Streaming Audio

PopeyePosted: 19 December 2018Last Updated: 21 December 2018
Hi guys my system is on one side of my chimney breast and the modem and router are on the other. currently I use just some standard Cat 6e Ethernet cable to go from switch to NDX on other side of chimney breast that is about 3m in length. Would there be any advantages in me putting the switch on the same side as NDX and getting a high quality audiophile Ethernet cable but still using the 3m Standard Ethernet cable I currently use to go from modem to switch on the other side still. Hope that...
Dramatic TenorPosted: 19 December 2018Last Updated: 21 December 2018
Does anyone know if the Uniti Atom file system can recognize and pull from a bluesound?
ZipperheadbanjoPosted: 18 December 2018Last Updated: 20 December 2018
I set up System Automation tonight and everything is working grand with one exception. When I select any of the digital inputs on my NDX 2, the preamp input switches to input 1 (which is my turntable). No clue why this is happening as the NDX 2 input is input 2 on my preamp, and is set accordingly in the Naim app. Any thoughts?
analogmusicPosted: 18 December 2018Last Updated: 20 December 2018
Has anyone been able to compare the SPDIF out of the allo digi one (any version) to the Schiit Eitr or Gustard U12 This would be in to a Chord DAC which has galvanic USB input such a Hugo TT, Qutest or Dave. I was using USB into my Dave, but possibly my laptop isn't quite good enough for the job, I noted that a friend's Dave sounds better than mine, using HDX and an Auralic streamer as a source.... Also got to compare the SPDIF of the auralic vs the USB output, and the coax SPDIF sounded...
pitPosted: 19 December 2018Last Updated: 19 December 2018
Dear all As far as i know dac v1 use async usb with a protocol implementing checksum on trasmitted data and a cache. In the same way streamer are implementing checksum and data cache and i dont understand why mostcof the people state that a direct noiseless source connection like innuos zen improve sq Waiting for tech explanation
StigOPosted: 19 December 2018Last Updated: 19 December 2018
Have Naim ever had a widget for ios? It would have been nice to skip, pause, controlling the volume and bring up the app from the widget, not needing to unlock phone or pad.
Bill_nycPosted: 31 October 2018Last Updated: 19 December 2018
I have been using a UnitiServe into a NAIM DAC for about 8 years now. The only thing I am missing is the ability to stream one of the services, eg, TIdal, Spotify. I know replacing the UnitiServe with a Core will give me that, but I'd rather not spend the money. Is there an inexpensive option that will complement my existing components? I've got Airport Express and Apple TV, but I am hoping I can do a bit better without spending thousands. Thanks for any advice.
T38.45Posted: 28 November 2018Last Updated: 19 December 2018
Just tested some straming cable but Epic wins for me. This cable is incredible fluid! Like quicksilver comes music out of my speaker, never thought that 1m cable can improve SQ....highly recommend! ...but confused about the arrows they printed on the cable...they say the arrow should direct away from source! what is source if you have a streamer? The NAS or the switch? Strange.. Thanks folks for recommending Cisco switch and Chord cable...highly appreciated! So my last stop for my digital...
Anders in smŚlandPosted: 17 December 2018Last Updated: 19 December 2018
Hi everybody! I have just got my hands on a NDX and trying to get systemautomation to work. It is connected to a ndac and that part works, but the preamp not. It`s a 282. A 3.5 jack to rca left is connected and enabled in the ndx menu. Volumeknob not moving, pre input not switching. ALso tried the right rca to. // Anders
EarsPosted: 17 December 2018Last Updated: 19 December 2018
The volume on my NDX is easily the loudest of all my sources, so much so it makes volume adjustment difficult, with the dial's realistic maximum held at about 8 o'clock. I would be grateful to receive any suggestions. Is there perhaps a software-based soultion which would not wreck the sound? An outboard DAC would be a possibility (and an upgrade) I suppose, but I'm not keen to take this route.
EcholanePosted: 17 December 2018Last Updated: 19 December 2018
My music suddenly quit! I was listening to a stream from my Naim Uniti Core > DAC > Tube Amp > Speakers. I switched my amp to a different source, my turntable, and it plays music perfectly. Switched to CD player and it, too, plays music perfectly. I unplugged the Uniti Core for several minutes and still no music. Switched off power to DAC and itís associated components and turned it back on and still no music. How do I figure out if itís the Uniti Core or the DAC? All I can think of...
JimDogPosted: 18 December 2018Last Updated: 19 December 2018
I need to get a 4m ethernet cable to get my router away from my Hi Fi. The cable will run very close to power cables, speaker cables and interconnects, maybe even touching some of the them, so it needs to be as well shielded as possible. Should I get cat 6 or 7 or even 8? Can anyone recommend a good brand that will last at least a decade or more? (Huge, I know you once got better SQ from a very cheap low end cable, but I will not be able buy multiple 4m cables and compare them, so just need...
Iver van de ZandPosted: 13 December 2018Last Updated: 19 December 2018
Hi all, Today I have set up a new Mesh Wifi Network to work with my Roon Rock and Naim set-up. The installation is quite easy, the signal strength enormous and the transfer rate is huge. I choose for Netgear Orbi 20 setup The situation in my house is probably like many others have: my Internet enters the home in a place quite far away of my living room. Unfortunately hardwire UTP is not possible so I need "something" to get the Wifi signal to my living room. Other requirements I have is that...
Timo DellaiPosted: 01 December 2018Last Updated: 18 December 2018
Hi, I am owning a high class Naim Uniti Nova and I bought this device because of the sound, quality and update-ability. The quality is very good. But unfortunately the sound not anymore with my AppleTV (4th generation). They are connected via Airplay (I know TOS Link etc. would be better, but due to Wife acceptance i needed to reduce cabeling). Since Apple introduced Airplay 2 sometimes the audio of the AppleTV gets dropouts and crackeling. This is very annoying and only a hard restart can...
Al GonzoPosted: 17 December 2018Last Updated: 18 December 2018
A week ago I purchased a Uniti Core and started to load data onto it both by ripping CDs and importing high definition audio files. The music store is an internal Samsung 1 TB SSD and I am using a WD HDD as a back up. All was going very well until I came to access the data yesterday and found all the data had disappeared on both the music store and back up. Could I have inadvertently done something to clear all the data i.e. held the power on button on for too long or something? I cannot...
Darren SPosted: 14 December 2018Last Updated: 18 December 2018
Hi All I've been lurking on these forums for a few months now and I wanted to give something back as I recently had the chance to audition some streamers (the Lumin D2, ND5 XS 2 and the NDX 2) at my dealer. I've enjoyed the feedback others have been giving on these boxes and thought others may find it helpful to have another opinion. To be honest, for various reasons I'm not sure how useful my opinions are going to be but since there's not a lot out there in terms of reviews or user feedback...
alex57Posted: 10 December 2018Last Updated: 18 December 2018
Hello, I actually have an Naim Nova paired with Dynaudio Contour 2.8 which play together very well. In Naim app there is a setting to adjust max volume output (initially at 85). As I know, the Uniti NOVA has two "volume control", the first step is digital attenuation (from 0 to 30 ??) and the last step is controlled by pot. When I change the max volume setting this affect the overall volume (ie. volume at 30 will be louder for 100 max instead of 50 max). How does this setting work with the...
john VPosted: 11 December 2018Last Updated: 18 December 2018
I'm still having trouble adding metadata (name of album and artist) for CDs that my Uniti Core doesn't recognize. I follow directions to the letter. I go to "edit metadata" , select "custom", add title and artist and press "save". Everything looks fine. I go to the CD lists and all the info is there. Then the next time that I turn the Core on, everything that I added is gone and it again says "unknown". I must be doing something wrong. The CDs that I am trying to name are compilations made...
GT1983Posted: 17 December 2018Last Updated: 17 December 2018
i believe the NDX2 supports all of the codecs and bit rates needed for Tidal Studio Masters, beyond 16but FLAC, does anyone know when it will be supported? Is there any reason why it could not?
EnglishRoguePosted: 17 December 2018Last Updated: 17 December 2018
When I bought my Nova in the early Spring, I partnered the amp with Linn Majik 109 speakers. They seemed to be the pick of the four brands I auditioned. But I wasn't especially taken with the sound and eventually decided to upgrade to the Dynaudio Special Forty after my dealer offered a reasonable trade-in. What I now have is quite remarkable. After thirty hours run-in, the sound in my dedicated listening room is just outstanding. The value-for-money offered by the Dynaudio speakers is...
RichieoPosted: 12 December 2018Last Updated: 17 December 2018
Have just moved into the world of streaming with an ND5 XS2 to replace my old cd5i (italic). So far so good sounds wise and i am really enjoying having so much music available through Tidal. I have one question re Tidal which i am sure is a simple one. If i go to an artist and then into albums, often there are multiple versions of the same album (with the exact same track list). Why is this? Thanks
Andy WiddPosted: 25 November 2018Last Updated: 17 December 2018
Hi, hope you have all had a good weekend. Wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge of Nativ (spelled correctly) cd ripper and media server/streamer? Gets good reviews online and looks the part. I would like to rip cds into this system and feed the ripped cds via spdif or usb into my Naim supernait-1 amp which feeds my Dali epicon2 speakers. Looking for cd quality sound here. This will enable me to get rid of my Naim CD5 CD player and use the Nativ as the music source for...
DavidrPosted: 06 October 2018Last Updated: 17 December 2018
Now I am feeling vulnerable as I may be about to reveal stupidity! But ask for tolerane and help. I have just received my NDS which was working wonderfully last night using UPnP, streaming to my MUSO & MUSOQB. Then I installed the unpdate for the MUSO and I can no longer stream to either of the MUSOs . When I am in the Naim app the multiroom option is there, both MUSOs appear but as soon as I try to connect to one its starts to try and connect and then disappears followed by the other...
MerckyPosted: 15 December 2018Last Updated: 17 December 2018
Iíve just ripped all my old cds to my Innuos, mostly from the 90ís and 00ís, listening back on my Nova the quality is really hit n miss, mostly miss! CdS that I remember to sound pretty good on a CD player back in the day sound fairly naff, I was just listening to some Talk Talk as an example and itís really not great although I remember them as really nice sounding albums - I havenít owned a CD player for a while. If I call the same albums up on Tidal they sound equally naff so Iím...
dubyaPosted: 17 December 2018Last Updated: 17 December 2018
Hi as per title , Iím now getting constant dropouts on radio & tidal after the recent update, when previously it was very stable. Is there a fix to sort this fault? thanks