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gramophonePosted: 15 November 2018Last Updated: 15 November 2018
Don AtkinsonPosted: 25 September 2018Last Updated: 15 November 2018
One of my favourite statistics is..... ”95% of the people who died in the U.K. last year, had eaten tomatoes” cheers Don
Tabby catPosted: 10 September 2018Last Updated: 15 November 2018
My cat Florance passed on last Saturday night.She was 12 and suffered a cardiac arrest outside in the garden.I took her in and put her on the kitchen table and got her to a emergency vet but sadly she was dead on arrival.She had been off her food last week and was going to take her to the vets this week.She was a rescue cat who I got when she was 4 years old.She had spent the last 3 years there as no one wanted her.I sort of over compensated for this, throwing loads of love making up for the...
hungryhalibutPosted: 13 November 2018Last Updated: 15 November 2018
It’s World Kindness Day today. In a world where things can be a bit rubbish, this is something we can all take part in. And of course, it’s not just for one day.
Bryce CurdyPosted: 09 October 2018Last Updated: 12 November 2018
Move to Padded Cell forum if more appropriate. Tomorrow is my 51st birthday and the 30th anniversary of my first Hi-Fi system. Sadly my hearing isn't what it was back then. I sometimes struggle with dialogue in films and dramas (quite variable) and have to turn up the volume on my TV as a result. I'm not at the point of needing a hearing aid but wonder whether I might in 10 years time. Are poor hearing and expensive Hi-Fi incompatible? Is simply turning the volume up a satisfactory solution...
Tony2011Posted: 30 October 2018Last Updated: 07 November 2018
I was just browsing some web news when I came across an article where someone was being described as a "Food Stylist": WTF is that?
ursus262Posted: 21 October 2018Last Updated: 03 November 2018
I ask the question of those who knew him - what was his sense of humour like? From the previous advertisements for Naim products, it would appear that he had a very dry sense of humour!
Bruce WoodhousePosted: 01 October 2018Last Updated: 02 November 2018
Last week tested and have ordered a BMW i3. It will be about 10 weeks before delivery. My wife (retired) drives most days as we live in a rural location, but always pretty short trips. I have a Volvo estate for the long journeys and hauling bikes/kayaks etc. We could not remember a time we both needed our cars for long journeys simultaneously so the EV option looks viable. We have a driveway and good location for a charger at home, it is not likely to be charged much away from home-although...
wenger2015Posted: 29 October 2018Last Updated: 02 November 2018
I am not a follower of the Conservatives or Labour or any other party for that matter.... But I must say I have been very impressed by today’s Budget..... finally many key issues being dealt with.... not everything but it’s a good start.... Austerity is not over but at least their is light at the end of the tunnel....
kumaPosted: 12 June 2018Last Updated: 30 October 2018
I've been using their Impériale for the longest time but I finally tried their *famous* Jicky. This is not at all I was expected for the oldest continuously manufactured abstract perfume in the world. LIke Imperial It is a fresh and almost contemporary not at all those heavy oriental musky thing (like Shalimar ) I was expecting from this house. I feel that it is more complex than a run of the mill designer scents. I certainly smell Lavendar/geranium but there's a lot more to it. I usually do...
Davie RPosted: 27 October 2018Last Updated: 30 October 2018
hi every one just a mad question will supporting my telluriun q speaker cables on egg try help to stop sonic interference . i have been told to raise the cables of the floor. is that correct
Bob the BuilderPosted: 09 October 2018Last Updated: 29 October 2018
I'm a real fishgobbler and great lover of all seafood and fish(apart from trout) and also love to cook do any forum members have any new and exciting ways of cooking seafood and fish for this hungry fish gobbler.
DungassinPosted: 24 October 2018Last Updated: 29 October 2018
Well, I finally had ENOUGH with inkjet printers. For >15 years I used a HP Laserjet, until they stopped supporting it with updated drivers. I print approx 1500 pages a year. Since then I've had a succession of inkjet colour printers. All have 'died' in some way or another within 3 years, and the most recent one barely managed 2 years. Failures usually involved terminally blocked jets, persistently mangling paper causing jams etc, but the most recent one decided that it didn't even like...
PederPosted: 27 October 2018Last Updated: 27 October 2018
????Gibson Recovers,After.. Threat Of Bankruptcy???? Guitar brand Gibson is back on his feet,after earlier this year threatened by bankruptcy, according to NME. The economic crisis of the iconic instrument producer was discovered at the beginning of the year,after the financial manager suddenly left the company. Only one year after he started his service-and six months before the company's loan of 375 million with security expired. Then,in May,the announcement came that the guitar mark is...
Timmo1341Posted: 27 October 2018Last Updated: 27 October 2018
Having seen mention of one of their ‘products’ on another site, I’ve just spent 10 highly amusing minutes on the ByBee website. Unbelieveable! They advertise a set of ‘Nano Crystal Speaker Bullets’ for, get this, $4,999!!! The c**p that is contained in the description has to seen to be believed (or not!). It really is about time one of the more serious hifi publications ran an exposé of these, and similar, snake oil rip offs. Nowhere in their entire website could I find one bit of serious...
wenger2015Posted: 13 September 2018Last Updated: 26 October 2018
Apparently the Two Russians visiting Salisbury we’re sightseeing ???? Umm.... the TV footage of the two tourists wasn’t very convincing...
SBPosted: 19 October 2018Last Updated: 26 October 2018
I will admit that I have had a couple of beers. Came home having not listened to my vinyl setup for a few weeks. Spun up a disk and gobsmacked how good it sounds. SN1, Hicap-DR, stageline, Michell Orbe SE, audiomods arm, Goldring 1042, Dynaudio Audience 50's . Not a top flight system by a long way, but boy does it sound good.. Happy days.
CP62Posted: 24 October 2018Last Updated: 24 October 2018
The movie got only two stars from the Guardian. As a Queen fan for decades i read all the books and watched all the documentaries made about Queen and Freddie. For me rock singer number one in my book. The Guardian says that the movie does not tell what schould be told. Happly Alexis gives a better story about Freddie Mercury. Any Mercury fans here?
TOBYJUGPosted: 19 October 2018Last Updated: 24 October 2018
Since you lot were ok with me restarting the thread about what wine you are drinking, I thought maybe I could try a new thread about the nice cheeses you are all eating. Of course one can not consume cheese everyday, along with wine. Cheese is cheese and wine is wine, and most would argue that there's more wine in the wide world than cheese. Perhaps more wine lovers than cheese lovers. Eating cheese might not reciprocate a following urge for others like for like to help listening, although...
MangoMonkeyPosted: 22 October 2018Last Updated: 22 October 2018 Just wondering how many of the Brexit votes were cast due to 'fake news' on Facebook. If the referendum is thought to be partially gamed by foreign powers, are there provisions in UK laws to nullify it?
nickpeacockPosted: 18 October 2018Last Updated: 22 October 2018
Is anyone aware of a quick method of finding out which topics I am following? (By "quick" I mean without having to open up every thread individually.) I've only just worked out how to be notified of new posts on particular threads; at the same time I've only just found out that until today I had applied a setting which automatically followed any thread I commented on...
Alley CatPosted: 13 October 2018Last Updated: 19 October 2018
Struggled installing a dishwasher this afternoon. Cheap as chips Beko model I picked up from Currys to replace an older expensive Miele that leaked! We've been months without one, and I have to say this is one domestic device that makes a huge difference. So much so, I may have the green light for the NDX 2
JonnersPosted: 19 October 2018Last Updated: 19 October 2018
A new thing I've noticed is my posts are being vetted - is it just me or is it the case for everyone? If so, why?
Don AtkinsonPosted: 17 October 2018Last Updated: 17 October 2018
What’s gone wrong this time ? Appart from Universal Credit and a missing Saudi journalist, there’s not much else in the news these days, and rightly so as far as the U.K. is concerned. So I can understand people having strong feelings. But it’s a bit disappointing if we can’t discuss and express feelings about the one thing that will change our future more than anything else at the moment. Anyway, I’m not sure whether the discussion became really nasty or whether the moderation level has...
Paper PlanePosted: 16 October 2018Last Updated: 16 October 2018
What's the difference between a podcast and a radio programme? Aren't they really the same thing? I've listened to a couple and I can't see any difference between them and a recorded radio show. Maybe it's just me... steve