someone please,tell me what laser mechanism is on n-vi? Every time I try to play dvd I got no disc on display but it still plays cd's fine. does that means something is wrong with laser mechanism? if so, why it still plays cd's and dvd not? does anyone has similar issues and can it to be serviced?
Odd Time JonPosted: 27 August 2017Last Updated: 28 August 2017
Hi Having just bought the NAC 272 to primarily play my ripped FLAC files (currently all 16 bit 44 khz from my cd collection), I am keen to eventually explore the 24 bit remixes and also 5.1 surround sound files that are on many blu ray discs. These are becoming more common, particularly from Steven Wilson, with many of my favourite artists working with him on remasters/5.1 mixes etc. As yet I don't have a Blu ray player or a surround sound set up but it is something that I am hoping to buy...
tonymPosted: 23 August 2017Last Updated: 25 August 2017
Has anyone else gone for this I wonder? I've owned a Denon AV receiver that's Atmos-equipped for a while, so I thought - why not utilise it properly? Just an extra four discreet ceiling speakers, the same colour as the emulsion so hardly visible at all (these thoughts shared with SWMBO before proceeding). I planned how to run the cabling & where to position the speakers so a set of Monitor Audio speakers were ordered up, all to coincide for when SWMBO was away for a couple of days to...
nbpfPosted: 24 August 2017Last Updated: 25 August 2017
I have an Oppo UDP-203 directly connected to my Naim DAC via digital SPDIF optical and electrical. It works fine but the volume level is much higher than when the DAC is connected to the optical SPDIF output of the TV or to the electrical SPDIF output of my USB->SPDIF bridge. Any idea how to get the inputs of 203, TV and USB->SPDIF bridge roughly at the same level? Thanks, nbpf
nbpfPosted: 10 August 2017Last Updated: 20 August 2017
Any concerns powering an Oppo udp-203 through the same ML Netzleiste that also powers Naim DAC, SN2 and the two TP PSU that supply my fitPC3 and my USB->SPDIF bridge? I plan to connect the Oppo to the Naim DAC via Toslink or coaxial. Thanks, nbpf
fernarPosted: 10 August 2017Last Updated: 20 August 2017
Interesting new product from Cambridge Audio https://www.cambridgeaudio.com/products/cx/cxuhd The new player seems to play everything from CD, to SACD, DVD-A, to DVD, standard Blu Ray to 4K Blu Ray and even supports HDR and Dolby Vision - it's actually based on the platform used by Oppo on the UDP UDP 203.... however the main difference is that the Cambridge player does not have any DACs - so in effect this is Blu Ray transport as to get any sound out of the unit, one will need to use the...
Richard DanePosted: 14 August 2017Last Updated: 19 August 2017
I was gutted to receive an e-mail today to say that the Lovefilm by Post service will cease at the end of October. I have used this service for 10 years now and it has been really excellent. Unfortunately, such are the issues with our BT infrastructure here in the countryside, I cannot reliably stream any video content so my options are limited to physical media. It's a shame as it will mean having to buy discs and so I will think twice about taking risks on certain films. The end of an era...
ConsciousmessPosted: 15 August 2017Last Updated: 17 August 2017
Hi, I searched this and the posts are very dated. 4k is now accessible and you all know who supplies this - especially when most have at least 50 Mb Internet - many with 75 Mb + easily allowing streaming. I now see 4k projectors less than £5000 and having a huge wall - what is current opinion about getting a 4k projector and screen?
piggyPosted: 23 July 2017Last Updated: 14 August 2017
Has anyone seen one of these? http://www.samsung.com/uk/tvs/the-frame/highlights/?cid=uk_ppc-Google+Adwords-4858263022-cam_Evaluate%3A+Brand+%2B+Product%3A+Frame+TV_Exact-kw_samsung%20frame%20tv-mt_e-Aud_aud-298035622984:kwd-308871997861&s_kwcid=AL!281!3!207661788395!e!!g!!samsung%20frame%20tv&ef_id=WR1ypgAAAPQYmwH6:20170723140413:s#gallery I'm looking at replacing an old 32" Sony from my living room and this would clear space from a corner unit and make the telly invisible and easy...
HansWPosted: 07 August 2017Last Updated: 10 August 2017
Hi! I am thinking about replacing my Pioneer Kuro 42 inch plasma with a 55 inch Oled TV and would appreciate anyones experience from making this move. The Kuro was the first flat screen panel that I thought surpassed my old Sony Triniton CRT set. At the time I found LCD screens poor in comparison, especially on fast motion and regarding contrast. Technology has moved on and I would like to buy a new bigger TV but only if picture quality is definetly better. Until now I have generally found...
Mike1951Posted: 19 July 2017Last Updated: 22 July 2017
Hello Everybodypeeps. I'm about to purchase an enormo Samsung curved-screen telly. It's got an "optical" audio out. Am I right in thinking that the appropriate cable will plug into the back of my NDX5s digital input for TV audio from thence to the Preamp?
RelyGazerPosted: 17 July 2017Last Updated: 20 July 2017
hello all, do you have been impressed by these wonderful audio in your DVDs? I wanna stream audio from my DVD, but i googled a lot and found too many passages, such as http://dvd-audio.sourceforge.net/ and http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/dvd-to-wav.html according to their guides, i still can not stream audio because they seemed can not identify my DVDs, it said "no DVD", but i really put DVD into DVD-drive, what should i do, anyone can help me? thanks a lot
AMAPosted: 10 June 2017Last Updated: 19 July 2017
I just got a 78" Samsung TV in a large room and consider building a home theater around 5.1 wireless setup with a floor-standing sub and wall-mounted speakers. The room is around 70 m2 floor area and 5 m high ceilings. The TV and HT is arranged in the open part of the room with around 15 m2 area. The most critical part is to have the rear surround speakers connected wirelessly but I guess it drags the whole pack to be wireless. Any suggestions ?
JedTPosted: 10 July 2017Last Updated: 18 July 2017
Music is by far my priority but when we largely rebuilt our house I did install surround speakers in the ceiling and drive those plus a centre speaker and sub from a (pretty humble) Denon AV receiver taking preouts for front L/R into my SU. I've never been able to escape an annoying hum on the L/R channels when the SU is in AV mode. I do use quite a long run of interconnect but I've experiment using a short interconnect and it didn't fix the problem. I've played around with powering the AV...
AndyP19Posted: 04 July 2017Last Updated: 13 July 2017
Having transferred my music onto to a QNAP I thought I'd use my old 6TB storage with Logitech Media Server (LMS) to store my collection of DVD's. Using a three year old WD TV Media Player I streamed the storage into a router (not connected to the internet just to get a local network) then into my Toshiba TV) all seemed OK and running well until recently when I get drop out's every 30 minutes or so. With error on WD TV 'Content Source Not Found' - 'The previously connected source has been...