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SplobadodgePosted: 07 July 2016Last Updated: 20 July 2016
Just chewing the options for my next buy really. Maybe a daft question to ask you die hard Naim fans but I'm contemplating a soundbar (size form factor) for the bedroom telly. Film, gaming & music duties. Not heard either Muso or the Yamaha yet so going to try a demo tomorrow after work if I get time. Saying that I've also spotted an Arcam soundbar at Nintronics for 299 which is a steal & Much easier on the wallet! I don't necessarily need surround sound, as long as it's quality.
NickSeattlePosted: 19 July 2016Last Updated: 20 July 2016
Is it possible to use the AV2, standing alone into a NAP-V175 for Front and Center, and, at the same time, use Rec Out (RCA) to record to analog from digital sources, at the same time? My tentative attempts have been negative. Is the DIN Out from AV2 any different? It is supposed to output to a NAC; but I wonder if outputting direct to an amp for Front channels defeats that (before I buy an new DIN to DIN to verify). Thanks. Nick
ConsciousmessPosted: 01 July 2016Last Updated: 06 July 2016
I enjoy using the nVi, but when I set the 252 to AV, a high pitched feedback noise comes from the speakers. It's in the background and sound masks it, but when muted, it's there. Now I suspect it might be because I connect my Sky HD to it via a 3m coaxial lead; I come to this hypothesis from another thread I started enquiring about 'optical only going to 96kHz and not playing 192kHz'. So in short what I'm getting at is if I use an optical connection instead, the 'feedback' will go (which is...
Steve CansdalePosted: 05 July 2016Last Updated: 05 July 2016
I've had an AV2 for an number of years now (and enjoyed it) but I'm looking at moving up to 7.1 and the AV2 (as far as I can see) does not support this. So, two questions, a) is there a replacement for the AV2 that supports 7.1; and b) is there an 'add-on' for the AV2 that will enable it to support 7.1? Thanks!
Steve CansdalePosted: 05 July 2016Last Updated: 05 July 2016
Hi all How can I connect my computer (via 3.5mm jack) to my AV2 to take advantage of my full system? I have seen a 3.5mm jack to RCA Y Split cable... connect this is into the Analog 4 inputs? Is that the right approach? Thanks Steve
AcredPosted: 28 June 2016Last Updated: 28 June 2016
The BBC did it last year. My sub-offer has a small blue light which comes on when it's activated by a LFE signal. Remained off whenever I watched a bit of Glastonbury on BBC One HD. Now watching Wimbledon on BBC One HD and the blue lights on. So why do they do this? Rock music deserves 2.1, tennis doesn't really matter. M
ROOGPosted: 25 June 2016Last Updated: 26 June 2016
Sorry if this is a daft question, but I don't have much experience of AV receivers. I have a new audio DIY project on the go, and it involves Tri amping. An active crossover giving Low, med & high frequency outputs to an amplifier which is used to drive 3 individual speaker drivers per stereo channel, so I need a 6 channel amplifier. As its a DIY prototype I don't want to spend a fortune on a Tri amp set up and I thought that an old AV receiver might be ok to get the project off the...
GuitarculPosted: 17 June 2016Last Updated: 18 June 2016
Hi guys, Hoping for a few pointers. I have just bought a new Panasonic 55cx680b TV and after having an ancient tv for many years I realise the opportunities now available. I don't want to go down the dedicated Home Theater or even the sound bar route as I would like to integrate the telly with my existing hifi if possible. My pre amp is a 122x with 150x power and FC2x and my speakers are Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor Elipsa which were originally designed as the rear speakers of their 5.1...
TOBYJUGPosted: 13 June 2016Last Updated: 13 June 2016
Just got myself a Sony 4K LED screen to replace the trusty Panasonic. Got it connected to skybox HD into a Naim NDAC. Has anyone got any general tips on setup to get the best out of it ? Sky don't offer any 4K content at present but am I right in setting the tv input from the skybox to upscale to 4K ? On HD movies it's all wonderful , but on terrestrial HD broadcast still shots are wonderful but anything with a bit of action falls behind a bit. I have a coaxial digital connection for audio...
KarlPosted: 24 May 2016Last Updated: 31 May 2016
I am looking to replace my Samsung UE46D8000 that is now 5 years old, I can't decide which TV to choose, I have narrowed it down to the LG55EG960V OLED that is now discounted to 2000, or the new models from Sony KD55XD9035 and Samsung UE55KS8000 that are a similar price. The sound of the TV is not important as my Allaes are either side of the screen and will use them, I mainly watch terrestrial channels and the odd Blu Ray. The new models have the new HDR tech but the LG does not,but the LG...
SkipPosted: 28 May 2016Last Updated: 28 May 2016
I just connected a new cable box at our house. It will pair with most home theater audio systems by Brand Name. Naim is not in the list. Has anybody come up with a code to make this pairing work manually?
GreenAlexPosted: 09 May 2016Last Updated: 27 May 2016
Hello everyone, I am facing to problems on two different systems on three different spurs^^ OK, I have a nVi in my bedroom and love it. But it being in the bedroom and it being absolutely silent at night, I can very clearly hear a high pitched sound from the speakers when the nVi is turned on. It's not present in standby, but audible when turned on. Even when the digital source (optical) is turned off. I removed all the connections except power and speakers but it is still there. Does...
Duncan HillsPosted: 11 April 2016Last Updated: 26 May 2016
Hi All, First time poster, long time reader so be gentle please. I searched and found the last time this question was asked was 3 years ago, so hoping it's ok to post this as a new post as things have moved on a little since then. I'm moving out of London and to a house where i'll have the space to finally accommodate a HT system which has long been a dream since departing my original shores where space was in abundance. Perhaps naively i thought i'd need a whole new stereo setup to build a...
DungassinPosted: 04 May 2016Last Updated: 12 May 2016
Well, after several cancelled appointments, the dealer finally arrived to complete the Dirac setup of the AVR850 which I bought in December 2015. I bought it to replace my ageing Naim AV2. I had decided that the time had come to retire it due to lack of HDMI inputs, and the fact that I was fed up of having to use multiple SPDIF and HDMI switching boxes, and having to play my Oppo blurays using the AV2 Multi input. The AV2 was being used in conjunction with Naim 552DR, NAP 250.2, NAP200, NAP...
Mr UnderhillPosted: 11 May 2016Last Updated: 11 May 2016
I thoroughly enjoyed this analysis by Mike Hill, although I think some of it is a stretch: https://player.vimeo.com/video/165693758 Made me think about the technical aspects of writing a successful script. M
bluesbreakerPosted: 08 March 2016Last Updated: 21 April 2016
Hi everyone. I came across a site which has a selection of Operas on demand. They are free, and funded by the European Union. I am really keen to make use of it but there's no apps for Smart TVs so it looks like I'm stuck watching on my laptop which is less than appealing. Does anyone know of a way I can transfer the streaming video ( which is viewed on a web broswer) from my computer, phone or iPad to my Samsung smart TV? Someone said Google Chromecast might do it but as I am exclusively...
nbpfPosted: 14 April 2016Last Updated: 19 April 2016
During the last two years, my approach towards (occasional) replaying of DVDs and streaming of AV contents (mainly from BP's Digital Concert Hall) has been very straightforward: 1) Place an old 24 inches iMac in front of the sofa and connect to the mains 2) Connect the iMac to the Naim DAC via 10m optical cable 3) Enjoy This has worked quite well until recent browser (Firefox 45.0.2) and Flash Player (21.0.0) upgrades have conspired to reveal how old a 10 years old iMac actually is. Now the...
robgrPosted: 06 April 2016Last Updated: 10 April 2016
I have a NAC-N 272/NAP250 DR & XPS DR and am looking to integrate with an AV setup I'll likely use phantom mode so am looking at a solution for fronts & rears only, also not interested in Atmos etc If I go with an AV preamp what power amp might do the 250 justice to drive the rears? If I go with an AV amp then I can simply drive the rears directly but what might be any shortcomings? I suppose if I go the QAV amp route then it's fewer boxes and I can easily add a center speaker later...
SplobadodgePosted: 08 February 2016Last Updated: 08 April 2016
As per title I'm looking for a movie dedicated system to aesthetically please in the new lounge & also free some floor space (for another sub haha ) therefore preferably on/in wall. Don't need any subs just the LCR & satellite speakers. Been eyeing up all sorts from Jamo D500 in White, Jamo D600 maybe vinyl wrapped in white. Mon Audio Apex. The totem tribes 2&3 look v.nice. Iwould assume the in wall Kef Ci4000 & upward series should be fairly decent? Sooo...
MarioPosted: 04 April 2016Last Updated: 08 April 2016
Hi all, any one tried one of these in a hi end naim system? I really wanted to get an oppo 105D and use it as a pre-pro in an active DBL system (552 300 250 250) but my 79 inch LG TV is 4K ready and I really would like to be ready for UHD bluray movies. 4k looks amazing streamed off the net so don't want to miss out on this massively improved image. Enter the Marantz. I was thinking of this as a dedicated processor into my 552's unity gain but am always weary of units that don't have an...
nap-sterPosted: 04 April 2016Last Updated: 05 April 2016
Yesterday I received the e-mail from Sky informing me that the monthly subscription fee is increasing again next month. I currently have Sky HD and Sky Sports with the Variety package. This will now go up to ~73. After doing some research of our viewing habits I can get pretty much everything I want on a Freesat HD box apart from Sky Sports HD, specifically the Premier League. However, due to where I live I cannot get a terrestrial signal so Freeview / YouView are not an option. I don't...
Silence KillsPosted: 26 March 2016Last Updated: 01 April 2016
Hi, I need an HDMI (preferably 2.0 to be future proof) HDMI Adapter that let pass HDMI through (1:1) but does also habe a S/PDIF output (Coax and/or Optical). I just got an AppleTV 4, but want to connect the Audio to my Naim digital audio input. As the new Apple TV 4 only have HDMI out, I need an adapter. But most of the China boxes look cheap and I don't have much confidence that they will do a good job. Does anyone have experiences with a box that is doing a good job in seperating the...
gtiboyPosted: 29 March 2016Last Updated: 01 April 2016
Hi all, as the title implies, is surround sound on it's way out? It seems a lot pf people these days favour sound bars or two channel stereo. The reason I ask is a dealer told me there isn't much of a market for surround sound anymore. Question is as your missing the center speaker for dialogue, can a 2.1 channel sound good enough for watching movies that have been encoded to either 5.1 / 7.1 surround sound?
HarwellPosted: 30 March 2016Last Updated: 30 March 2016
Anyone know what the following codes mean when I press 'prog' on handset CO 1.05 CO 189 CO 100.2 M00.00 Thanks in advance
HarwellPosted: 27 March 2016Last Updated: 29 March 2016
DVD 5, will not play DVD's. Any ideas why, anyone? RGB displaying. AUTO displaying. 'STOP' stays lite up. Sounds like it trying to read/play then goes back to 'STOP'. Connected to Nait 3. Playing music beautifully, TV booming through speakers. Much appreciated