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AirKingPosted: 29 December 2018Last Updated: 30 December 2018
Hi Can anyone help please, looking to purchase a Pmc Sub to go with my Twenty Five.22, would the Nova out go straight into the subwoofer? Anyone also tried this? many Thanks.
oferrPosted: 23 December 2018Last Updated: 29 December 2018
I know that the best way to decide on the "right" system for your ears/pockets is to do deep listenings with all setups. But I can honestly not do that. I ended with a very nice system to my ears, and I am wondering for the appropriate direction My setup is ndx into ndac, 282 + 2 hcdr on 250dr now.... 1. should I 555ps or 555psdr the ndac ? or... 2. sc the 282? 3. any other thoughts ?
boomPosted: 28 December 2018Last Updated: 29 December 2018
The past 12 months I have contemplated the upgrade of my 18 year old Apollo 5S rack, and after reading many threads on the subject I still struggled (like many others) to understand how a decent rack can improve the SQ of music replay so much, despite the many positive threads on this forum. So I finally bit the bullet and purchased a SH Fraim a few weeks ago and completed the install today. After powering up the black boxes I let them warm for an hour or so before listening to some music.
angelodipaPosted: 27 December 2018Last Updated: 29 December 2018
Hello everyone I recently updated my nac 202 with a 282 ... it was a great update ... very happy of course ... I have kept more details, a more three-dimensional SQ, more controlled bass ... but I have like the impression that the mid / high frequencies are more ringing, more "banged in the face" ... certainly this is due to the fact that by now I was used to the performance of my old 202 that surely was flatter and quieter ... My current configuration is now: MacMini (Audirvana)>...
Alan WillbyPosted: 12 December 2017Last Updated: 29 December 2018
When I extended my main living (listening) room last year I went for a stone floor over a thickly insulated suspended concrete floor with the screed layer containing a piped underfloor heating system. I previously had carpet over a standard suspended concrete floor and my PMC GB1i's were fixed with spikes as is the norm. I sort of expected that with this much harder and reflective floor the sound I was used to (and liked) would change. It was one of the reasons why I changed from my PMC's as...
Olek_KPosted: 29 December 2018Last Updated: 29 December 2018
hello. Today I wanted to check some tunes for the upcoming New Yearís Day party and to my surprise thereís no sound from my turntable. Other inputs are ok. Also I went upstairs and connected the turntable to my kids little system - sound was ok. So thereís something wrong with my Uniti. I did the power down/up, I checked all the connections. When I go with volume up to crazy numbers thereís some tiny distorted sound... any ideas?
JohnnyTTPosted: 08 October 2018Last Updated: 29 December 2018
Hello all, I had to move my system which is 202/hcp/252/nDac/sreaming high rez. I had towers which I had to sell and need something I can put in a wall unit. The shelf is only 13 inches deep. I demoed some bookshelf classic Spendor which sounded good in store, but a mess at home. Guessing the rear port against the wall. Any recommendations for something that would work? Budget up to $4000 US. Thanks in advance. I'm suffering here.
JimDogPosted: 28 December 2018Last Updated: 29 December 2018
I understand that one should occasionally unplug interconnects and speaker cables and plug them back in several times in order to clean and refresh the contact between metal plugs and sockets. 1. How often should I do this? 2. How many times should I unplug and replug in a row to clean the contacts? 3. I also understand that it is desireable occasionally to switch off Naim boxes. As I must switch off the boxes in order to perform the above steps, will that do it? (In addition, I should...
SmithfirePosted: 27 December 2018Last Updated: 28 December 2018
Hi Peeps Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas! I'm wondering if anyone could describe the connections between a Rega planar 6, a Rega fono mm stage and a Nait 3?....and does one need any leads that are not supplied with the said stage? Many thanks Clive
JimDogPosted: 28 December 2018Last Updated: 28 December 2018
Why does Naim run power from the power amp to a preamp through the same cable as the audio signal? Doesn't that pollute the audio signal with interference? When power is needed for the preamp wouldn't it be better to run it through a separate cable? And when power is not needed for the preamp - e.g. between my 272 and 150X - is it possible to switch off the power running through that SNAIC - or does this happen automatically? If not, then why doesn't Naim (or someone else) make a version of...
drawtheline55Posted: 27 December 2018Last Updated: 28 December 2018
Hi, quick question here, on a 282 there is a cd rca input and obviously a cd din input, if the cd din input is on, does that override the cd rca input, meaning can you use one or the other, or can both be live thanks,
PopeyePosted: 28 December 2018Last Updated: 28 December 2018
Hi all was listening to music last night like I usually do, wondering if the route my speaker cable needs to take and the cables that it runs with will be having much of an effect. My right channel passes behind my TV along with its power, Ethernet HDMI and other cables, not ideal but the only way to do things. As much as I like NACA5 would shielded cable likely to be beneficial in this scenario? thanks again.
ursus262Posted: 26 December 2018Last Updated: 28 December 2018
Hi everyone. Does anyone know where the Castle dealers are in the UK? I can only find one in Edinburgh. I'd quite like to audition a pair of Avon 4s but can't find any dealers locally. I live in W Yorks. Also, does anyone have experience of these speakers? Dave
WetaPosted: 26 December 2018Last Updated: 27 December 2018
Hi I really like the ND5 XS, and currently own a Linn axis TT with a Goldring 1042. I think the ND5 XS beats it by some margin. So I'm curious to know what my next move is turntable wise. Is it a different cartridge? or are there any upgrades to an axis ? Or just bounce it for another turntable entirely, like a Rega? or should a Linn axis beat an ND5 xs anyway? I just don't seem to get the same bounce and detail from the axis than I do from the ND5 XS. The rest of the system is a NAC 102 and...
TellPosted: 27 December 2018Last Updated: 27 December 2018
Hello Iím new to this site, I donít know much about Hi-Fi, please could somebody help me. I have a pair of Tannoy Revolution XT F8 speakers that cost me around £1,300 about three years ago, iím interested in buying Uniti atom or star, would my speakers be good enough for either of those systems or should I upgrade my speakers too. Thank you
cedarsPosted: 20 December 2018Last Updated: 27 December 2018
Has anyone tested or has the Magico S3 MkI with naim nap 300/552. There are some good deals on the magico S3 Mk Is.
tonyiPosted: 17 December 2018Last Updated: 27 December 2018
Favourable review in Jan 19 Hi-Fi News
LokiPosted: 23 December 2018Last Updated: 27 December 2018
Just thinking ahead for 2019 and I need your collective wisdom about service intervals and upgrade possibilities. 2no. olive HiCaps serviced 9 years ago: are they due for another service? Are they worth servicing again, or better to save the money and spend on HiCap2s which I believe have the possibility for DR upgrade? DR is where I want to be at some stage. Supercap too expensive. (Hard times in Asgaard) 1no. Prefix (2007) never serviced: does it need a service? No plans to upgrade. 1no.
GuinnlessPosted: 16 December 2018Last Updated: 27 December 2018
During a rack rebuild and a bit of cable dressing I came across this on my Burndy. Nothing sounds 'broken'. Anybody come across similar? The cable came with my Olive XPS (purchased 2nd hand) and I did notice it wasn't perfect then. It seems to have got worse though.
J.N.Posted: 21 December 2018Last Updated: 26 December 2018
My dedicated mains spur has for a few years been feeding a MusicWorks 'Lite' 6-socket block. Powerlines are used throughout; including one feeding the Linn Radikal. I recently heard the difference between the 'Lite' and the more expensive MusicWorks Ultra G3 in a friend's Naim system, so ordered a G3 to try from my ever-helpful dealer Signals. It was couriered to me overnight and arrived this morning. Usual plan of attack. Refresh the audio-memory with a few well known tracks; power down and...
CallmeTomPosted: 09 September 2018Last Updated: 26 December 2018
Hi, I have a Supernait2 with a CD5 XS, a pretty basic Pro-Ject turntable with Ruark Prelude floorstand speakers. My room is quite large - 80% of my listening is through the CD player. Iím thinking about changing my speakers and would like some advice from the forum before I audition any. Iíve read & been told that PMC speakers work well with Naim equipment. What are your thoughts on PMC and Twenty5.24 vs Twenty5.26 with my system - would the 26ís be overkill? I often see the older Twenty...
AndrewJSPosted: 09 October 2018Last Updated: 26 December 2018
Hi, I know topics like this have been posted ad nauseum but have reviewed many previous posts and my head is in a spin from all the options. I'm looking for advice on upgrades in my system. I know there are specific weak points but am looking for feedback on what order I should focus my upgrades. I currently have a nac 202 with napsc and nap 150. I'm using Harbeth P3esr's and really happy with these. For source I'm solely streaming FLAC, Tidal and Spotify using a raspberry pi with digi+ pro...
drawtheline55Posted: 26 December 2018Last Updated: 26 December 2018
Hi it seems on all the Naim amps, there is a warning at the speaker inputs, thats says something like, use supplied terminals and not the 4mm banana plugs" why is that ? wasn't that a Naim set up ? I know I got that set up a few yrs ago from my Naim dealer ! I have both am currently using the double" banana if you will, but sure is a mystery, any reasons ??
CroBoyPosted: 25 December 2018Last Updated: 26 December 2018
Hi, Maybe someone can help here, I have a bit of a issue with my Naim Uniti Star/Spendor A2/Rega P6/Rega Neo PSU/Rega Fono MM Mk3...every time I turn Rega Fono preamp there is a hum noticeable from Unit Star, and that is at every input, not just at analogue on which is Rega connected. Also there is big double bang from Spendors when Rega pre amp is tuned off or on. Any idea if this is abnormal or why it is happening? Many thanks S
MangoMonkeyPosted: 25 December 2018Last Updated: 26 December 2018
Two posts here: - Anyone happy they sold some stocks to buy Naim gear? :-) - Second: Was at my local dealer the other day and had a chance to listen to the atc scm 40s for a few minutes. Liked what I heard. Now I'm wondering if I should not bother auditioning the Titan 606/707s and instead the ATCs as a sideways move from the Kudos Super 20s... Anyone with experience with both Kudos and ATCs? I was almost ready to pull the trigger on the Titans 707s blind when I heard the ATC SCM40s. The...