Padded Cell

Biddler66Posted: 18 December 2018Last Updated: 18 December 2018
Not sure if I am scared or amazed by this -
Mike-BPosted: 15 December 2018Last Updated: 15 December 2018
So here we go with 2019. Bad news first for UK only: C4 & Sky have gone into a collaborative deal which means that Free to Air TV remains on C4 but is only "highlights" for all the races, with just the one exception of the British GP. Sky have all the races live on Sky Sports F1 channel. Changes to some of the more "interesting" spec's & regulations for 2019 are; Simplified wing configurations with the aim of reducing front wing sensitivity in turbulent air & minimising the...
JimDogPosted: 15 December 2018Last Updated: 15 December 2018
Should there be a part of the Forum where we can buy and sell or swop bits of gear (at our own risk, with no liability for Naim for hosting the site)?
Kevin-WPosted: 14 December 2018Last Updated: 15 December 2018
Hi all I'm looking for recommendations for a decent bank current account for a small UK-based start up. We won't need access to loan capital (for now), just somewhere to receive money and pay it out again. It's etremely unlikely that there will be cash transactions, so we won't necessarily need access to a physical branch. Main requirements are that they are fair, friendly, accessible and don't charge too much. All suggestions welcome. Thanks K
KometPosted: 14 December 2018Last Updated: 15 December 2018
April 2017 I bought a 19-year-old BMW Z3 convertible after my 295,000km Ford Laser died. Red, low km's, in mint condition and all I could afford. 3 days later went to go home and a woman from work said it was lucky she saw it was me as she was thinking of keying it. Four days later found it had been scratched along the rear bumper for the width of the car. Another woman from work said she was relieved she had been sick that day so it couldn't have been her. Parked it in a different street...
Bob the BuilderPosted: 12 December 2018Last Updated: 14 December 2018
If it was discovered that your treasured Naim hifi was manufactured using a process harmful to the environment or that the electricity it uses discovered to be to harmful would you give it up for the betterment of mankind? A recent thread about a new car attracted the usual responses and although we hope it will never needed would you give up your Naim equipment for the environment?
Don AtkinsonPosted: 01 September 2018Last Updated: 10 December 2018
Can it really be true that the chemical elements, given an ocean and a vent, and 4 billion years, can come to understand themselves ? Probably Brian Cox. Makes you think
wenger2015Posted: 08 December 2018Last Updated: 09 December 2018
Happened to be driving back from Bicester Village on the M4, stopped at the motorway Services and spent a penny. Noticed this advertisement just above the Urinals. After reading the title I assumed it was referring to Environmental issue’s? How wrong could I be??
Rich 1Posted: 08 December 2018Last Updated: 08 December 2018
I have to ask this, "why haven't businesses carried out a BCM (business continuity management) plan for such instances as mobile outage." I wrote the first one for the company I worked for before retirement. That had to cover all eventualities from complete destruction of offices, reduced workforce due to plague and most importantly, communication outage for mobile operatives and static operations. It can be done at moderate cost although not all non critical business communications can be...
Tony2011Posted: 02 January 2018Last Updated: 05 December 2018
New year and the gossip hitting the headlines about haloes, the return of Aston Martin, etc. HERE WE GO AGAIN. 2018 F1 RACE CALENDAR March 25 - Australian GP Melbourne April 8 - Bahrain GP Sakhir April 15 - Chinese GP Shanghai April 29 - Azerbaijan GP Baku May 13 - Spanish GP Barcelona May 27 - Monaco GP Monaco June 10 -Canadian GP Montreal June 24 - French GP Le Castellet July 1 - Austrian GP Spielberg July 8 - British GP Silverstone July 22 - German GP Hockenheim July 29 - Hungarian GP...
Tabby catPosted: 04 December 2018Last Updated: 05 December 2018
Really sad news for the cycling community.Paul Sherwen sadly passed on aged 62 at his home in Uganda due to heart problems.He was brought up in Kenya but came to England in his teens and rode his first Tour De France in 1978 and finished 70th.He subsequently rode it another six times never bettering his first ride.In his last year as a pro he won the British Road Race Championship. in 1989 he joined channel 4's Tour De France team with Phil Liggett and they became the voice of U.K television...
notnaim manPosted: 20 November 2018Last Updated: 04 December 2018
My Norton package expires soon, my provider is John Lewis, who offer the complete Bullguard package free of charge. Does anyone have experience, I found a couple of online reviews that rate it at 3 out of 5 stars, but then seem to say it does everything right.
Tony2011Posted: 26 November 2018Last Updated: 28 November 2018
Usually we get an advanced warning from Richard. What's happening?
Fabio 1Posted: 15 November 2018Last Updated: 27 November 2018
Hi all,Ipurchased an iMac 21.5 Retina 4K 10.13.6 High Sierra four days ago.As I am completely new to the Mac I think it is better for me to update to the new Mojave and start practicing with it, instead of using High Sierra.Any thoughts? Thank you. Fab p.s.what a beautiful screen for my pics!
fathings catPosted: 25 November 2018Last Updated: 27 November 2018
Hi all, at the risk of starting a political debate..... Has anyone looked at the “Renew Party” in my view watching the jeering in the House of Commons, the self interest and the general poor behaviour of politicians suggest to me something needs to be different. I am not suggesting all politicians are bad but the system they have to operate in (often not helped by the press) is a complete turn off. Would love the views of the guys that frequent this forum on if “ Renew” are a credible...
Simon-in-SuffolkPosted: 25 November 2018Last Updated: 26 November 2018
Wow fascinating... this is the stuff of films... Message seems to me don’t mess with the UK Parliament and expect to get away with it...I wonder what new misdemeanours from Facebook this will show up.
Tony2011Posted: 29 October 2018Last Updated: 24 November 2018
Has anyone had any major issues updating to the new Mojave OS? I have read reviews of people losing files and apps and that has made me think twice before going ahead with it. Not sure if Apple is still "beta" testing it before releasing the final version. Please share your thoughts. Thanks in advance.
AnavrinPosted: 18 November 2018Last Updated: 23 November 2018
Hi Guys Is anyone aware of any decent HiFi Black Friday deal this weekend? Or is it just business as usual with the non-competitive HiFi cartel, with no one advertising anything below the manufacturers RRP? I’ve seen Richer Sounds are offering a few deals but not by much and not the the higher quality products. I find the general lack of competitiveness among dealers and throughout the industry disappointing at times, no doubt some “hard working” dealers will have something to say about...
Don AtkinsonPosted: 16 November 2018Last Updated: 20 November 2018
Scientists are set to change the way the kilogram is defined. Currently, it is defined by the weight of a platinum-based ingot called "Le Grand K" which is locked away in a safe in Paris. Researchers are expected to vote to get rid of it in favour of defining a kilogram in terms of an electric current. The decision is to be made at the General Conference on Weights and Measures , in Paris.
Rich 1Posted: 20 November 2018Last Updated: 20 November 2018
Jarlath Flynn's picture of a mermeration of starlings. Rich
Tony2011Posted: 11 November 2018Last Updated: 19 November 2018
PederPosted: 18 November 2018Last Updated: 18 November 2018
The Optimal Headphone for Vinyl-Lover’s ???????????? ? ? /Peder????
wenger2015Posted: 03 September 2018Last Updated: 18 November 2018
I notice the UEFA Nations league starts this week. I have no idea how it is supposed to work, what the point of it is??? Their seems to be very little media attention or have I just missed it?
Frank YangPosted: 12 November 2018Last Updated: 18 November 2018
Who could imagine that the birthplace of Radio Paradise - Paradise, a small town north of Sacramento CA, is completely consumed by the Camp Fire, the deadliest blaze ever in the California history?
NickyBPosted: 16 November 2018Last Updated: 16 November 2018
Hello, Am looking for a Mu-So, but asking if there have been any previous BF deals on Naim products, notably the Mu-So. I live in the UK, so maybe something maybe coming next week. Thanks Nick