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kevin J CardenPosted: 11 September 2018Last Updated: 12 September 2018
Sorry to use a post for this but I canít see an abvious way to contact Richard Dane privately. Ive recently changed location / moved home. Before moving I would remain logged it seemed at all times. Now, if I navigate away to another webpage I am invariably logged out when I return to the Naim forums. Wondering what I may be doing wrong? Very tiresome to have to keep logging in each time..
Tony2011Posted: 09 September 2018Last Updated: 11 September 2018
As per title. I did not want to spoil the Nice Photos thread, so I have opened this one to find out how many of our beloved happy shooters make use of filters on their expensive gear. I have read endless, supposed to be impartial, reviews but most of them are kind of biased towards one brand or another. Iím thinking of buying a protector and also a CPL. Any thoughts are much appreciated. Many thanks. Tony
JamieWednesdayPosted: 09 September 2018Last Updated: 10 September 2018
Can anyone recommend a decent one of these to find pipes/cables etc. in my walls prior to drilling? I had one before but it got borrowed and never returned and it was pretty flakey anyway! Looks like reviews of all of them say pretty much the same so figured Iíd ask if anyoneís got a decent experience? Cheers
JamieWednesdayPosted: 08 September 2018Last Updated: 08 September 2018
Article on BBC Breakfast TV about World Tag championships of all things, what we used to call Ďití in the playground at school. After which, and I kid you not, the presenter said without irony, ďDonít try this at home, these guys are professionals.Ē FFS.
Alley CatPosted: 02 September 2018Last Updated: 04 September 2018 Clicking NaimNet takes me to
Kevin RichardsonPosted: 06 August 2017Last Updated: 03 September 2018
I'm selling all my material possessions, equities and bonds. So... I'll be back in 5 years once I have my Statement system up and running. Until then, thanks for all the good advice.
Simon CPosted: 01 September 2018Last Updated: 03 September 2018
Each time I try to access the Are we sleep-walking out of Europe ? topic I get this : Error You do not have access to this topic. You need the following right: View Topic Content Any idea what Iím doing wrong ? I am a bit of a internet numpty. s.
ChrisR_EPLPosted: 26 August 2018Last Updated: 02 September 2018
Having a coffee in town, the phone lit up with a message and there across the now active screen was the date - August 26th. Sounds familiar I thought, and it is. Saturday August 26th 1978, Alan Freeman's final Saturday Rock Show on Radio 1 ['and in stereo on VHF'], a majestic bombastic celebration of the giants on album, requested by you the music lovers. The 2 x cassettes of that show were a fixture in my next three cars till I lost them, until old Fluff died a few years ago and I managed...
Dan SteelPosted: 02 August 2018Last Updated: 01 September 2018
According to Sky News and other papers... People who are teetotal in middle age are at greater risk of developing dementia than those who drink, a new study has found. Gives me a great excuse for staying longer in the pub. ????????
DungassinPosted: 16 August 2018Last Updated: 01 September 2018
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Another of the greats gone. Farewell and RIP.
TOBYJUGPosted: 19 August 2018Last Updated: 01 September 2018
Like many others I love a good porking. Due to recent events it's now considered not right to castrate young male pigs. Which has resulted in many supermarket pork products having a strong taste and smell of boar taint. The local butchers near me only uses female pigs. These have a natural sweet porky flavour, where as those hormoned up male pigs carry a sour bitter perfumed porkiness that's just not nice for my taste. Any other pork lovers noticed this ?
gramophonePosted: 31 August 2018Last Updated: 01 September 2018
On the site of an online accessories vendor saw a comment below from a happy purchaser of a £6 electrical contact cleaning fluid: "MP3 files now sounds like CD quality...Wow!!-!" You can find loads similar all over the world of hifi publishing. Here's a link to a link to an article about biases: This article quotes from a study carried out at the University of Bordeaux (the...
Allan MilnePosted: 31 August 2018Last Updated: 31 August 2018
I see (sic) that Apple are being sued in the states for web site accessibility ... Read the Mendez versus Apple complaint document at Scribd , where it has been uploaded by Mike Wuerthele from the website. This is a little sad since I have always held Apple up as a guiding light as it is the only manufacturer that incorporates screen-reading software (Voice Over) in its standard iPod, iPhone and MacBook products and so makes them accessible to all us blind users out of the...
Adam MeredithPosted: 30 August 2018Last Updated: 31 August 2018
I've been trying to resolve a question - I need to replace a rear wheel on my BMW R 1150RS motorcycle . My original got pierced by some vicious object which also totalled the tyre. After some conflicting advice from my BMW dealer and 2nd hand dealers I thought I'd get a definitive answer - from BMW Motorrad UK. My e-mail was answered with "Thanks for your email. Our Customer Service team will be in touch within two working days." That was Monday 20th. Today (30th) I sent a follow up -...
Don AtkinsonPosted: 09 February 2016Last Updated: 30 August 2018
Media interest seems to be focused on the trivial matter of "in-work benefits" to migrant workers from Europe. Very little informed discussion of the benefits and consequences of us remaining part of Europe v the benefits and consequences of us leaving. Or am I just not tuning into the appropriate TV channel or overlooking some "White Paper" that is on sale in WH Smith ?
GhettoyoutPosted: 28 August 2018Last Updated: 30 August 2018
In the event of a hard Brexit, will Naim still be able to use DIN plugs? I think we should be told. I'm sure it's a hot topic and right up there with the Irish border question with the negotiators. As I'm sure we all know DIN is an acronym for Deutsche Industrie-Norm and is a series of technical standards originating in Germany and used internationally especially to designate electrical connections. Just imagine if in March 2019 Naim were not allowed to use them. I do not recall this topic...
Frank YangPosted: 26 August 2018Last Updated: 28 August 2018
Thank you for being true for your spirit and for conducting yourself with integrity in your 2008 campaign by saying "No, he is a decent man, a decent family man, a citizen that I happen to have disagreements withĒ when a woman said Omaba was an Arab and a terrorist. Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for standing up against the current would-be tyrant of a president. And as a Vietnamese American - Thank you for your great, tireless contribution in developing the US-Vietnam relationship.
EoinkPosted: 22 August 2018Last Updated: 26 August 2018
Naim have announced a partnership with Bath Rugby, I guess it's a sponsorship deal judging by the description.
PederPosted: 24 August 2018Last Updated: 25 August 2018
????????????????,Are we guys like this..?? Saw this picture on Naim's Facebook page. Maybe its time we guys look at ourselves as other see us ????????. A lovely picture to the morning coffee,..or how. Boys' Toys,...Crazy but True...or.?...???????????? ? Good morning.... /Peder
Richard DanePosted: 21 August 2018Last Updated: 24 August 2018
Yesterday I unbagged and unfolded my Brompton and realised that while we've had the odd mention or short thread in the past, we haven't really had a proper Brompton Bicycle thread on the forum. Considering Julian Vereker's involvement in Brompton, I decided it's time to see what interest there is in this iconic bike amongst Naim fellow owners. I'd like to start this thread off by focusing on the link between Naim Audio and Brompton and quoting a passage from the start of Chapter 4 of David...
DrMarkPosted: 17 August 2018Last Updated: 19 August 2018
I was going to apply for a job in Ireland. I am an EU citizen (Italy). Obviously, I am not an Irish citizen, nor do I currently possess Irish residency. Before the application would proceed, it asked the following: "Do you have permanent Irish National residency? and are you entitled to work on a permanent basis in Ireland?" How would this apply to non-Irish EU citizens? Am I "entitled to work on a permanent basis in Ireland"?
Stephen packerPosted: 18 August 2018Last Updated: 18 August 2018
Browsing idly and I came across a pair of Credo speakers with the following description: "stained by a Naim diy enthusast hence ideal for partially sighted owner..." Anyone willing to admit to this? (actually I didn't think it looked that bad, but then again I'm still happy with my black SBLs)
Alley CatPosted: 17 August 2018Last Updated: 17 August 2018
Meridian M6 - suspect SWMBO would approve without listening
naim_nymphPosted: 27 July 2018Last Updated: 17 August 2018
Come on be honest, we all have at least one we enjoy watching; awful movies that are so bad they're actually brilliant I've just purchased my favourite bad movie & cult classic: Psychomania [1973] Now available with 2 disc / DVD and BlueRay format [so can now put my old VHS version to rest on the shelf of eternal dust] <> So what is your secret dreadful movie pleasure? I'm half expecting to see a good showing of Hammer Horror, or Carry On movies but surely there must be finer...
Minh NguyenPosted: 05 July 2018Last Updated: 16 August 2018
A thread for random white noise.