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ChunkyPosted: 12 August 2018Last Updated: 13 August 2018
Vinyl albums often have an etching in the run out grooves from the mastering engineer. For example, an album mastered by Masterdisk usually has the "Masterdisk" stamp, or you might see "A porky prime cut" which I understand referred to the mastering engineer, George Peckham. If you have a vinyl album which on the cover states it was mastered at, say, Masterdisk, but the vinyl run out groove does not have the Masterdisk stamp, does anyone know if this means that the copy you have was not...
thebigfredcPosted: 10 August 2018Last Updated: 13 August 2018
I caught this Bob Dylan song from his 1964 album the Other Side of Bob Dylan on Radio 6 recently. I was surprised I hadn't heard it before. I and had previously dismissed the album thinking it was all B sides. I was wrong - its another gem from the master songwriter/performer. He is a constant surprise.
BailyhillPosted: 12 August 2018Last Updated: 12 August 2018
This is cheating a little, but I am going to the Chris Stapelton concert at the Bank of New Hamshire Pavillion on August 24th. This completes a run of the late and great Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks, Willie Nelson, The Hiwayman, Keith Urban, Toby Keith, Dierks Bentley, Neil Diamond, Kenny Rodgers, and Kenny Chesney. Guess I am a country music fan. System: TIDAL & ProMastersDownloads>NDX>DAC V1>Krell KSA80B>Apogee Scintillas @ 1 Ohm Next Update: NDX > NDX2 Next Expansion:...
Dan SteelPosted: 10 August 2018Last Updated: 10 August 2018
Documentary on BBC FOUR tonight. ????
intothevoidPosted: 27 July 2018Last Updated: 10 August 2018
The trouble with downloadable music is that you cannot try-before-you-buy. Yes, you may be able to listen to samples of tracks, but I've never seen these in their native format, i.e. they are usually downsampled to mp3. This practice doesn't allow you the opportunity to ascertain whether an album that's been remastered in to a hi-res format is actually any better than an original cd version. Case in point, I recently found that Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) by the Eurhythmics is available...
Alley CatPosted: 05 August 2018Last Updated: 09 August 2018
Ripping some CDs to the NAS today, and have found some things I've not listened to in ages, some have not stood the test of time at all. Boy, this is awful:
ProterraPosted: 07 August 2018Last Updated: 07 August 2018
This was one of my favourite artist and albums for auditioning hifi. She has such as pure voice and an amazing bunch of musicians. Ideal for lstening for sybillance etc.
Innocent BystanderPosted: 04 August 2018Last Updated: 05 August 2018
Two common themes on this forum, an apparent predilection for jazz, and desire for foot tapping... The jazz aspect make me wonder - is it that so-called the ĎNaim soundí is simply that Naim kit is Ďvoicedí primarily for jazz, making it appeal particularly to jazz lovers? As for toe tapping, I have never understood the fixation with that either, though this has been discussed elsewhere - but the fondness for jazz makes me wonder if it is simply a jazz thing? So Friday evening was curious: we...
HardBopPosted: 02 August 2018Last Updated: 05 August 2018
Don't know if many are aware but Qobuz has just launched a "Big Summer Sale". Some very good offers particularly on classical and from some of the major labels e.g. Harmonia Mundi. Fill your boots...or should that be...fill your music storage system!
JaptimscarletPosted: 04 August 2018Last Updated: 05 August 2018
Can anyone point me to where I can get a hi Res download of Fink ...wheels turn beneath my feet ?? Thanks
Bob the BuilderPosted: 02 August 2018Last Updated: 02 August 2018
Check out the line up for this great event in Sussex over the August Bank Holiday.
J.N.Posted: 27 July 2018Last Updated: 31 July 2018
By David Hepworth on a 1985 episode of Whistle Test. 10pm this evening on BBC4. John
YetizonePosted: 29 July 2018Last Updated: 30 July 2018
As Iím gradually going through my old LPs, its very clear that some of the discs urgently need a good clean, having accumulated surface noise during long term storage. Ideally Iíll buy an Record Cleaning Machine in time, but they are costly and in my current work / listening room a bit tricky to store. So, alternatives? Iím sure some of the vinylistas here will have seen some of the (alarming) wood glue LP cleaning experiments featured on Youtube? Scary! Well I thought why not, lets give it...
Bert SchurinkPosted: 29 July 2018Last Updated: 29 July 2018
a great loss for European Jazz
Nuno BaptistaPosted: 22 July 2018Last Updated: 27 July 2018
The 2016 remastered vinyl DSOTM 180 gr is a good remaster?I ask because old versions (2011?)were not so good...
ObsydianPosted: 27 July 2018Last Updated: 27 July 2018
Can see Some old treads now closed, thought a useful tool worthy of a reminder, especially for those changing services or utilizing multiple services. I currently have a Spotify Family Plan and Tidal Hifi, I do prefer Spotify Playlists as more UK focused, but prefer the HiFi quality of Tidal. Pain for me has always been manually adding tracks liked on Spotify to Premium and the headache of juggling two services. Queue Soundiiz, in 10 mins and 8GB later whilst roaming ???? I synced my favourite..
doloremPosted: 22 July 2018Last Updated: 26 July 2018
hi all firstl loving these forums and have to admit this is the first on line community Iíve truely engaged with. Iím doing some research on vinyl in the hope of writing a guide to how to use it properly. I find it fascinating at a very technical level that so much information can be pulled out of a groove in a piece of plastic. Iím an engineer and as such so much just doesnít add up particularly the difference between original pressings and re issues. Early original pressings just sound...
ChunkyPosted: 21 July 2018Last Updated: 23 July 2018
Since the late 70s I have kept all my vinyl records in replacement poly-lined inner sleeves in order to protect them. These are cheap inner sleeves bought from record shops for about 10p each. I have noticed that you can get inner sleeves from the likes of Nagaoka and Goldring which look slightly different to the cheap ones I have. I was wondering if any of the vinyl lovers on this forum know if the Nagaoaka and Goldring sleeves provide better protection or is there really not much...
Chris GPosted: 13 July 2018Last Updated: 21 July 2018
With the new season about to start, does anyone know if the BBC is broadcasting the proms in an experimental higher res format please?
Charles44Posted: 09 June 2018Last Updated: 20 July 2018
Well, it has to be Chris Youlden, Savoy Brown late 60's very early 70's.
Bert SchurinkPosted: 11 July 2018Last Updated: 16 July 2018
Hi all. I am very much looking forward to enjoy the festival this week Friday - Sunday. I will ensure that I publish a report of the concerts I am seeing. And I hope it will be worthwhile / enjoyable for people. As appetizer I have here the lineup video for the festival....
TOBYJUGPosted: 26 May 2018Last Updated: 15 July 2018
What are your favourite TV theme tunes ? Movie soundtracks and scores often get a mention on this forum. I don't recall much mention of the humble TV Theme tune though. Admittedly there is a fine line between annoying but clever ditties, nostalgic fondness, real musical merit and utter nonsense. I have a few albums of this genre, but nothing gets as much played as those Ron Grainer complilations. Ron was pretty much responsible for every quality theme for uk series from the 60s to 80s. The...
French RoosterPosted: 13 July 2018Last Updated: 13 July 2018
I invite everybody to share their best SOUNDING hirez albums. For me, here are my best: David Crosby: croz. Qobuz Alfredo Rodriguez : the invasion parade and the little dream. Qobuz Laurent de Wilde: New Monk Trio. Qobuz Miles Espanol/ New stekches of Spain. 24/192. Hdtracks Leo Sidran: cool school/ The music of Michael Franks. Qobuz Jeff Beck: Blow by Blow. Hdtracks. DSD. Shelby Lynne: Just a little lovin. Qobuz Jowee Omicil: Letís BAsh. Qobuz Aka Moon: Now. Qobuz ps: if not indicated, the...
Innocent BystanderPosted: 06 July 2018Last Updated: 12 July 2018
Some music is written to be erotic, i.e. to conjure erotic images or thoughts or feelings. Three that immediately come to mind are: Je tíaime (or rather Je tíaime non plus to give it its full name), a single released by Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg, famously banned from airplay by the BBC, thus promoting greater public interest. Erotica from the album Revelation by Man My game of loving from An Electric Storm by White Noise One thing these three have in common is what is...
ctPosted: 01 July 2018Last Updated: 12 July 2018
i often find myself listening to music whilst reading and relate music to books or series of books, does anyone else find themselves enjoying music with a good read? I enjoyed this album around the time I read Philip Pullman's Dark Materials series and, having picked up his latest for a holiday read i've revisited the album recently. Do you ever find yourself combining music and a read, or going back to a book when hearing a particular piece of music again?