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nickpeacockPosted: 19 May 2017Last Updated: 07 July 2017
Still not quite got the lip sync right on my LG tv. Wondering if anyone can help me tweak it better. I use optical out from the TV into my NDX and from there it plays through the Chord Hugo. Digital tv (I only use Freeview for live tv) seems to be ok, but I have lip sync issues with DVDs/BRs and Netflix. I've tinkered with the LG sync control function for use with external speakers but I can't get it quite right. It's not too bad but it gnaws away at my OCD. Any more tips or shall I just...
robgrPosted: 20 June 2017Last Updated: 20 June 2017
I have an Anthem MRX520 AV Receiver set up as a 5.1 system (subwoofer in bypass mode) If I listen to a Blu ray with a 5.1 mix I hear the subwoofer as it is being fed via the subwoofer/LFE output of the AV Amp (the discreet .1 part of the mix) However, if I listen to a 2.0 mix I still hear the subwoofer which I didn't expect What is happening here? Is it that if the .1 channel is absent the AV Amp just sends the LF from R/L to the subwoofer output anyhow? If it is undesired I guess one could...
transPosted: 11 June 2017Last Updated: 15 June 2017
Hello, I'm interested in adding simple two-channel audio functionality to my home theatre system. I'd like to do this without turning on any displays. The new Uniti series seems to be the kind of equipment i'm looking for...does anyone know if the analog inputs offer a fixed volume level or AV bypass function ? For context: I've been using three Nap 100s for amplification. One would be replaced with a Uniti to drive my front left and right speakers. Thanks for any insight, db
Oldgit99Posted: 05 June 2017Last Updated: 11 June 2017
Hi all I am looking for some advice, I have an oppo BDP and a Unitiqute 2, the oppo has a 7.1 output capability and at present I am just using the the left and right outputs into the qute. I am think of adding a centre and was thinking about using a Nap100 to power it. Now as the oppo has understandably only one phono out for the centre how do I connect it up to the Nap100? Do I buy a Y splitter and plug that into the single centre output and then plug the other two ends of the Y splitter...
GeeJayPosted: 07 May 2017Last Updated: 09 June 2017
Just picked up my new Oppo BDP-205 4K BluRay player yesterday. It replaces my Oppo BDP-105D (itself an excellent machine), and playing it through my LG OLED55E6V TV. First HD disc in was BBC Planet Earth II. Wow! Awesome colours and details unlike anything I'd seen before (even on 4K YouTube), and now working my way through the rest of the BBC box set and some other HD discs. I now get why 4K can be so jaw dropping. I was up to 3am last night, just wanting to see more and more! Seeing the...
installer09Posted: 21 May 2017Last Updated: 21 May 2017
Hi guys I have a qute 2 and nap 100 running through Neat Petites 2s, I just manage to acquire a matching centre speaker and was wondering how I connect up a Denon AV amp . Obviously I don't want to compromise on my music system . I couldn't find any matching rear speakers , does it matter if I use say some monitor audios ? Thanks
surreybeePosted: 08 May 2017Last Updated: 18 May 2017
Hello there I have the QB. It is linked to a CD player by optical cable. I have HD Technica TV. The TV only has HDMI and USB ports. There is no HDMI on the QB. Can I pay tv sound through the QB on an ordinary USB cable? Thanks again Gerry
Pawson6844Posted: 16 April 2017Last Updated: 07 May 2017
Hi does anyone use or have tried powerlines on their home theatre equipment? thinking of my five channel power amp and subwoofer? Wondering if there are improvements with other brands equipment.
ChrisGPosted: 01 May 2017Last Updated: 02 May 2017
HDCP 2.2 I plan to buy a new 4K TV and wish to add a soundbar. Most of the current soundbars arenít HDCP 2.2 compliant or if they are they only have one HDMI 2.2 socket, not that that means a great deal to me and Iíve received conflicting advice from several shops. If I only have non 2.2 HDMI sockets on the soundbar what happens? My new TV will receive 4K pictures but will only pass through standard sound(whatever that is?) via the HDMI socket to the sound bar? It looks as if I should route...
nickpeacockPosted: 30 January 2017Last Updated: 27 April 2017
Recent purchase of Oppo 203 and flat move in two weeks' time might justify upgrade to 4K TV. House-warming present to self if you will... Richer Sounds told me current 4K models may come down in price between now and April, when new models and price increases are expected. So, the question is - which TV? (Looking at 40" max - I really baulk at oversized models...)
ELPosted: 27 April 2017Last Updated: 27 April 2017
Hi I just bought the Mu-So Qb yesterday. I connected the Optical Digital Cable between my Samsung TV and the Mu-So Qb and activated the optical audio output from my TV however I couldn't hear anything. In the Naim app, when I clicked into Digital, it shows "Digital Signal Locked" What does that mean? Thanks in advance. PS. I was able to connect the TV to Mu-So Qb via bluetooth however, it would prefer to connect with the optical digital cable.
Ken FortonPosted: 18 April 2017Last Updated: 26 April 2017
I have read a few older posts on the possibility of a sound bar and the use of the mu-so as a sound bar. Any news on the development of a purpose-made sound bar? If not, has anyone found a satisfying sound bar elsewhere? I read some not so great things about the mu-so as sound bar. For instance, that if the original signal is in 5.1 or any other format with more than two channels, the mu-so makes a garbled mess of it. But, I saw a mu-so user write that he makes sure that his tv outputs in...
Mr UnderhillPosted: 23 March 2017Last Updated: 14 April 2017
Just bought my third sub. 1. BK XLS400DF Central Front Hi - to my Focal 1008be II. Fast enough to work REALLY well with them. Lo - Yes Phase: 0 2. MJ Acoustics Pro 50 II Rear Corner (ish) Hi - To rear Focal Domes Lo - Yes Phase: 180 NEW 3. MJ Acoustics Pro 50 II Front Corner (Diametrically opposite No 2) Hi - To Audio Physic Centre Lo - No Phase: 0 This allows me to run with all my speakers set to LARGE on the Oppo 105. Certainly LOADS the room. Have had to re-arrange the ornaments for...
Roberto PiPosted: 18 December 2016Last Updated: 07 April 2017
Since purchasing a second hand N-Vi in early 2013, I've used it daily with 5.1 speakers. Recently I upgraded my left/right to Totem Forests and have retired my sub-woofer as the Forests hold their own very nicely. Very pleased with the N-Vi performance. My only issue occurs when I don't use it daily, I'm forced to reset the power switch at the back to bring her back to life. Just wondering in 2016 how big the active N-Vi community is and are others as fortunate as I am with the N-Vi?
trickydickiePosted: 29 March 2017Last Updated: 29 March 2017
Iíve been looking for a while for a solution that allows us to inexpensively allow us to watch recorded programs made on a single PVR in another room. We watch TV either in the sitting room or our Conservatory (the latter mainly in the summer). I have discovered a workable solution that may interest other forum members that is subscription free as we donít want Sky or similar. Firstly, we replaced our aging Humax Freesat box that has started playing up with a Panasonic Freeview Play box. We...
DaveasPosted: 15 January 2017Last Updated: 23 March 2017
Has anyone got the new Virgin V6 box? Is it faster than the TIVO, as claimed?
DungassinPosted: 09 March 2017Last Updated: 09 March 2017
Switched on my 2 years old Humax YouView Box today for the first time in a week. Couldn't watch immediately as it told me it had been updated, and then proceeded to give me what amounted to a nearly 3 minute commercial which I couldn't seem to cancel. Now the box it VERY much slower to respond. They've changed the display, which now seems to think its on BT TV (it isn't, and AFAIK never has been!). The interface now uses pictures rather than lists in MyView (now renamed MyTV for some...
DungassinPosted: 31 December 2016Last Updated: 01 March 2017
My Harmony 850 remote is becoming flakey and unresponsive at times. Sometimes I have to press a button several time before anything happens. Any suggestions for a replacement which is just as easily programmable for macros etc? The latest Harmonies according to reviews on Amazon etc seem to have problems with speed etc and depend very heavily on having a live wifi internet connection.
ConsciousmessPosted: 21 September 2016Last Updated: 18 February 2017
3D films that is. My opinion is people feel disoriented afterwards and the sweet spot is important.
IanGPosted: 16 September 2016Last Updated: 11 February 2017
Currently my home cinema 5.1 system comprises a cheap Sony blu ray player into a surround sound receiver (Rotel RSX 1550) via HDMI. The front left/right channels are run via my Naim 252/300 with the 252 in AV bypass mode. All other channels are run by the Rotel. My question is this, in the above set up, would replacing the Sony blu ray with a premium player (e.g. Oppo etc) would I benefit with improved picture and audio or are these processed in the Rotel and hence would be the same quality...
dave marshallPosted: 09 February 2017Last Updated: 10 February 2017
Hi, My Humax free view box has been playing up recently, though it seems to have healed itself as of yesterday. However, I'd like to copy several recordings onto an external USB drive, in case it dies again. Searching through various Humax forums suggests that this is not as straightforward as it might be, so does anyone here have any experience to share? Many thanks, Dave.
VictorthesecondPosted: 10 February 2017Last Updated: 10 February 2017
HI everyone, I wonder if I might ask for your views on a very simple question? Can I connect my MuSo directly to my TV to act as a sound bar? The TV has HDMI and Optical connection options - if I use an optical connection, do I literally select the "Digital" button on the MuSo app to make it work? It seems too simple......! Thanks in advance for replies Mike
grahambatemanPosted: 29 January 2017Last Updated: 30 January 2017
hello all. Hope you can help. I am trying to get my tv sound to go through my hi fi. Current set up. Naim 122x 150 and dac. I have linked the tv via toslink into the naim unit , but cannot seem to get the sound through the hi fi. I changed the set up on the tv to hi , but as yet no luck. Is there a simple fix please. Thanks Graham
blythePosted: 20 December 2016Last Updated: 27 January 2017
My very aged (11 years) Infocus ScreenPlay 7200 doesn't have HDMI inputs and I want to add Apple TV to the system. It's also only 720p rather than 1080p. Therefore, I am looking for a budget priced, 1080p (not bothered about 4k) decent quality DLP projector, which will accept HDMI input. One local dealer in Sydney has suggested I look at Epson, which is not a projector brand I've ever seen. Any thoughts or ideas?
spurrier sucksPosted: 19 January 2017Last Updated: 21 January 2017
i have recently moved and just hooked up my a/v receiver. It seems as I now have a hum coming from my speakers. Strange thing is it only happens when using analog 1 input. That is the input for HT bypass. I do not have a hum when using any other input on the U2. The hum also goes away when I disconnect the RCA cables that connect the U2 to my receiver. I've tried different cables but same result. Any ideas on getting rid of the hum?