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Richard DanePosted: 31 December 2018Last Updated: 06 January 2019
I read this morning of the sad passing of Björn Erik Edvardsen, the creator of the NAD 3020. I'm sure that for many of us here (myself included), the NAD 3020 - along with it's variants and successors such as the 3120 and 3130 - was the gateway amplifier that really got to the heart of the music, while still being relatively affordable. For some it was the first step before moving on to owning a Naim amplifier.
GajdzinPosted: 04 January 2019Last Updated: 05 January 2019
My TV computer is connected to ND5XS with QED Performance toslink cable. The plug fits in ND5XS optical socket very loosely - the slightest movement (such as from a cat's paw) and it comes out. I never had this problem with any other toslink / ADAT cable and I use a lot of them in my recording studio. Can you recommend one (in a similar price bracket) that stays in firmly?
Quad 33Posted: 30 November 2018Last Updated: 05 January 2019
Good evening all. I have just had my 250.2 serviced and DR at HQ. Before it was sent away I was experiencing what I can only describe as a lack of a full range / sound stage - everything seems muted in my right speaker. After talking to Darran at Class A we decided that the amp probably was ready for a service and this was probably the problem with the sound. I collected the amp tonight but it does no seem to have solved the problem. Have any of you guys got any thoughts? There is a full...
PopeyePosted: 05 November 2018Last Updated: 05 January 2019
Hi all Will be arraigning a demo of these two shortly. Looking for something that is likely to be less fussy with placement and good enough to warrant upgrades of black boxes over the years. Currently using NDX and Supernait2 both bare. Weakest link in my chain I believe to be is my current speakers, Kef R500’s. i like the speakers and there sound but the wife isn’t happy about there position in the room (way out from back wall and in her words “sat in the middle of the room” many thanks
SeamanPosted: 02 January 2019Last Updated: 05 January 2019
Good evening! As I have had a lot of joy and insights reading on this forum, its time to give a little something back. I recently posted that I had ordered the xp5xs (demoex) to, hopefully, increase the overall experience of my system. So, today, it arrived! Unboxing the black box went smooth and after some mindwrestling and actual wrestling with the burndy it was ready to go; The difference is very noticeble and veryfies what others have found regarding paring the xp5xs to the nd5xs. I...
PopeyePosted: 26 December 2018Last Updated: 05 January 2019
Hi Guys alot of you are aware of my system and setup now but as a reminder for those that don’t, My setup is as follows. Dedicated supply, 10mm, 30amp type C breaker. NDX HiLine Supernait2 HiCap DR NACA5 Totem Sky Towers. System isn’t exactly on a dedicated stand and would welcome advice from those who have seem my system pic but it’s the only logical place in the room and it is wife friendly. I have been given some Christmas money by a few family members that have told me to get something...
NJBPosted: 04 January 2019Last Updated: 05 January 2019
I have been thinking about an upgrade from my Dynaudio Focus 160s for a while, with Dynaudio Special 40s as my aspiration. However, I listen at modest volume levels and people have suggested that Dynaudio is not a good choice because of their reputation as liking to be driven hard. My Naim 282/250.2 amplifier should have enough control and power for Dynaudio but at low volumes then I guess that it is possible that the speakers fail to attain their sweet spot. That is, from my interpretation,...
snowfoxxPosted: 18 September 2018Last Updated: 04 January 2019
Can't find any user review so far. Any user care to share? Much appreciated!
Leon di San MarcoPosted: 02 January 2019Last Updated: 04 January 2019
Hi everybody and happy new year! I'm thinking about buying a pair of NAC A5 cables for connecting a Supernait2 to a pair of adorable Duevel Bella Luna, and I came across an interesting thread by Richard Dane (https://forums.naimaudio.com/topic/speaker-cable-for-naim-amplifiers). What I don't really understand is why would it be so bad positioning the system between the speakers. Is it only because meters of cable would lie there unbeautifully on the floor or is there a real sonic issue? The...
erniePosted: 30 December 2018Last Updated: 04 January 2019
Hello, similar to my question about the N-vi now it comes to se SU. I own a Superuniti as my main system in the livingroom. Now we moved an have a open kitchen and dining area around the corner. To get better sound to that area I put empty conduits in the kitchenwall to hang on wall mounted speakers. I suppose the new Dali Oberon onwall entry speaker is sufficient for that. But I wonder how to drive them. I could get a NAP for the SU. But the I can‘t handle the volume for the kitchen...
PopeyePosted: 03 January 2019Last Updated: 04 January 2019
Hi Guys Do any of you have any experience with isolation products that would work well under my black boxes? obviously I would love to have my setup on a Fraim but due to lounge layout this isn’t possible and so currently my naim boxes are sat on purpose made MDF shelf between my chimney breast and solid wall. Thinking about getting dedicated isolation bases for the 3 black boxes or just using isolation feet beneath like Stilpoints for example. Any advice be much appreciated as always ????...
scubafinkPosted: 02 January 2019Last Updated: 04 January 2019
Hi all, I had the chance to audition both the PMC twenty5.24 and the ATC SCM40 v2 at various dealerships but no home demo allowed My kit is the NDX/282/HiCap DR/250.2. I really enjoyed the PMCs, extremely musical and great with rock music and acoustic vocals. The ATCs we’re equally enjoyable but less so than the PMC to my ears. The PMCs had better bass drive I felt and a little faster rhythmically. Has anyone compared these speakers with Naim kit like the 250.2?
BPhotographerPosted: 31 December 2018Last Updated: 04 January 2019
Hi, I have currently Kudos 707 which I want to upgrade (get more soundstage and bass). I really liked the Wilson Sasha 2 (I have heard them in a non-naim systems [nagra, etc.]). Anyone made a comparison? How is the combination of 552/500/ND555 and Wilson? What speaker cable should I use for the Wilson? Thanks, BP.
trunkmonkeyPosted: 04 January 2019Last Updated: 04 January 2019
I have two Naits, each serviced by Class A in the past 12 months. The Green LED version is more tuneful. The Red LED version has better timing, particularly the synchronisation between players. I just tried the Green one again cos I do get the occassional distraction with off pitch notes on the Red one. But the Green is not nearly as communicative of the emotion in music. The Green makes it easier to follow a single melody and appreciate the musicanship of that player, but the music as a...
airjordanPosted: 18 November 2018Last Updated: 04 January 2019
Thinking about to upgrade my speakers from Monitor audio rx2 to either Raidho X1 or Dynaudio Contour C20. Both same price as second hand. My room is 4m wide and 6m long and my current system is Naim 272 with 555ps and nap 300dr. Does anyone have experience with theses speakers, Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
angelfacePosted: 31 October 2018Last Updated: 04 January 2019
Hi- yes this is my first post. I once had 9 Cyrus boxes but have since swapped many of my Cyrus boxes for other makes. I currently run my DAC into a MF passive pre and then to my Cyrus Mono X using XLR cables. I am thinking of upgrading my power amps. Mono X300 Signatures sound tempting but these are over 3000 quid second hand. What Naim power amp should I consider second-hand that would be an improvement to the Mono X's? I am sure you must all hate the sound of Cyrus so please be gentle!
Bob the BuilderPosted: 03 January 2019Last Updated: 04 January 2019
I have the chance to buy a set of these for my Dynaudio Contour S3.4s has anyone used these Manas to try and tighten up the bass of their floor standers? Mine are on a carpet and a suspended wooden floors so are prone to a bit of boom.
douglasPosted: 03 January 2019Last Updated: 03 January 2019
01 Tuner as source, volume turned down, 552/500/B & W 802/D3. Sudden crack from speakers. Came from the middle so equal to both. Played music and no damage. Went in kitchen later and noticed clock on microwave showed the incorrect time. All a little scary thinking of the possible damage. Douglas
VytautasKPosted: 10 December 2018Last Updated: 03 January 2019
Dear members, My name is Vytautas and i am happy to join this wonderful Naim community. It's been long time since i started having thoughts of buying stereo equipment. Once i had wonderful experience how Naim sounds and this is why i was looking very long and persistent until i found:) I was able to find second-hand tiny (combo : Chord Mojo > Naim Nait 5i-2 > NACA5 > Dali Ikon 1MK2 It's a pleasure to enjoy the music the way Naim plays it! During the Christmas season especially :))...
Stephen packerPosted: 01 January 2019Last Updated: 03 January 2019
As per previous posts I'd allowed aesthetics to persuade me to move to a chrome bumper active system. I made the mistake of perusing the well known auction site before Christmas and saw a bolt-down NAP160 for sale... and elsewhere I'd seen a NAC12 going for a reasonable sum. Of course my will power was weak. I've just connected the pair together today and am using them with my Gyrodec and SBLs. What a nice sounding combination. I've also repeated my mistake and have bought an older NAC12 and...
SensationFreakPosted: 02 January 2019Last Updated: 02 January 2019
Hello, I want to understand the potential use of the nac 552 binding post. I understand it is connected to the 552 AC ground? or is it to the massive brass ground plane inside the 552 (BTW what is its use??) In the user manual, i can see that this is especially devoted to an optional naim phono preamp. In that particular use, what is the technical explanation for me understanding why you need to use it in that case However I would like to understand why its use is only for this product and...
GuinnlessPosted: 01 January 2019Last Updated: 02 January 2019
After having some quite bad static issues on some of my new LPs I decided to get my trusty old Discostat out and 'clean' them. I used the kitchen as the workshop (as I'm sure others do) and ended up with a nice rack full of static free records As they weren't quite dry and I wanted to make my tea I decided to move the rack to the conservatory where they could finish off drying, sadly this didn't go to plan and as one record slid back I tried to correct the rack and some then slid forward...
wenger2015Posted: 17 November 2018Last Updated: 02 January 2019
Thinking about my next upgrade, either 282 to 252 or CDX2 to CD555. Any thoughts from those that have already made either change.....Or had opportunity to hear the comparisons ???
steveaxePosted: 01 October 2018Last Updated: 02 January 2019
My system consists of HDX-SSD, NAC 202, NAP 200, Ovator S400 and Chord Mojo with Apple Express for streaming. At the weekend my teenage children had a party and used the system with the Mojo, and now the sound is best described as muffled. The stunning clarity I once had has been replaced by blurred bass, poor clarity and overall it sounds terrible. I can only presume they had the volume too loud. I would really appreciate any advice on how to both find the problem and also how to fix it.
Richard walkerPosted: 30 December 2018Last Updated: 02 January 2019
Hello Forum. I have just bought a used NDX to go with my Supernait 2 and I must say it is great. The seller offered me a highline interconnect cable which apparently "works" but one of the rings is defective. He will allow me to try it. Is it expensive (or even possible to repair) this kind of cable. He says the sound difference it fairly substantial. Thanks for replies.