Streaming Audio

meni48Posted: 16 December 2018Last Updated: 17 December 2018
I am thinking to switch my old regular Hdd to a new Samsung Ssd 860 evo, in terms of sound is it better? is there any point in doing such a move....the question is to those who experience a similar step and does have an answer for me...thanks for your kind help.
HardBopPosted: 16 December 2018Last Updated: 17 December 2018
I've the opportunity to buy a 2nd hand ND5 XS from my long-time dealer at a good price. I'm currently streaming using chromecast audio into nDac: music is stored on PC and I use plex media server and Ipad/Iphone as the controller. Been very happy with the results given the cost of the CCA device. I've kept up to date regarding the various virtues (or otherwise) of the replacement streamer range and would welcome any thoughts on using the ND5 XS as a possible stop-gap before (possibly)...
Idris RobertsPosted: 17 December 2018Last Updated: 17 December 2018
I keep 'Losing' 3 inputs on my ND5 XS streamer. USB, Spotify & Tidal. I am unable to set a static IP address and have to let the network setting (In maintenance section) find IP automatically. The streamer will work then for no apparent reason it 'Cycles' between on and off for a few minutes then i find i have lost the inputs mentioned. I have the latest firmware installed. Have Done 'Factory' reset - problem still exists. Any suggestions? would be appreciated. Looks like a visit to my...
ZipperheadbanjoPosted: 17 December 2018Last Updated: 17 December 2018
Surely there is a way to customize the name of the digital inputs on the new Naim streamers. I can't find any reference in the manual. Can anyone provide some direction?
W12Posted: 17 December 2018Last Updated: 17 December 2018
Hello, I have a ne Muso which is connected to my home network via wifi. I can play internet radio through it and have also downloaded the latest update. When I open Spotify in the Naim app (Ios) it says no track playing. I can't see a way to log in or play my Spotify premium account in the Naim app. Any suggestions? I can only play Spotify via bluetooth at the moment. As an aside I have exactly the same problem on my Naim 272
BoubaPosted: 05 December 2018Last Updated: 17 December 2018
'Noon folks, I just took delivery of my Uniti Core a few days ago, after a long wait. It's feeding my Atom and I'm so far very pleased with the sound. So far I've been able to import music from My Synology NAS to the internal storage of my Core (took 5 long days to do so, but hey it could have been even longer to import 2 TB of music through Wifi), set up a back up schedule and processed a first back up of the music files on that same NAS within a dedicated folder (Nas drive\Shared...
RichieoPosted: 17 December 2018Last Updated: 17 December 2018
Still new to the streaming business but had an unusal "issue" with my ND5 XS2 on the weekend. It just turned itself on the middle of the night playing Spotify! I had been listening in the evening, mainly on Tidal but switched to Spotify at one point. I switched the streamer off using the app when i had finished, but it just seemed to switch itself on in the night. When i turned it on in the morning it switched automatically to Tidal again. I have since turned the Spotify app off on my phone...
BiggsyBoyPosted: 17 December 2018Last Updated: 17 December 2018
Hi, Newbie question, but I have a couple of Sonos Play:1 speakers in rooms other than my main listening room. When using the Naim app (iOS) or browsing on the ND5's front panel, these two speakers are announcing themselves as UPnP devices (and by their IP addresses too). The folks at Sonos are taking the "it's not us it's you" stance and saying that every other device that detects the Sonos speakers are doing it wrong and should be filtering these devices from any 'available servers' list. I...
chrisb56Posted: 14 December 2018Last Updated: 17 December 2018
Can someone let me know how I could copy the data I have burned onto my Uniti Core onto a network drive which I could then access (on a different network) from a Uniti Star, preserving the meta data? Many thanks in advance!
Timmo1341Posted: 16 December 2018Last Updated: 16 December 2018
Advice only from those members with practical, as opposed to theoretical, experience please. I use a 2TB Unitiserve as my primary server. I currently have approx. 3,200 albums ripped to WAV stored in the MQ folder. Iíve calculated there is space for only another 250-300 albums max. Would conversion to FLAC truly double my storage capacity? Would I notice any difference in payback quality? How long would the conversion process take? Are there any potential issues/problems with this course of...
Richard walkerPosted: 16 December 2018Last Updated: 16 December 2018
Hi community. I have just bought an NDX from 2011 ( at a great price) is it worth having it serviced. It is not clear if the NDX needs recapping . Are there any mods that I should consider. There is no bluetooth onboard- can this be added (by me ) Thanks for your advice. Ps. Rest of system is supernait 2 and PMC speakers.
Lukas, Lucky L.Posted: 05 June 2018Last Updated: 15 December 2018
Hello Community I recently purchased a brand new Uniti Core and I'm very happy with it! Excellent piece of Kit. Far, Far better than the Uniti Serve. Outstanding design. Love it But I have one problem: It will not format a brand new ST5000LM000 Harddrive. This is a very silent and low power consuming 2.5 inch Drive with 5 TB, it runs at 5400 rpm. It will not ask me about the File format but only if WAV or FLAC. I would like to use WAV. It starts formatting but gets stuck at 62% then the core...
PopeyePosted: 15 December 2018Last Updated: 15 December 2018
Hi all I just paid and downloaded the latest Kate Bush PT1 remastered in WAV and my NDX is saying file type unsupported. Luckily I was able to redownload in FLAC and works fine. Is WAV not compatible with NDX running latest software? Cheers All
nbpfPosted: 15 December 2018Last Updated: 15 December 2018
After having cancelled my Qobuz Sublime subscription, I have decided to give Idagio a try. The service is focussed on classical music and the app is clean and inconspicuous which I like a lot. The drawback is that there is no Idagio interface for upmpdcli. Thus I have plugged a Chromecast Audio that I had in the kitchen into the nDAC and I am using the Idagio app to cast to the Chromecast Audio. As one would expect, the sound quality is not very good in comparison to streaming to the nDAC...
piggyPosted: 10 December 2018Last Updated: 15 December 2018
I decided to take a punt and will be buying a pre-loved NDS (2018 model) and a QNAP-TS-253b NAS with 2 x 2tb WD Red drives. Will be replacing my much loved CDS3. Been planning for this day so have ripped around 1500cd's onto a Mac Mini using dBpoweramp and Audivana which I used to test as a UpNP server over Wireless to try out on a Muso in my kitchen. Also bought a 2960-8 port Switch after searching on this forum so It will all be wired up to main system 552/300 non DR. Just looking for any...
BLACKMASSPosted: 06 December 2018Last Updated: 14 December 2018
Iíll be ordering a ND5 XS 2 in January and wanted to know if the Android app has improved? I currently own a Samsung S8, which I was planning on using with the ND5. However after searching through previous threads it looks like the Android app has a poor rep and buggy. I could buy an ipad but I would much rather put funds towards a NAS. I'm not in a position to buy both at the moment. Cheers Rob
EcholanePosted: 12 December 2018Last Updated: 14 December 2018
I am finding myself a stickler for convention when dealing with metadata. Can I get into trouble by overriding the metadata assigned for Title or Artist? For example, I have a lot of opera and classical CDs. The metadata assigned for Title can vary. I typically see these variations assigned: Puccini: Madame Butterfly Giacomo Puccini: Madame Butterfly Madame Butterfly i have edited all my Titles to follow the first example: Composer Last Name: Title Similarly, there is often variation in the...
andrew jamesonPosted: 14 December 2018Last Updated: 14 December 2018
I've just downloaded three albums from the internet in WAV, copied these to a USB stick and imported to the Core via 'Manage Music' then 'Import Music'. All of the files have copied fine with the track metadata (albeit in filename eg. blah_blah_blah.wav rather than track name format if you get my drift) but the artwork hasn't come across and the 'Edit Metadata' option doesn't appear to be live for these particular albums (as it always is for albums ripped direct to the Core). Anyone got an...
ObsydianPosted: 12 December 2018Last Updated: 14 December 2018
Hello, this is driving me nuts, whenever i select/add a new playlist or album, it queue's fine, i can see all the tracks in the playlist, but it just repeats the same track continuously, unless i manually intervene and select the next track, then same again just repeats. Double checked all my settings, tried selecting, deselecting repeat functions, but makes no difference. i am using BubbleuPnP on a Pi3 with Qobuz.
GazzaPosted: 13 October 2018Last Updated: 14 December 2018
For those that have been waiting my dealer has his demo unit, and has had it running for a few days, says itís pretty damn good.
al9315Posted: 13 December 2018Last Updated: 14 December 2018
QB all works fine BUT When reaching over to adjust volume, touching the top plate, there is a sensation on ones fingers as if it is not earthed properly ( a buzzy feeling)........? I wonder if this is normal, or anyone has any suggestions. Do I take it back to the shop?
blythePosted: 04 December 2018Last Updated: 13 December 2018
Please can anyone try connecting to an iRadio station in Australia? It should be listed under "Oceana" and "Australia" as "Classic Hits WSFM" (it broadcasts on 101.7fm but of course the Muso doesn't have FM) I often listen to it in the mornings as it has national & localness, traffic reports etc. as well as tunes I quite like. However, for the past couple of days I haven't been able to stream it. Other stations seem to work OK but searching the web hasn't shown up any known issues that I...
spurrier sucksPosted: 13 December 2018Last Updated: 13 December 2018
The downside of streaming just occurred. My NAS HD just crashed. I do have a couple of backups but it is still a PIA.
BeachcomberPosted: 05 December 2018Last Updated: 13 December 2018
When I turn my NDX on (I used to leave it on permanently, but recently have been turning it off to see what effect that has on my electricity bill, and to the sound), it goes through the usual procedures but gets to something about loading or building or retrieving history, gets to 80% and stops. And sometimes that means it really stops- it won't respond to anything (Naim app, or remote control). Any idea what that's about, anyone, please? And more importantly how to fix it? Thanks Steve
JoNorPosted: 12 December 2018Last Updated: 12 December 2018
Anyone been successful using the app without WiFi - connecting a iPad/iPhone through USB and internet sharing? Every other app seems to find its way to my home network as well as internet. Can't get the Naim iOS app to find the Uniti Atom. WiFi only?