Streaming Audio

BobfaPosted: 11 September 2018Last Updated: 29 December 2018
I currently have an ATOM that I can "trade-up to" ++ $$$$ for a NOVA if I want. I had been using a YGGY into an Ayre AX-5 Twenty. The ATOM is really amazing in comparison to the former system. A/Bing this stuff is hard do implement so I have been just listening to the ATOM that is not even broken in yet. The simplicity of the system is just great. None of the USB filtering and extra hardware in the system. I have not heard the NOVA to compare it to the ATOM. I am torn. The change in system...
GT1983Posted: 18 December 2018Last Updated: 28 December 2018
Tidal streaming works great on the NDX2, is Qobuz support on the roadmap anytime soon?
SteevePosted: 20 September 2018Last Updated: 28 December 2018
Hi, as per title, does anyone know if these are available or is it just the standard 128kbps ones? Thanks
Chris 179Posted: 22 November 2018Last Updated: 28 December 2018
Hi All, This is a new thread created from Tidal -Qute 2, after it was thought that the true problem was being masked by the title. Since early September I cannot play any new content added to Tidal, It appears to be coincident with the release of the new Naim app. The new content can be played direct on the Tidal app, but results in connecting, can't play, skipped on my streamer. via Naim app. Please read the Tidal Qute 2 thread for information already collected. Streamers with problems...
Alley CatPosted: 26 December 2018Last Updated: 28 December 2018
This seems like a daft question and perhaps it is, but assuming I want to listen to music from a local DLNA server on an iPhone with headphones (directly connected or via Bluetooth), what would you use? The distinction here is that I merely want to access albums on a NAS and playback on the iPhone or connected speaker/headphone, rather than using it as a controller for playback on a Naim streamer or other such device.
diggygunPosted: 26 December 2018Last Updated: 27 December 2018
Just recently got a Mu-So qb. My question is, can this connect to my Naim Hi-Fi system as a source, e.g. as a tuner?
T38.45Posted: 26 December 2018Last Updated: 27 December 2018
I just saw this for roon running on top of Innuos- does one know if this works with Naim streaming gear as well? I‘m ok with point 1-9 but 10? It should be a big jump SQ wise... Disclaimer - this is an experimental feature which may have occasional dropouts. It uses the Squeezebox integration within Roon which supports only audio up to 24bit/192 and DSD64. Quarantine and Import will be disabled as they require the internal LMS to be active and that would conflict with this feature on Roon.
MatthijsPosted: 27 October 2018Last Updated: 26 December 2018
Sorry if this topic has shown up before but my search did not give the outcome I am looking for. There is something peculiar about this situation. Up till now I streamed using Deezer (320 kbps) to Mu-so and ( in a separate room) an Onkyo TX-8150 network amplifier. This week a Synology DS218+ arrived and I stored some hi- res Flacs on it. In a direct comparison between the same tracks, Flacs vs Deezer I noticed the Deezer streaming sounds richer and more detailed both on the Onkyo and the...
MarcusMPosted: 14 November 2018Last Updated: 26 December 2018
Hi! This may be a stupid question since I know very little about switches, but here we go Today I use a Netgear GS108 Gigabit switch. I keep reading here on the forum that you may improve SQ if using a Cisco switch instead. Since they are pretty cheap if bought used I’m thinking of buying one just to try. Just to know if there are better SQ to be had for relatively little money. The recommendations I read is often for Cisco Catalyst 2960-8TC-L. Wouldn’t it be just as good to instead buy a...
glenaimPosted: 26 December 2018Last Updated: 26 December 2018
Cant play Spotify on nd5xs,get the Error incompatible Spotify version message.
Leon WadsworthPosted: 23 December 2018Last Updated: 25 December 2018
Hi there kind folks. I am hoping someone can advise whether airplay 2 is available for Uniti Range yet? My nova has no option to multi room via airplay despite being on software version: My Muso is fine and has the multiroom option but nova does not. Any help on this will be kindly appreciated. Thanks and best regards Leon
iliriaPosted: 22 December 2018Last Updated: 25 December 2018
I have been looking at getting some of my future favourite albums in Hi-res downloads and have been looking at a few sites that sell them. I have noticed a rather big price difference. Is it worth it? Does the difference in sounds between a CD and, let's say, a 24bit44.1khz file justify the price?
Gewoon JanPosted: 16 December 2018Last Updated: 24 December 2018
Airplay 2 does not work. Everything looks ok (update and I see the muso in airplay with the circle of airplay 2) but their is no sound after the connection is made and after about 10 seconds the connection stops. Is their anybody with a solution?
Mac_1Posted: 23 December 2018Last Updated: 24 December 2018
This is my first post and looking at some of the discussions / threads so far i’m in way over my head what with cable dressing, vibration, harmonics etc. I just want to listen to good music and get those goose bumps when I hear great quality sound (within my price point). I’m fairly new to Naim also and can only list one piece of equipment, a MuSo however the bug has bitten me. I auditioned a Nova in the week with some Spendor D7’s, PMC 25.24’s and finally with a pair of PMC 25.26’s. Nothing...
SinglespeedPosted: 17 December 2018Last Updated: 24 December 2018
Hi folks Last weekend I decided to change up my RPi with a raspbian lite O/S to try using it as a UPnP server for my music system. To note, I currently have the following setup: Synology NAS with Minimserver installed >> Switch >> N272. This is a little flaky with UPnP discovery on both my Ipad & Android fone at times with the Minim share disappearing & reappearing on occasion. Decided to see if the RPI would give me a 'better' connection & setup as follows: Flashed...
Michel WernerPosted: 22 December 2018Last Updated: 24 December 2018
Hi, I just installed my new ND 555. Everything is going fine except that I am unable to read AIFF HiRes files from my Synology NAS. HiRes FLAC files are read. This behaviour is strange since the same files were read perfectly by my faithful NDS streamer. The files were downloaded from Qobuz. I would like to avoid to download everything again. Has anyone a hint? Help is welcome. Thanks, Michel
SjoerdsrPosted: 15 December 2018Last Updated: 23 December 2018
Since the spotify problems several weeks ago most spotify functionality is working fine except Spotify shuffle. Since this works fine on all my of my sonos it appears to be a naim problem ? No matter from which spotify app (iphone, ipad, several windows pc's, macbook) I try to use shuffle it does not seem to work properly. At first it won't work at all and plays my albums / playlist in normal order, not shuffled. Then after turning shuffle off and on again several times I see the playlist...
HardBopPosted: 23 December 2018Last Updated: 23 December 2018
I've downloaded the Lumin app onto my Ipad to give it a go. It's successfully found my music library (Plex Media Server on my PC) but when a song is selected no music is forthcoming? I currently use chromecast audio and wonder if this is the issue. Is Lumin compatible with CCA? Unlike the Plex app and mConnect which I've tried there appears to be no way in the Lumin app to select where the music is played to i.e. Ipad or CCA speaker. I've searched the net but not found anything to confirm...
GuinnlessPosted: 02 December 2018Last Updated: 23 December 2018
Given the recent number of Naim networking issues would it not be a good idea to add a featured topic on how to set up a robust WiFi network. I'm sure S-i-S must get fed up of repeating (no networking pun intended) himself. I'm sure there are loads of people who think that there WiFi is working perfectly with their Extenders, Repeaters, Ethernet over mains etc and end up blaming Naim. Nobody notices the occasional drop-out when browsing the Web or on Social Media sites etc but for streaming...
LaxtonPosted: 31 October 2018Last Updated: 23 December 2018
Hi, I’ve noticed that the buttons on the ND555 doesn’t dim off completely even when I set it to display off. Has anyone observed the same thing? Here’s a picture of my unit with the buttons still very dimly lighted up with display off. There’s nothing I can do to turn off the display and buttons completely.!ArzDScWyFBLsqLA-ij5TRhlaMJCIsA
The Naim's DavePosted: 20 December 2018Last Updated: 22 December 2018
I am considering swapping my CDX2 to an NDX2. I have 2 options I think. One is to rip all my CDs to a NAS. The other is to just forget all my CDs and possibly no further CD or download purchases, and just to use Tidal. Any opinions or experiences would be welcome. Yes I know I could do both, but at more cost and more effort.
ted_pPosted: 18 December 2018Last Updated: 22 December 2018
Ever since i received my Nova I have had a few intermittent problems and am not sure it it is the Nova or the naim app. when I play an album it plays the first track then plays the rest of the album in a random order. when I play an album it plays the first track then plays the last track on the album then stops. when i play an album it plays the first track then stops. None of this happened with my last stremers (UnitiQute 2 and Simaudio Moon Neo Ace), it only started when I got the Nova. I...
EcholanePosted: 16 December 2018Last Updated: 21 December 2018
I have long struggled to open the Uniti Core’s Network File on my Windows 7 Computer. This was frustrating because I wanted to listen to higher res music and to do that I’d have to download the music and copy/paste the file into the Downloads Folder. Windows File Manager refused to treat it like an ordinary file and open it and allow entry. I was told here on the Forum there was a bug with Windows 7 that would eventually be fixed. Then Naim apparently fixed the bug, but I still couldn’t open...
wenger2015Posted: 01 December 2018Last Updated: 21 December 2018
I bought the Qb about a year ago....all good for about 10 minutes?? Ok slight exaggeration but you get the drift... More often then not, I open the Apple iPad an access the Naim app only to see ‘room can not be found ‘ ...... My dear wife has given up on it completely and gone back to the trusted and proven Roberts Radio. About 3 weeks ago, the Qb gave up the ghost.... tried everything to make it work....but nothing worked. Spoke to my dealer, who requested I send it back... A couple of days...
QuadsPosted: 21 December 2018Last Updated: 21 December 2018
Hi all, i had a question about utilizing and formatting an additional USB hd for my music, photos, etc. As background, I have a Core with an internal hd that I rip my cd's to. I also have a USB drive for the backup. Both drives have been set up with the Core's particular formatting at the outset. (allowing backup/import straight from the Core, which I've used successfully. I know I could do this on the network as well). I have an additional drive with much greater capacity, and thought I...