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dfeldmanPosted: 31 December 2017Last Updated: 06 March 2018
I've just purchased a Uniti Atom to replace an aging home theater setup, and am taking the opportunity to reconsider how I watch (and listen to) movies, especially those I have on Blu-Ray. In addition to the Atom I currently have a Sharp Aquos TV; a 2011 Mac Mini that's been acting as a home server; an Xbox One; a 4th-gen Apple TV; and a 2009ish Panasonic Blu-Ray player that probably cost like $200 at the time. Each device runs HDMI out to the TV, which then runs optical to the Atom. To...
thebigfredcPosted: 16 February 2018Last Updated: 03 March 2018
Managed to catch up with this after missing it on release. Well acted and well told no doubt. I found it a bit like Bigilows earlier Hurt Locker, in so much as I can't really say I found it enjoyable at the time but it kind of lingered in the memory afterwards.
John BurrowPosted: 11 February 2018Last Updated: 21 February 2018
A friend has just purchased an LG 4K TV, he has the audio going into his ND5 and supernait via optical, he's experiencing a lot of clicking(like static) sounds through his system, this sound is not present through the TV speakers or when streaming music. Has anyone experienced this problem.
TesilkPosted: 14 February 2018Last Updated: 15 February 2018
Hi everyone, so I am thinking about the possibilities to update my system in order to have at least 5.1 setup in the room in the future. Options are - going active, means adding active ATC SCM20ASL speakers for rear surround, keeping 50s for the front, adding active ATC center speaker and subwoofer maybe. But it means I have to add an AV processor to 272, or even replace 272 by it. If not, I can try to choose the passive option, and add a receiver for center and surround, keeping 272 for the...
ConsciousmessPosted: 14 February 2018Last Updated: 14 February 2018
Is it when the nSub is between the front two speakers so as not to overblow the bass? Or is it when it’s in the centre between the rear two speakers? Or else, when? Cheers.
living in lancs yearning for yorksPosted: 10 February 2018Last Updated: 12 February 2018
dang - after about 8 years of working nicely (after naim early on replaced half the innards under warranty), the picture appears to have gone kaput. (I will try scart to see if it’s the component connection that has failed). The sound seems to work but I either had two pictures or nothing So, is it possible to get naim to look at it or do they not support any more? where do I even begin to replace it if it cannot be repaired? Am currently having a room built to put it in with a projector...
Shropshire HillsPosted: 06 February 2018Last Updated: 11 February 2018
Hi I would like to replace the existing 9 year old Sony Bravia 37” LCD TV in our lounge. Our viewing distance is quite short and SWMBO has decreed that an overall set size similar to the current one is the limit. Because current models have much thinner frames this allows me to go for a 40”or 43” model. i want to get the best quality screen but it seems that smaller TVs don’t share the more advanced technology of their bigger brothers. I am having difficulty in getting objective reviews and...
tonymPosted: 04 February 2018Last Updated: 04 February 2018
Since Philips stopped supporting the Pronto programmable remote, I've been using Harmony Ultimate remotes with hubs. Much as I enjoyed the flexibility of the old Pronto, the Ultimate is a considerable improvement, and with the recent addition of Alexa voice control I can run very complex macros that switch TV, processor, sources, blinds, and lighting by just saying "Alexa, watch a movie/TV/Sky" etc. I've used Apple TVs in the past, but went over to Amazon FIRE TVs because they worked so much...
GeeJayPosted: 14 January 2018Last Updated: 24 January 2018
I noticed that TV manufacturers (LG, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, etc.) abandoned ability to watch 3D material on their screens from 2017 date of manufacture, and that latest generation of TVs launched at CES 2018 are similarly missing 3D functionality. Interestingly, BluRay players are still being made that are 3D compatible (e.g. Oppo 203 and 205). I have quite a few 3D BluRay films (I’m one of those folks who don’t mind wearing the passive 3D glasses - I know many people hate the glasses or...
EBTPosted: 22 January 2018Last Updated: 23 January 2018
Evening all, does anyone have or used the Kef R50 Atmos speakers? I have them setup at the moment but not been blown away after watching Mad Max. I just wondered in the setup in the AV receiver does the speaker height of the speakers be taken from where the speaker sits to the Celling (might be a dumb question) Thanks scott
DungassinPosted: 23 October 2017Last Updated: 18 January 2018
Well, I'm currently on my second multiregion Oppo. The first one (a 93D) lasted 5 years, had occasional hiccups when it wouldn't let me change bluray region, and eventually developed a terminal problem of skipping/freezing, which cleaning of heads etc didn't cure. So, I bought no.3 (103D) 2 years ago. Now this machine has got stuck on Region A for bluray, so won't let me play any UK blurays except those that are region free. Totally unresponsive to the remote key region change setup...
e24djenggosPosted: 11 January 2018Last Updated: 12 January 2018
I have tried searching older thread prior to my post but did not manage to find the solution. Am upgrading my HT setup to allow proper 2.1 hifi mode for listening to music. These have lead me to look at the flagship Supernait 2 since it allows the use of subwoofer. My current setup is dynaudio excite x18 with lowest freq of 44 Hz powered by denon x7200wa avr along with my surround speakers for HT purpose. Now, the Supernait 2, only have AV bypass analog in for front 2 channel speaker. I have...
Foot tapperPosted: 04 January 2018Last Updated: 10 January 2018
I've just listened to/watched Jeff Beck's band live at Ronnie Scott's, as below: Played from a blu ray disc via the Oppo 203 player and the hifi, it sounded and was simply engrossing. I absolutely loved it. Now I'm on to Eric Clapton's 70th birthday concerts at the Albert Hall, also on disc: These two discs got me thinking: what other great concert blu ray/DVD discs are there out there that we should all have in our collections? Best regards, FT
tiggers55Posted: 17 December 2017Last Updated: 03 January 2018
I have a Naim system made up of 102/2xHI-CAPs/SNAXO2-4/4x135s/ALLAES Integrated to it is an AV2/NAP175/n-SATs/Linn EKWAL centre It sounds very good, but I would like to use a sub to get some proper low frequencies. Currently if I set the front speakers to large on the AV2 I get low frequency cracking occasionally, setting them to small will fix that, but then low frequencies go missing. I would love an n-Sub, but they seem to be as rare as rocking horse do-dos. Moderated Post: Tiggers55,...
mrrichardbankPosted: 18 December 2017Last Updated: 31 December 2017
Hi there, I am a little stuck! I have a NAC 272 pre-amp which feeds into a NAP power amp, with B&W diamonds. I wanted to use the speakers and amp within an AV set up and purchased a relatively inexpensive Pioneer AV amp unit. I did this off the back of being told that I could use the Naim pre-amp as its own input to the AV unit, thereby using the Naim system for the fronts and the AV amp to drive the centre and rears. I plugged the pre-amp feed from the AV amp into the NAC 272 and am...
vintageaxemanPosted: 28 December 2017Last Updated: 28 December 2017
Which would give the better SOUND reproduction in an AV setup? A Naim AV2/150X/175 or a Naim N-Vi through the same loudspeakers? Thank you.
vintageaxemanPosted: 18 November 2017Last Updated: 28 December 2017
What are the model numbers of Naim Remote controls which will operate an AV2 please? I need to do a factory reset, then a setup and I am finding it hard just using the front panel buttons. Thank you.
Tabby catPosted: 03 November 2017Last Updated: 28 December 2017
Watched the Godfather part 2 the other night and had'n seen it for years - really enjoyed the classy acting and the scene when the senator tells Micheal that he despises him and his whole F***ing Family !.......what a way to talk to Micheal - What balls ! Really loved the Sopranos when that was on and Peaky Blinders has just started series 3. Layer cake was classy Whats your favourite Gangster movies and serials ? Looking foward from a post from Clemenza on the forum.......always loved your...
PorchukPosted: 27 December 2017Last Updated: 27 December 2017
hi, I already have a dvd and sky box connected up via the two toslink outputs on my AV2 and have a toslink output on the tv. With the apple box connected via hdmi to the tv, can I get a toslink to digital in (2 channel) lead or am I thinking about this in the wrong way?
AndyMossPosted: 21 December 2017Last Updated: 21 December 2017
Hi there, Just wanted to ask how people experience with CinemaParadiso is going? I love BluRays and DVDs and was really irritated when LoveFilm shut down. I had been using CP as a top-up service when LF moved to a 2 disc service and then moved over fully when LF shut down. But I'm finding their turnaround really, really terrible. I've already had two mail outs lost in the post, which might be so, but it never has happened before and now has happened twice in a month. I don't know much about...
vintageaxemanPosted: 23 November 2017Last Updated: 08 December 2017
Hi people. I get a lot of help from folk on here, and always appreciate it. I am in the middle of setting up my Panasonic Plasma TV to an AV2, NAP175, and a NAP150X, then to the L, R, and Centre speakers, my L & R Surround speakers, and to my big active Focal subwoofer. I get sound out of all the speakers apart from the Active Subwoofer. So I have 2 questions to ask: 1. The AV2 seems to be automatically choosing and lighting up the indicators for: Dolby ProLogicII & Stereo at the...
vintageaxemanPosted: 15 November 2017Last Updated: 01 December 2017
Can the volume control of an AV2 be controlled by a Sky Remote or a Panasonic Viera remote? I am trying to cut down on the number of remotes I use. The Panny remote can have numbers typed into its number keypad so that it can control different makes of AV amps/receivers, but it does not list Naim gear.
Don AtkinsonPosted: 09 September 2017Last Updated: 06 November 2017
The Kuro is still doing fine, but........ ......the internal antenna is somehow disconnected so the TV channels including Freeview, have to be imported from a Panasonic DVD player - as indeed so do DVDs, although I tend to use a Pioneer DVD player for DVDs. However, Mrs D finds this all a bit confusing and keeps asking me to just get a "proper TV set that "works" So what do you recommend ? It has to be significantly better than the Pioneer in every way. No compromise in that respect ! 65"...
Ardbeg10yPosted: 28 October 2017Last Updated: 02 November 2017
Tonight, I'm going to watch the Berliner Philharmoniker on the Digital Concert Hall when Ton Koopman conducts the Mass in B Minor. I decided to prepare the audio properly in order to enjoy the concert more. My TV was connected by an analogue cable into a Nait 5 and I had - I think - a 50 hz buzz. Then, I put my fresh Mojo in between them: TV >> digital coax cable >> Mojo >> analogue cable >> Nait 5 >> Loudspeakers. Same buzz. I decided to put the Naim AV2 back...
ConsciousmessPosted: 11 October 2017Last Updated: 22 October 2017
What is next? I ask this as ‘the last DVD you watched’ sounds so archaic!! Where is this technology going??