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Bob the BuilderPosted: 12 December 2018Last Updated: 02 January 2019
I'm looking for a 4 pin din - 2 RCA cable to connect 82/SC to non Naim power amp and have seen these on eBay £30 for 0.5 m. I currently use a Gotham GAC which I also bought fro eBay any advice or reccomendations very welcome.
Bob the BuilderPosted: 09 October 2018Last Updated: 02 January 2019
When I fitted my Mose Hercules I discovered that there were no holes in the original cross brace to accommodate the Hercules 2 PCB and so being the impatient person I am I couldn't wait so I held the PCB in place with some tiny crocodile clips and it sounded so good (don't think Linn will be copy catting this mod) that I left it in place. So the time has come to fit a new to me but used cross brace I'm pretty confident I can do it, I'll use my little B&D Work mate as jig of course I'll...
SandalsPosted: 16 December 2018Last Updated: 02 January 2019
Hello all, again I apologize for being a little late to the Naim product line... I just had the Linn stuff figured out when they abandoned the forum.. Anyways, I am looking to start my Naim journey with a small system for my office. I have been looking at the vintage stuff (CB) but have not thought about these newer integrated models. Any opinions on the lower cost Uni models? Thanks in advance for your help. Alan
Linus76Posted: 02 January 2019Last Updated: 02 January 2019
Dear naim community, I'm planning to go for a naim system for my father who is partially blind and love to listen to high quality music ... So far so good, he also loves to listen to audio books he get provided by the blind association in Austria. Due to the fact he is 81 years of age I do want to have ONE easy to use system for him that he can control by his iPad and that can play ALL audio formats he need. The system I'm looking for is the naim Uniti Star. My question to the community is,...
Mike SullivanPosted: 23 December 2018Last Updated: 01 January 2019
I recently landed a mint condition Uniti2 - pre loved - for my media room. It’s great, but the headphone stage is a bit pants for driving my Sennhiesser HD800’s. Are there options for connecting a headphone amp off the Uniti2 that can operate via the Naim App and remotes for volume control? The Naim headline looks like a painful option for setup.
JimDogPosted: 31 December 2018Last Updated: 01 January 2019
I have been lent two lengths of NACA5 - one is 5m, the other is 7m. Both terminated with Naim plugs. Will the 2m difference mess up the timing? (I have tried it on a pair of speakers I'm not familar with and they don't sound quite right.)
FayePosted: 24 December 2018Last Updated: 01 January 2019
Dear naim community, After a long consideration, I finally bought a uniti atom and started my naim journey. :) In this context, please excuse the noob questions. My setup looks as follows: - Speakers: Neat Iota. - Speaker cable: NAC A5 - Phono stage: Clearaudio Nano v2 (- cartridge: will most likely be a denon dl-103r) Even though I am still waiting for the speakers to arrive, I already got my hands on a pair of preowned nac a5 speaker cables with the classic naim plugs (non-atom version) on...
Pierre2LRPosted: 01 January 2019Last Updated: 01 January 2019
Hello! F or a long time, I have had a Nac 72, a Nap 140 and a pair of Jean-Marie Reynaud loudspeakers. Recently, I have had the opportunity to buy a pair of Davis loudspeakers. Now that I have got four suitable loudspeakers, I am thinking of buying a second Nap 140 to be able to use these four loudspeakers simultaneously. Is it really possible to use two Nap 140 together with a Nac 72? Do you think it is worth it? Could you advise me, please? Pierre2LR
GgmogoPosted: 01 January 2019Last Updated: 01 January 2019
ok I’m looking to upgrade from my Naim Muso qb. Trying to decide between two Devialet reactor 900s (for stereo when it comes out), Devialet Silver Phantom, kef ls50W. I listen to a lot of electronic and hip hop. I am looking for deep bass and a high max spl. I would pair the LS50Ws with a sub I have. Recommendations are appreciated as well. My budget is around 2K. Thanks!
m.paul taylorPosted: 27 December 2018Last Updated: 01 January 2019
I have recently upgraded cabling to Super Lumina (ND555 to NAC 552) and speaker cables. Rest is 300 DR. THE ND 555 is currently powered by 555DR. Amp is 300DR. Speakers are Kudos 606 which are as big as the room will take. The new cabling has made a significant improvement. Is an addition of a second power supply to the ND555 going to make any further significant improvement ? If so, what level?
solwisestevePosted: 31 December 2018Last Updated: 01 January 2019
Been out of the loop for a while now, c. 2-3 years. Just been happy with my setup as it is so it's been a case of sit back and enjoy listening :-) However recently, over the last 6 months or so, I've started to notice the odd instance of, dare I say it, bass boom. Just occasionally, with the odd track I'm finding the bass is a little boomy. So I've got some spare cash and I'm thinking perhaps up the anti on the speakers to something with a little more control. Also, the current speakers,...
Halloween ManPosted: 29 December 2018Last Updated: 31 December 2018
Let me start by saying that ATC SCM40 are the best speakers I've listened to and only moved on due to speaker/room mismatch (speakers offered too much bass energy for room). Had time to really acclimatise to the Harbeth's now. They have changed very little if at all since the first week of first listening. I'm in love with these speakers as much as I was with the ATCs and have no regrets whatsoever in downsizing. The 30.1s are a perfect match for my room offering a balanced bass response. I...
GT1983Posted: 26 December 2018Last Updated: 31 December 2018
Hi I have just bought a used SuperCap2 to upgrade my highcap DR and now need a second 5 pin cable to connect the supercap to the 282. This is not the same 5 pin cable from a source (NDX2) to the pre-amp. Could someone please tell me what the second SuperCap to 282 cable is called that I need? Thanks
Chris1977Posted: 29 December 2018Last Updated: 31 December 2018
I know that this forum isn't particularly open to unauthorized cables, but it seems that this one is not available anymore in Naim's catalogue. I have a project to build a couple of RCA to DIN "Y" interconnect, to be used between a NAC82 and not-Naim sources. My idea is using shielded twisted pairs for a semi-balanced scheme, as in my past experiences this always proved to benefit performances in RCA to RCA cables. How shall I connect braidings and ground for better results?
Franz KPosted: 17 December 2018Last Updated: 31 December 2018
Question to all you 500 active DBL owners. Did you or your dealer adjust/finetune the factory set default settings of the Snaxo362?
Richard DanePosted: 23 December 2018Last Updated: 31 December 2018
A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. And a big thank you to all of you who have made the Naim forum such a special place over the past year. And a quick reminder that the Naim factory office is closed between Christmas and New Year. I wish you peace and goodwill to all. Best wishes, Richard and everyone at Naim Audio.
911gt3rPosted: 15 December 2018Last Updated: 31 December 2018
Dear Forum. I have used the Search Function here to learn about room acoustics, but found that previous posts on the subject are both scarce and with very limited interest strangely. Having also read ongoing posts and forumers replies to various issues people suffer with their speaker/ room interaction has made me realise, that there are clearly people here that know, what they are talking about. I am hoping that this thread could serve as a comprehensive guide to Naimees, who are in the...
crackiePosted: 29 December 2018Last Updated: 31 December 2018
I have discovered the pain of having to move house and my existing speaker matching in a new room. In short, my ProAc D48R is now too much speaker for our new house. As much as I have tried every trick I know to make them work I have given up, way too much bass boom and muddy bass. My short list of speakers to try out is Dynaudio Contour 30, ATC SCM 40 and ProAC D30RS. As much as I loved the ProAc sound I am open to other brands to try out, the Contour 30's can have the bass output adjusted...
Chris1977Posted: 26 December 2018Last Updated: 30 December 2018
Thanks to the feedbacks from this forum, I've just purchased a near mint NAP 250-2 and I'm on the market for a NAC 82. I'm quite puzzled about the wide PSU offering. Considering a budget of one grand in the used market, I see I have three options: one Supercap (olive or triptych but not-DR) two Hicaps (olive or triptych but not-DR) one Hicap DR Which options would sound better? I'm not a fan of having three boxes connected to the NAC, and I know I should find two identical Hicaps to let them...
CemilPosted: 28 December 2018Last Updated: 30 December 2018
There was an earlier thread regarding speakers for Nova, but it didn't really answer my question. I am setting up a system in a second home and want to try stay under (or as close to) 10k euro as possible. System will only be fed by Roon as a source (running on a Mac Mini). I want to keep the boxes to a minimum, so am considering a Nova. Other possibilities are the Hegel 360 or the Devialet 140. Current speaker choices are: B&W 702S2, Focal Kanta 2 (that will push the budget up, but is...
jsaudioPosted: 30 December 2018Last Updated: 30 December 2018
Is it normal hear a hiss from the tweeters and to a lesser extent midrange driver when there is nothing playing but everything is on including the amp. Naturally it is gone when the amp is off ?
erniePosted: 30 December 2018Last Updated: 30 December 2018
Hello, is it possible to connect a second pair of stereo main speakers to the N-vi? Currently the unit is just used in a 2.0 stereo set up with florstanders. In a new open double living room it would be good to have another pair of speakers to not listen around a corner. And 3 amplifiers of the N-vi are still unused. Unfortunately I couldn‘t find anything about that in the manual. It would be great if anybody could help. Thanks and a good new year‘s eve.
ThatsNotMyNaimPosted: 22 December 2018Last Updated: 30 December 2018
Evening all and Merry Christmas. After a little while away with Luxman, Densen and Sugden amplification I'm back with a used 2018 model Supernait 2 again. Listening to a H190 in a few weeks however. Ultimately at this level the SN2 is the most enjoyable I've heard. That said Sugden A21 has it's clear class A plus points. If it had the weight of the SN2 it'd be a close call. Sugden just released their first class A/B ANV 50 that is said to retain the Sugden sound and add drive and weight. I...
JoviphangPosted: 29 December 2018Last Updated: 30 December 2018
I have try test all ways. I though was only one of my speaker cone is behaving weird lately. but Sound is ok. when not play any music. The system power on. it still moving and There slight bang sound.I tried swap the speakers. tried swap cables n tested on another cables. it move from speaker to another . It only happens to either one speaker I turn off everything n waited for a week. and is gone after. i turn back up. And it came back after playing for 10hrs. There is three hrs on with no...
gsrPosted: 30 December 2018Last Updated: 30 December 2018
Hi, just bought a 300DR connected to a 272. Is there any mileage in upgrading the std DIN-XLR cables to witch hat cables for example? Thanks Gordon