Streaming Audio

alex57Posted: 30 December 2018Last Updated: 13 January 2019
Hello, I have read the complete topic about nova's firmware and I would like to go back with the oldest firmware (2.3) which was on my Nova when I bought it. I have contacted Naim but no reponse for three weeks. Does somebody have the older firwmare file ?
ArnoutPosted: 12 January 2019Last Updated: 13 January 2019
Good afternoon , i am a newbee from Holland. happy with my new nac 272 nap 250dr combination . Little problem: the nac is connected to a synology ds213 with a utp cable. On my device(NAC) i can select a number or an album stored on my nas . Unfortunatedly i can't see this on my iphone/ipad app. When a number is playing, i can however pause the number or play the next number with my ios. Anyone can solve this problem? greeting Arnout
musicaPosted: 12 January 2019Last Updated: 13 January 2019
In trying to access files on a Qnap Nas using Q Finder on a Windows 10 pc I am being asked to enter “network credentials” Can anyone explain what this means and where I find this information. I do not recal having ever given my network a user name or password..The NAS shows up on the pc network and on the Q Finder so I guess it is not a connection issue but more likely a file sharing issue.Certainly not something I have come across before. Any help would be appreciated.
crossmeisterPosted: 07 October 2018Last Updated: 13 January 2019
Hi, Does anyone have a photo of the Sonore UPNP Bridge outputs? The image at only shows the front... Thanks
Gavin BPosted: 12 January 2019Last Updated: 13 January 2019
This issue was discussed a while ago and I thought it’d been sorted or at least gone away, but... I’ve been trying to play some recommendations from the Music Room thread but I’m getting the same issues: all songs load into the queue but the album stops after one or two songs and the queue is emptied. Was there any update on this?
MerckyPosted: 11 January 2019Last Updated: 12 January 2019
Does anyone use a GSM router for your home wifi / streaming? I'm currently having nightmares with my current fibre provider and have just given them the axe, I only have about 10mbs at present and is more then fine for my needs with streaming and bit of netflix so rather then getting entangled with another fibre/landline provider I though i might go with a GSM router from my mobile company who are at least easy to deal with, any thoughts on going this route?
kdl6769Posted: 21 November 2018Last Updated: 12 January 2019
I am about to take possession of a Uniti Nova, and wondered if anyone had any suggestions for speakers that might pair well. My music taste is pretty eclectic, but tends to be focused on classic jazz, indie pop, guitar-driven rock, 60s/70s R&B, folk, a little classical. My listening space is not ideal - long and narrow, with speakers likely to be fairly close to the wall, so placement versatility is relevant. I currently have Linn Majik 109s, but suspect that, fine speakers through they...
ProterraPosted: 12 January 2019Last Updated: 12 January 2019
I have the app on my phone and find that it frequently repeats a track. The repeat or shuffle symbols are not highlighted. Can anyone offer any ideas as to why this should happen please. Once you've selected an album is the playing sequence determined by the app or the Naim. I have Star. I've tried resetting the database,
BiggsyBoyPosted: 12 January 2019Last Updated: 12 January 2019
Hi, Probably a newbie question but I have a playlist on my uPnP server that has about 3000 tracks on it. When I select the playlist on the Naim app and choose ‘Play’, I get a message saying 95 songs were added and that’s all it will play. Can I get it to play the entire playlist? Cheers
RobbertPosted: 09 January 2019Last Updated: 12 January 2019
What will be the best to get the best performance in streaming. Using the pre amp section of the SN2 + my NDX or the NAC272 What will be the best? Probably i will put another power amp in my setup (more powerful and Class A)
Ardbeg10yPosted: 11 January 2019Last Updated: 11 January 2019
I just read an article that Google is stopping with the Chrome Cast Audio dongle. Sad news, the CCAudio was and still is a great device which always works. It was my first real streamer, after I dipped my toe in the optical connection of my Airport Express which I did not use much. It always worked, and gave great results for its price. I'm now a happy user of the RPI / Allo Digione combination, but still - if I want support for something, I need to install and configure libraries on the RPI...
ardemkPosted: 19 November 2018Last Updated: 11 January 2019
Dear all, I've just bought a Uniti Atom which sounds astonishingly good. However, its integration in my home theater is troublesome at the very least. The AV Fixed Volume gives too much noise coming from my floorstand's tweeters (even when no input connected to the Atom). The alternative is to set the volume manually to a more suitable level (like 75) and adjust the output level of the pre-outs of the AVR. However you must pay attention when switching to a streamed source as 75 will wake up...
CamlanPosted: 31 December 2018Last Updated: 11 January 2019
To start the ball rolling, I would love to see bubbleupnp integration in either the app or the servers to save using Lumin/Kazoo to access Qobuz.
Massimo BertolaPosted: 18 October 2018Last Updated: 10 January 2019
Hello. Having read, out of curiosity (and subsequently out of a mild worry), a certain amount of writings about MQA from supporters, detractors, technicians, record companies or independent journalists, and having gotten my own impressions although I have not yet had a chance to hear it , I'd love to know what is Naim's position about the thing. It looks to me, mainly, that so far it's mostly a way to standardize the sound of every MQA-encoded file, to make tons of money and to monopolize a...
FendermanPosted: 10 January 2019Last Updated: 10 January 2019
Hello. I am new to the forums and new to streaming etc. I seem to have a new problem with my star. A couple of days ago after playing a CD (and ejecting it of course!) I switched back to a radio station and the radio station artwork/name would not appear in the Stars display. Since then no album artwork from ripped CDs, internet radio or Tidal will display. Just a blank CD screen. Anyone else had this problem? If so how did you fix it? I have tried turning it in and off again but didn't fix...
Chris GPosted: 07 January 2019Last Updated: 10 January 2019
My Core and NAS (the latter used with ND5XS) are all connected to the same network as is my windows 10 PC. All has been working OK but today when I open file explorer on my PC, although the NAS and Core both appear, but when I click on either, windows media player opens. I usually find them in the listing of folders under the network and can open them to view, edit and transfer files. Now both appear in explorer, under media devices which, when I click on them, opens media player. Can anyone...
BartPosted: 01 January 2019Last Updated: 10 January 2019
Totally out of the blue . . . no right channel. ND555 is my only source. Did some basic analysis; it's not the speaker (switched speaker cables). Found my mini-phono-to-RCA lead and connected by Macbook directly to my 252; plenty of right channel. That seems to isolate the issue to something upstream of the 252. Unplugged/re-plugged the hi-line (and tried other inputs) and the change. Factory re-set on ND555 setup menu; no change. Any other ideas for trouble-shooting? I don't...
michael GPosted: 09 January 2019Last Updated: 10 January 2019
NAD Master's Series M10 Streaming Amplifier, 100 wpc. $2500.
VictorthesecondPosted: 09 January 2019Last Updated: 10 January 2019
Hi everyone. This may be a naive question, so my apologies in advance. I'm not a technical person, I'm afraid. I have a Naim MuSo which I use principally for radio and Spotify. I also have a Ruark R2 which is in a different room and used as a "secondary" device for mealtime listening etc. I have Asset UPnP installed on my laptop and use both the Ruark and MuSo to listen to playlists when we're entertaining. I've explored a NAS in the past when I only had the MuSo, but found the whole thing...
GrantharPosted: 19 December 2018Last Updated: 09 January 2019
I have just put Roon in, have to say this is amazing, why has no one else done this. I have already listened to music I had forgotten I had. Have it linked to an Atom, Muso QB and a Sonus Play 1 (couldn’t justify the cost of another QB for the kitchen) Its a shame that it can’t be used to store lists of your music such as a listing of your music you have on other mediums I.e. vinyl. Obviously not to play but just to have the info about an album would be great.
cycling66Posted: 02 January 2019Last Updated: 09 January 2019
I've recently started a trial of the Classical music only Primephonic streaming app. Has any one any experience of it with the Naim streamers? It seems there's no UPnP/DNLA option available, only wired connectivity or Airplay. I have it streaming from a browser on a Mac Pro via optical link to ND 555, sounds very good. There's a clean looking interface with proper classical identification. Looks promising.
dfeldmanPosted: 09 January 2019Last Updated: 09 January 2019
I bought a Uniti Atom about a year ago. When it’s working I love it, but it’s been plagued by an ongoing series of sporadic issues: Input button on the remote stops working sometimes, and I have to restart the Atom or fiddle with the buttons on the front to get it working again. Volume changes from the Spotify app on my devices cause the volume to jump sometimes. In one case it jumped from 30ish to 80ish and scared the hell out of me. Sometimes it takes several tries to get Spotify Connect...
PowderfingerPosted: 08 January 2019Last Updated: 09 January 2019
Hi - I have just purchased a Nova which is really great; however in the past I have been archiving vinyl to FLAC files via a high quality phono stage, using the record out on another amp (now sold). The Nova's pre-out seems to be set to a very low output which my ADC (Furutech) will not recognise at a high enough level. Is there a way to change/increase the output of the Nova's pre-out signal - or is it set? thanks very much
EoinkPosted: 09 January 2019Last Updated: 09 January 2019
i’ve just received an email from a dealer saying (among other things) that after 1st February the Atom will only be supplied with the HDMI ARC option, at £2,249. Sorry if this is already well known and I missed it, if so Richard feel free to delete the thread.
BluelakePosted: 08 January 2019Last Updated: 09 January 2019
I am testing Audirvana and Roon. With a DAC plug in the computer's usb port, Audirvana sounds obviously better. Did anyone test both softwares streaming music from a NAS through a renderer ? Is in that case the sound quality equal ? I know Audirvana optimizes the computer, so maybe that accounts for the better sound. So maybe streaming from a NAS to a renderer will take out the computer from the equation and cancel the sound quality difference ?