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Don AtkinsonPosted: 14 October 2018Last Updated: 16 October 2018
Abstracted from the BBC website:- Scientists say we ought to eat much less meat because the meat industry causes so many carbon emissions. But the climate minister Claire Perry has told BBC News it is not the government's job to advise people on a climate-friendly diet. She would not even say whether she herself would eat less meat. Ms Perry has been accused by Friends of the Earth of a dereliction of duty. They say ministers must show leadership on this difficult issue. But the minister -...
FlorestanPosted: 13 October 2018Last Updated: 15 October 2018
Finally! I was worried that the UK government was running out of targets to ban or ordinary people to suppress in its quest to control everything and everyone. They have redeemed themselves though by going after pizzas now. Never mind the big issues like the economy or security of the nation, it seems many (too many) across western nations seem to agree that this is a governments soul purpose. Parents no longer have to be parents because the government knows best? Actually, the real reason...
Richard DanePosted: 31 August 2018Last Updated: 14 October 2018
On BBC Radio 4 now. Exploring the growth in polarity of analogue culture in a digital world. Something of interest to members here - particular as it covers LP records and film cameras among other "analogue" items.
Massimo BertolaPosted: 12 October 2018Last Updated: 14 October 2018
Mike, The image is what you think it is: a slice of a CAT of my head. Now, the' story' can be more that one: why I chose it, why did I do a CAT, why that specific slice. First, let's say that it has shown I have nothing unusual or nasty – or so I was told. I did it because for 21 years I have suffered – and still, at a slowly receding pace, I still suffer – from something a number of doctors have improperly called tinnitus (in Italian: acufene). Well, it is not. It is a hiss, of variable...
Bert SchurinkPosted: 25 September 2018Last Updated: 13 October 2018
i was just thinking that it would be interesting to see how many different countries are represented on the forum. As all have a distinct legacy / background in audio. For instance I am originating from the Netherlands, and now living in Germany. The topic of hifi seems to be much more lived in Germany. Would be interested to hear the Nations on the forum and some background on how they experience audio interests in the country....
rodwsmithPosted: 27 September 2018Last Updated: 12 October 2018
Hello! Every time I visit this site - every refresh, every navigation, every device, I get this screen: It is, as I hope you can imagine, a bit annoying. But I haven't changed my Time Zone - in any way. It does not matter what I do, click the cross, accept the change (I couldn't give a toss what time zone it thinks I am in) or reject the change, the next time I refresh it asks again. I get this: The last time I raised this issue, I was told in no uncertain terms that it was somehow my fault...
Stephen TatePosted: 07 October 2018Last Updated: 10 October 2018
Hi all, I have managed to find myself in a bit of an embarrassing situation when SWMBO caught me involuntary singing out loud to an Madonna song, crikey I've never done that before, I mean it was like a real have ago 'X factor' audition style stuff!! This has got me thinking...does this mean that my system is in full fettle? because I have never been one for singing, a bit of air guitaring maybe, when alone, but never singing out load and to a Madonna song too! Thing is I could not help...
Innocent BystanderPosted: 07 October 2018Last Updated: 08 October 2018
A sister to the home insurance thread... This year my renewal quote from Liverpool Victoria for annual multi-trip travel insurance has jumped by 51%. No claims in the year, no more medical conditions to add, and I’m the oldest on it, just past 64th birthday - not a common ‘major’ one, and next oldest is 50. Going to a comparison website, the cheapest for comparable cover was significantly more expensive, from a company I’d never heard of (Good to go), and the next cheapest quite a bit more.
Kiwi catPosted: 07 October 2018Last Updated: 08 October 2018
I posted this in March in our Southern Hemisphere summer. These Macedonian “ Skopje” tomatoes were seedless and deliciously meaty in texture. Did any of you northern hemisphere folks grow a good crop over this last summer?
Paper PlanePosted: 02 October 2018Last Updated: 04 October 2018
I have been shaving for over 50 years, I was a late starter, and had always seen it as a necessary chore, something that just had to be done. I have used electrics, disposables, multiblades and even, when between wives, grown a beard. Then I read an article in The Grauniad about safety razors. Mrs Plane presented me with a basic Wilkinson Sword Double Edge razor and blades and I tried it. It was an epiphany, this was the best shave I had ever had. From then on I was hooked. At first it was...
Don AtkinsonPosted: 30 September 2018Last Updated: 02 October 2018
Started as a golf competition between GB and the USA. Republic of Ireland joined in about 1953 Then extended to Europe a couple of decades later. Today's celebrations looked more like the EU had won - as opposed to Europe. What will be the situation post Brexit ?
Innocent BystanderPosted: 26 September 2018Last Updated: 30 September 2018
This thread is to explore what people mean when they refer to immigrants in the context of Britain today. It is NOT a place to discuss moral aspects or politics or “political correctness”, nor to level accusations of racism, xenophobia, liberal. Left wing, right wing, but simply to explore, debate and try to understand, however question and respectful challenge are reasonable. PLEASE keep it within these bounds - I believe that in so doing we all might learn how better to understand what...
Bob the BuilderPosted: 19 August 2018Last Updated: 30 September 2018
Going up into the loft yesterday with a box of cd's the ladder gave way and I now have what I believe to be a badly sprained ankle. At the time the pain was very bad and I thought I may have broken something but just over 24 hours later there is very little swelling, almost no bruising and the pain is in the soft tissue surrounding the ankle and in the sole of my foot, there is no pain in or above the ankle bones so it's almost certainly a sprain. Unfortunately I cannot put any weight onto...
Mr UnderhillPosted: 26 September 2018Last Updated: 28 September 2018
Well, what an interesting Labour Party conference. They are calling for a 10% stake in any company with >250 workers to be, ‘given to the workers’. Not necessarily a bad idea ....but, it turns out that what they mean is that 10% of all such companies will be given to HMG, and the UK based workers will be given a £500 bonus, apparently; in other words, a tax – IF you are registered in the UK. According to R4 in the case of Shell there will be an Annual Bonus of £500 for each worker and...
Mike-BPosted: 15 September 2018Last Updated: 22 September 2018
I had a phone call this morning "This is Shirley (N.American accent) from your ISP .... we will be disconnecting your broadband.... " OK no probs with that, I get similar calls on an almost daily basis. Although I post them into my 1572 junk call box, it's a waste of time because whoever is doing this just comes through on a new number & always a UK area code. Since this mornings call I have been inundated with genuine people 'calling me back' & saying I called them. I spoke with BT...
gramophonePosted: 22 September 2018Last Updated: 22 September 2018
Just read about this theory I've been gradually absorbing it over the last few days, much of the time with transfixed grins of wonder on my face. I find a lot of documentaries on physics slight let downs cos having only basic maths I can't appreciate the "beautiful simplicity' of the equation or whatever. But this!! This theory starts out from observations about consciousness that you can follow which...
JamieWednesdayPosted: 16 September 2018Last Updated: 21 September 2018
Well, that was worth a call. Those nice people at Virgin have just dropped £35 of my monthly bill for a year and boosted my internet speed. It was already pretty efficient at 220 mpbs and with 4 people in house the bandwidth is needed. New download test just came in at 375mbps (!!!) and upload at 20. No quibbles either, he didn't even wait for prepared spiel (though one could argue that they could have rewarded my 'loyalty' directly...) Which is nice.
PederPosted: 16 September 2018Last Updated: 17 September 2018
? JOHN PLAYER SPECIAL ? This is a small marketing-test, see the impact of advertising. Is this above something that you recognize,..And if you do,please describe in what context you may have seen this. And any person linked to the name above. Good luck..... /Peder ????
naim_nymphPosted: 25 August 2018Last Updated: 17 September 2018
Vuelta a España 2018 route stages: Stage one, Sat 25, Aug Málaga to Málaga (ITT) 8km Stage two, Sun 26, Aug Marbella – Caminito del Rey (summit) 163.5km Stage three, Mon 27, Aug Mijas – Alhaurín de la Torre (hilly) 178.2km Stage four, Tues 28, Aug Vélez-Málaga – La Alfacar (summit) 161.4km Stage five, Weds 29, Aug Granada – Roquetas de Mar (hilly) 188.7km Stage six, Thurs 30, Aug Huércal-Overa – San Javier (flat) 155.7km Stage seven, Fri 31, Aug Puerto Lumbreras – Pozo Alcón (flat) 185.7km...
PederPosted: 11 September 2018Last Updated: 15 September 2018
1. Why is it only 15 minutes to change something on this forum.? Sometimes you want to change something, or correct a typo,and then it's too late. 2. Would today respond to a post in a thread that I started. The last post in that thread was 18 June, and now it was closed. Why do you close threads on this forum.? 3. How many weeks after the last post wont threads be closed.? Above are some questions I wondered about,..In an otherwise good working forum. Have some other thoughts too,but we can...
PederPosted: 01 July 2018Last Updated: 14 September 2018
???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Hi,..I would like to wish everyone here at Naim's Forum,a Happy And Enjoyable Summer. I live 1000 km north of Stockholm,in Sweden,..attaching two image links. ? The first is a summer-picture that I have taken today,1/7-18. It's 25 degrees C hot. ? The second one is taken this winter,it is 25 degrees C cold. Both pictures have the same view from my house,which is located 800m from the centre of the small town I live in.Then you see the
wenger2015Posted: 10 September 2018Last Updated: 13 September 2018
Simple question, I am of no particular political persuasion, but I do admire clever politicians that make a real difference to people’s life’s ...regardless of the party they are a member of.... Putting any political bias aside..... does the fact that many politicians have a somewhat checkered private life really matter anymore....??
Bruce WoodhousePosted: 12 August 2018Last Updated: 13 September 2018
This much anticipated series has me scratching my head, although I'm enjoying seeing bowlers rather than batsmen generally on top. A thrilling finish to the first game and although a good win by England it was hardly dominant. Equally if you subtract the first innings century from Kohli India would have been nowhere near. Game two and England deliver a complete thrashing inside two days of effective play. India implode with the bat, Kohli runs out a colleague on the first day then looks very...
joerandPosted: 11 September 2018Last Updated: 13 September 2018
Any guesses 'cuz it ain't natural. You know who I'm talking about
Gavin BPosted: 04 September 2018Last Updated: 12 September 2018
I use an AAE with my Muso Qb in the kitchen, and it works very well in providing a stable network connection. I’m just about to move my desktop pc to an upstairs room and need to provide a similar WiFi-to-wired connection. I could get other AAE - there are still some available new for around £150. This prompts me to wonder what other products exist to do this role. What do you recommend?