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QB'dPosted: 12 November 2018Last Updated: 04 January 2019
Updated successfully but now my Muso QB no longer works with Roon. Any suggestions / fixes ?
PauliePosted: 31 December 2018Last Updated: 04 January 2019
I currently have a Uniti Core connected to my main Naim system. The Core is connected, via ethernet cable plugged into an Apple Airport express, to the house wireless network. I wanted to put a Mu-so in one room in the house and a Mu-so Qb in a different room. From what I understand, I'm assuming both Mu-so units will have to be connected, via ethernet cable, to the house network in order to be able to stream internet radio and so on..... My question is: Will the Mu-so units also be able to...
Steve wPosted: 02 January 2019Last Updated: 03 January 2019
Hi there and happy new year to everyone...quick do others connect their Core to the Nova ?..simply use Ethernet or direct using interconnects. any difference in quality? If both Ethernet and bnc are connected how does the Nova switch between the two ? Is there a hiararchy? steve.
Tricky DickyPosted: 03 January 2019Last Updated: 03 January 2019
Hello Having recently relocated I am now able to set up a system and store to a NAS drive with the intent of getting the most from my UnitiStar. I purchased a Synology DS 218j NAS drive last year, but haven't used it as yet.. Initial attempts at ripping CDs and uploading music files to the NAS drive are proving to be frustrating. So, simple question. Can anyone direct me to a 'fools guide' to setting up a system with a NAS drive server..? Many thanks Richard
TerryBPosted: 01 January 2019Last Updated: 03 January 2019
I just bought a Naim Uniti Star, and am trying to play the music library stored on Audirvana 3 on it, from my (new) iMac. The Uniti Star is not showing up as an uPnP option on the "Preferred Audio Device" to choose when I try to make the uPnP connection. It seems the iMac is not communicating with the Uniti Star, although they are both logged in to the same network. I wonder what can be the matter? It worked briefly, then died. The wireless router for internet is located downstairs in the...
MjrwhiteheadPosted: 02 January 2019Last Updated: 03 January 2019
Has anyone out there figured out how to control the Zigbee based Uniti (Atom in my case) with a Harmony Ultimate Home (the package that includes the remote control plus the Hub)? They used to do a Harmony Home Hub Extender I gather, but thatís gone now. I see some talk about doing it via SmartThings integration, but have not found any coherent info on it anywhere. Anyone?
AndkeePosted: 02 January 2019Last Updated: 02 January 2019
Hi can somebody help? Happy new year! I bought the muso about three months ago to replace my zeppelin. On News years eve i had a party at my place with the muso playing the music. Now it was up quite loud volume wise but as the evening progressed the muso started to switch itself off. The ring would would flash with segments lit up and there was nothing you could do with it, Then about 5 minutes later it would seem to do a reboot, then it would play again for another half hour of so. I cant...
French RoosterPosted: 02 January 2019Last Updated: 02 January 2019
Probably the first review of the nd555, published on the esoterica magazine. I found it on the zinio app. An interview with Steve Sells follows the article. Next nd555 review will be published in Hifi critic , the next number.
DungassinPosted: 27 December 2018Last Updated: 02 January 2019
SWMBO finally decided that she wants better sound from her Panasonic Plasma TV. This is after saying for ages that she wasn't interested in better sound! The TV has an optical audio output, and to keep things fairly simple I decided that she should have a MUSO, and as a bonus she will music in the living room again. I'm off to collect one from Cymbiosis on Saturday. Relatively small size is important to her. She used to love music on the 52/135/SBLs etc, but hated how much room it took up. I...
TariqvPosted: 28 December 2018Last Updated: 02 January 2019
Hello, my Tidal suddenly stopped being able to play anything, when I press play it just cannot. Anyone that might know the solution by chance? Iíve tried rebooting my NDX to no avail. thanks
T38.45Posted: 04 October 2018Last Updated: 01 January 2019
reading good feedbacks here about Melco ,that has dedicated LAN port for stramer and special components for perfect NAS serving and Innuos. So I noticed that Innuos has dedicated LAN port for connecting a streamer and the ability to run Roon server on it. So this could be a perfect set up for Roon fans like me. Had a chat with Melco, they will not run Roon server in near future... I think about this now: ND555ódedicated LAN portóó-Innuos/roonóóóLAN portóórouteróóóNAS in my current set up,...
elongoPosted: 01 January 2019Last Updated: 01 January 2019
I recently purchased and NDX and I would like to make it so that I can have easy access my favourite radio stations. Does anyone know how to do this?
ThomasDPosted: 01 January 2019Last Updated: 01 January 2019
My first post ! Happy New Year everyone ! I am about to pull the trigger on getting a Neo or Atom . Not sure which one to get. Is there such a big difference? I am driving some rather old Audiovector M3 floor stand speakers. I may upgrade these soon. My question is related to integration with Amazon Echo. I currently have a echo dot plugged into my Cyrus 7 amp and I can walk into the room and say 'Alexa play supertramp on HiFi' and off it goes streaming from spotify. Brilliant and I love it.
User471Posted: 01 January 2019Last Updated: 01 January 2019
Happy New Year to all I've recently invested in a refurbished 2960-8TC at least partly due to recommendations on this forum May I ask what SFP modules people are using? MM/SM? Wavelength? The price range of compatible modules seems vast!! Also any recommendations for switch config settings (I'm thinking QoS and the like)? Or is it just fine as an unmanaged switch? The Roon core will be connected to the switch with copper, as will TV, NAS etc although if music is playing (fibre to Roon...
RembrandPosted: 30 December 2018Last Updated: 31 December 2018
Please naim fix it. Naim Uniti2
JudgePosted: 28 December 2018Last Updated: 31 December 2018
Until yesterday morning everything was working perfectly on both ND5XS and Mu-So Qb. Then I ripped a couple of CDs my wife had for Christmas to the NAS and now the artwork doesn't display in the app for any of our albums, not just the recently added ones. Everything else works fine; internet radio and streaming from the NAS or Tidal (which does have artwork). The artwork files are present, and appear in the Synology audio player app locally and when accessed from a remote access audio app on...
EcholanePosted: 30 December 2018Last Updated: 31 December 2018
I am unable to copy/paste a backup of my Naim Uniti Core to one of my spare hard drives on my WIndows 7 Desktop. The Windows message is The filename(s) would be too long for the destination folder. You can shorten the filename and try again, or try a location that has a shorter path. There are more than 70 files in this situation. Really? Has anyone else encountered this problem? So then I tried to initiate a regular backup with the Naim Uniti Core, but I canít seem to do that either. Hereís...
charlesphotoPosted: 14 June 2016Last Updated: 31 December 2018
Ha, knew that would get your attention! I was using my UQ1 for streaming only purposes to the DAC V1 via a good s/pdif cable, but was never entirely happy with the set up, esp as the UQ was mostly going to waste. My budget wasn't much, and I didn't want to just move over to another streamer, esp as the asynch USB on the V1 is one of its main features, and supposedly better sounding than coax. I considered a Mac Mini, but then started reading over on the Computer Audiophile forum raves about...
coiledmagnetPosted: 29 December 2018Last Updated: 31 December 2018
Having been given tinnitus by music I have never heard before on Spotify (which I have never used) at full volume (which I have also never used) suddenly breaking into our glorious silence at any time of the day from our Unitiqute, we want to disable Spotify or remove it completely, presumably from the Naim app. Alternatively, if that is not possible, I believe we can disable or secure Bluetooth, which we also donít need. We tried securing Bluetooth but that didnít work. We suspect that it...
JazzDocNaimPosted: 29 December 2018Last Updated: 30 December 2018
I'm aware of the rumouets surrounding the discontinuation of the original Naim Audio DAC. I looked on the website and the V1 is there but not the original. Can someone please confirm that the original DAC is no longer offered to customers and whether existing owners (Like me!) should have any concerns regarding service and/or repair.
Simon-in-SuffolkPosted: 28 December 2018Last Updated: 30 December 2018
Now that many of us having streaming sounding the same as local streamed content thanks to the use of streaming proxies etc... we have parity with SQ... but where there is still an annoying differentiation is content availability and availability continuation. I, along with I suspect, many on this forum have quite an eclectic taste in music.. streaming can be great with the likes of Qobuz and Tidal to find some rare masters... However what I have increasingly found is that more rare masters...
EcholanePosted: 29 December 2018Last Updated: 30 December 2018
I want to convert my Naim created WAV files to FLAC. And, most importantly, transferring the metadata too. I am told the Uniti Core has no conversion software in its feature set. Is there any easy way to convert which includes my metadata? I really donít want to have to rip all my CDs a second time. I have run into a major stumbling block in trialing Roon. It canít use any of my metadata which was created in the Naim UnitI Core and then meticulously edited to fit my music and the way I...
Der CarloPosted: 24 December 2018Last Updated: 29 December 2018
Hello there, I'm currently running a cd5i, nap 150 with nac 112 plus Heco Celan speakers... and I'm quite happy with this setup except for the CD player and the massive amount of CDs in my living room. I always wanted to get a decent steamer especially after hearing how well they sound but found the pricing was a little too heavy. Now my local dealer offered me his showroom nd5 xs for 1k Ä when I trade in my cd5i. And here come my doubts: Is this price okay? Is the nd5 xs already outdated...
deepinsightPosted: 29 December 2018Last Updated: 29 December 2018
I have a UnitiServe (US) and a Synology DS213AIR NAS drive. (US NDC, NAS DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 2) I'm trying to backup the contents of my US's MQ and LQ directories to the NAS. Using the US Maintenance -> Backup Monitor -> Manual Backup Settings I select the source drive as E:\ (the only option), Destination Drive as \\DS213AIR\backup and backup type of differential. i click on the start button but after a few seconds the Last Error field states, "The backup destination...
Jason CrossPosted: 27 December 2018Last Updated: 29 December 2018
Hi all, Can anyone recommend some bookshelf speakers to complement the Naim Atom that will have some bass? I tried the Atom with some Monitor Audio 300s and Spendor A4s floorstanders recently and the sound was very thin, some B&W 704s were better in the bass department but also felt that I was wearing noise cancelling headphones with some unusual pressure on the ears. I have a Naim Muso and like the app so thought the Atom might be a decent upgrade but it's going to be a no go if it's...