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FinkfanPosted: 09 January 2017Last Updated: 11 January 2017
I'm curious to find out what mains cables people are using on their AV boxes. When I set up my "office" next month I'll have space to install my own TV, Sky and Blu-ray . These will be powered by their own 6mm ring main. In the rest of the house I currently only use the supplied cables. I did spend an evening a few months ago trying my TQ mains cables on my Sky box and TV and I felt there was an improvement in Colour, contrast and image sharpness. However I'm not sure I want to spent that...
djs1784Posted: 02 January 2017Last Updated: 03 January 2017
1) Can I use the DAC-1 as a pre for 2 channel listening in my Home Theatre with Marantz 8801AV in unity gain mode? ( 250.2/SL2/nSub) How would it work? Do I need a custom cable with a resister to match the impedance? 2) is it better to use a large USB flash drive with music loaded on it or the asynchronous input connected to a computer? 3) any recommendation on how to get airplay to the DAC V1. I tried for little while Air express with nDAC/PSU set up and it was just OK. Any help...
YetizonePosted: 19 December 2016Last Updated: 02 January 2017
Blade Runner sequel teaser trailer now online: http://www.empireonline.com/mo...irst-teaser-trailer/ I donít know how many Bladerunner fans are on the forum, but the forthcoming sequel now has its first teaser trailer, and I think it looks rather interesting. Enigmatic and arresting visuals, without context, so not giving away any plot indicators (good!). Plus, based on his back catalogue, I think the movie is in very capable hands with Denis Villeneuve. Even so, its all keyed into the...
RossTPosted: 01 January 2017Last Updated: 02 January 2017
Does anybody here can share their expience with using Naim Nait XS-2 (70W) integrated into a home cinema setup? I am currently using one along with Denon 3313 AVR and I am really struggling to understand why the Naim XS-2 seem largely underpowered by comparision to both Nait 5si and my earlier Creek Evolution 5350 amplifiers. Somehow the XS-2 is extremely powerful in stereo mode but when switched to AV bypass mode my front speakers seem undepowered and the Audissey calibration of the Denon...
Ardbeg10yPosted: 23 December 2016Last Updated: 28 December 2016
Guys, Some advice / reflections appreciated from you. For next year I have a budget of about Euro 2000 to invest in hifi. This is not carved in stone, but not too much more please. I had some plans to get a pair of Ovators for the living, but this is budgetwise and wifewise not feasible unfortunately. When I'm at home, I mostly watch the Berliner Philharmoniker late night so I prefer to dump the money in the TV / kids room. Very cosy place. I have a Loewe 40 inch TV there and now and then I...
IanGPosted: 30 October 2016Last Updated: 25 December 2016
I've just added Sky Q to my system and am contemplating getting the new Oppo 203 when it's released. With the potential for watching 4K material, I'm now going to have to replace my current AV receiver (Rotel RSX-1550) as it does not support 4K pass through. Does anyone have any recommendations ? I'd be looking at a budget up to £1.5K, something fairly simple to set up and I'd still be looking to use my Naim amp to drive the front speakers.
MDSPosted: 09 December 2016Last Updated: 13 December 2016
With all the sad RIP posts on the Music thread about the many musicians who have died during 2016, I thought the occasion of Kirk Douglas reaching his 100th birthday today was worth a mention and celebration. The BBC website has a piece which includes some nice photos. Happy Birthday, Kirk.
robgrPosted: 04 December 2016Last Updated: 09 December 2016
I have the following NAC272/NAP250DR/XPSDR/C20s with SL cables I'm adding an Anthem MRX520 for A/V, I've connected the rear C1s with NACA5 (long run so cost was a factor) What would an appropriate interconnect be to take the MRX520 pre-outs back to the NAC for the fronts My thoughts are that SL or VERTERE ACOUSTICS might be overkill, what about Tellurium Q Graphite? Any other suggestions?
LokiPosted: 07 December 2016Last Updated: 08 December 2016
What's the best storage you've come across? It's time to upgrade our cheap IKEA open and 'garage' utility shelves upon which they are stacked. Wood preferred especially oak or Maple.
overprintPosted: 24 November 2016Last Updated: 24 November 2016
Anybody any ideas as to why recently (ie over the past 2-3 months), when listening to the TV via the NDX/Naim system, every couple of minutes or so I hear a click - like a "digital hiccup"? It only happens when playing the TV as source so the hifi isn't the problem and it's most noticeable when watching via the Sky HD box (HDMI connection into TV). Doesn't seem to happen if watching a DVD or Blu Ray. Is there some clocking issue with Sky/TV and optical out? Is a software upgrade to blame?
endlessnessismPosted: 14 November 2016Last Updated: 16 November 2016
I have recently upgraded from a 2005 Pioneer 720 Plasma to a (second-hand, obviously) 2009 Pioneer 1080 Plasma. I like plasma, and Pioneer in particular, and although they stopped making them in 2009 I still don't think I have seen anything since that looks so natural, especially flesh tones. (4K gives me the creeps - like looking at one of those magnifying mirrors and seeing all your blackheads and open pores). Anyway I would now like to gather opinions on the best way to stream movies to...
ConsciousmessPosted: 26 August 2016Last Updated: 16 October 2016
I think I would, looking at computer graphics! Yet they make it 25 f/s!
djs1784Posted: 15 September 2016Last Updated: 16 September 2016
This may be a very dumb question: does the 252 pre contributes anything to the final sound output of L&R when integrated with a sound processor in AV mode? I tested the set up with the 252 connected and also with the surround pre connected directly to 250.2 amp and heard different results. Is it a placebo effect on my mind?
Don AtkinsonPosted: 09 June 2016Last Updated: 12 September 2016
The c.50" Pioneer Kuro has gone kaput ! I can hear a "relay" going click somewhere in the monitor when I switch on from standby with the remote, but a second or two later, the relay clicks again and Phut ! nothing. The blue "on" light on the Media Receiver is blinking and I can't switch this receiver off or put it into standby unless I disconnect the mains plug. The manual suggests I contact an authorised Pioneer repair department. Sounds expensive ! Any recommendations for a replacement...
Bob the BuilderPosted: 30 August 2016Last Updated: 30 August 2016
Did anyone else watch and enjoy The Night Of, Based on the BBC series "Criminal Justice," HBO's eight-part series starring John Turturro and Riz Ahmed two extremely good actors give fine performances I particularly liked Riz Ahmed who is a great young Britsh actor whose star is beginning to rise. Excellent.
nbpfPosted: 15 August 2016Last Updated: 29 August 2016
Do you see any obvious advantages of a small 4K TV (say, up to 43'') against a 27'' retina iMac apart from size and cost?
ConsciousmessPosted: 21 August 2016Last Updated: 28 August 2016
May I ask the benefit of doing this as tempting as it is? I am soon to move into a house with a much bigger living room, perfectly shaped in an ideal rectangle, where an nSUB either side of my sofa would go well. I will get a 4k TV but I am not rushing into that until contracts are exchanged. The nSUB sound is very good and with it being low, generally difficult to discern position. So what does two nSUBs do aside from making the base louder?
staffyPosted: 10 August 2016Last Updated: 23 August 2016
Just bought myself from Nintronics an Arcam Solo Plus sound bar for £299. This used to cost £1000 a litlle over a year ago. With four 4" speakers and two 1" tweeters angled out for a wider sound dispersion seems like an absolute bargain to me. It decodes DTS HD Master Audio and has 4K pass through. Well pleased.
LokiPosted: 27 July 2016Last Updated: 18 August 2016
Here in Valhalla we are considering the virtues of Apple TV. How does the video and audio compare with Blu-Ray? And are the UK terrestrial catch-up channels (beyond iPlayer) supported?
staffyPosted: 31 July 2016Last Updated: 10 August 2016
I can afford to buy a new set for around £2500/3000, but why. OK the major manufacturers are now on their 5/6 generation, so the sets today should be pretty much reliable.. However 4K BR players are only just arriving. Two models from Panasonic and Samsung are first generation and most 4K movies to buy are really shot in 2K. Yes you can stream from Netflix, but only if you have fibre optic broadband. Sky are now on the verge of showing 4K content, but as yet no mention of prices or movie...
Mr PawsPosted: 09 August 2016Last Updated: 09 August 2016
Hi to all, I'm enjoying the coverage of the Olympics on the BBC overall but I'm really disappointed with the Freeview HD service. On FHD you get Eight extra channels which is great but I've found the picture is blocking all the time rendering the picture unwatchable. I've checked the signal strength and it's 100% on all other BBC channels but on the Olympic feeds the signal just goes up and down from Zero to around 80%. Fortunately I have a Virgin Media TiVo Box so I've tuned in there...
ConsciousmessPosted: 06 August 2016Last Updated: 06 August 2016
Is it 16bit 44.1kHz? The nDAC certainly doesn't perceive high definition. And it's never recognised by the nVi as DTS (whatever that means). And now 4k transmission is coming, will sound also improve?
Roberto PiPosted: 31 July 2016Last Updated: 01 August 2016
Hello, Can anyone suggest a way to obtain and install the FM tuner on the n-Vi? Is this something that naim may have in spares?
ConsciousmessPosted: 18 July 2016Last Updated: 21 July 2016
I was just researching when 4k will be transmitted and noticed Sky are offering this with Sky Q. Anyone have this yet?
ConsciousmessPosted: 20 July 2016Last Updated: 20 July 2016
I'm trying to optimise my nVi and I use the nSYSTEM speakers (nSATs surround, nCENT centre, nSUB) with external large floorstanding front speakers powered by the NAP 300 DR. The manual is vague, so should the speakers settings be: Centre - small Front - large ext Surround - small Sub - on That seems obvious, but wouldn't the deeper tones of voice be detached from the centre speaker by having it set to small? I think that makes the nVi only output limited frequencies to the centre. Thanks for...