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Bob the BuilderPosted: 22 June 2018Last Updated: 14 September 2018
A thread for Jazz and music lovers to listen, discover and discuss great Jazz music, if you wish to join in I thought we could pick one record per week to listen to and post our views about. I will choose the first record and then the person who posts first gets to pick the next record simple. Miles Davis - My Funny Valentine recorded live on 12.02.1964 at the Philharmonic, NYC. For me the best live Jazz record I have heard so far, a great band featuring Herbie Hancock, George Coleman, Ron...
David O'HigginsPosted: 07 September 2018Last Updated: 09 September 2018
Paul revisiting some of his favourites, with new arrangements. Just 4 tracks in, but it’s very impressive.
Innocent BystanderPosted: 06 September 2018Last Updated: 07 September 2018
Just flagging this up in case anyone has not seen yet: TV advert for a supermarket and department store conglomerate, but when I saw it I was quite stunned and amazed, questions going through my head as it screened included What on earth is this advertising? And HOW long is this ad? As a critical piece of music it is nothing, but as a novel interpretation and enjoyable viewing it is brilliant! I thoroughly enjoyed it, as have others I’ve told about it. If only that was the school my kids had...
Calum FergusonPosted: 15 August 2018Last Updated: 07 September 2018
Really looking forward to the re-master of TSRTS out 7th September, well overdue, many different versions, the Super Deluxe will be 200 quid !
ConsciousmessPosted: 06 September 2018Last Updated: 06 September 2018
Like others no doubt, I often like a band just because of their popular tracks, which inevitably end up on ‘best of’ releases. Thing is, reading forum comments,I observe that engineers alter tracks when making compilations for release (e.g. raising treble). Presuming it’s the same record company and engineers, are best of compilations therefore lower quality than originals??
Doppy1977Posted: 26 August 2018Last Updated: 01 September 2018
i wish that Amy WInehouse and Michael Jackson we’re still making music, but most of all the great Freddie Mercury
Tabby catPosted: 20 August 2018Last Updated: 31 August 2018
One Genre which always doe's it for me is Skat Jazz - God I lothe it with a passion.Sometimes on Radio 3 on Saturday at 5 pm they have the Jazz programme.I enjoy the show but the moment they play some Skat I turn it off instantly.A couple of weeks ago I was listening to a old Garage House Mix Cassette tape and was enjoying it until some Skat was mixed over the track.I just ejected the tape and threw it in the bin.....argh Skat I hate it.If I went to Hell that would be my definition having to...
ConsciousmessPosted: 27 August 2018Last Updated: 30 August 2018
I need to ask which speaker the knocking and ‘Time to go’ comes out of. You know, the track before Comfortably Numb on the Wall. For me it’s my left speaker, but I’m told my speakers are out of phase, which I doubt/hope not as it requires major listening room alteration. So what speaker should I be hearing that from, left or right???
Sloop John BPosted: 15 August 2018Last Updated: 24 August 2018
Okay, I’m presuming most of us have gone to university and that music was of huge importance back then. [@mention:1566878603867476] mentioning Honky Chateau from his first year in university got me thinking back to my first year - 1984-85. The one that springs to mind immediately is Rattlesnakes- Lloyd Cole and the commotions - if ever an album was suited to the pretentious of university this is it . Limiting it to 3 the other 2 that spring to mind are Bronski Beat - The age of consent and...
dave marshallPosted: 24 August 2018Last Updated: 24 August 2018
Sad news that Ed King, guitarist in Lynyrd Skynyrd, and co-writer of "Sweet Home Alabama" has died at home in Nashville.
DrMarkPosted: 22 August 2018Last Updated: 23 August 2018
I take pharmacy continuing education online, and before and after the presentation, they play music - the closing song is always a duet with Tony Bennett and Diana Krall, in a live setting, singing "I've Got The World On A String" - details below for this particular recording: As the intro on the piano is coming up, Tony says, "Hey Diana, let's do a Sinatra tune" - there is instrumental backing besides the piano. Tony sings the first verse, extolls how wonderful life is, ending with the...
PederPosted: 21 August 2018Last Updated: 21 August 2018
???? I agree with what Bob the Builder said in my other thread about Aretha Franklin,..that thread is for her..Greatness as a singer. Therefore I start a new thread where I put the information about Madonna's so-called tribute speech. ------------------------------------------------------------ ????Lord God,...find no other word to describe what I just read below. ?Read the full transcript of Madonna’s tribut speech to Aretha Franklin below..???????????? Aretha Louise Franklin changed the course
deepinsightPosted: 20 August 2018Last Updated: 20 August 2018
Sublime sound from 1959.
Atom/Iota/Kan StandsPosted: 28 July 2018Last Updated: 20 August 2018
I bought this album when it first came out (c.1980) and loved it on my Rega 3/NAD 3020 system. Just listened to it for the first time in years, it's still marvellous. The sound is beautiful; so clear and dynamic, smooth and soulful. Fav track: Take me there, blissful. Tony
NickSeattlePosted: 18 August 2018Last Updated: 20 August 2018
Having been born in 1960, Tijuana Bass and Baja Marimba Band music were everywhere in my childhood, from Captain Kangaroo, The Dating Game, Disneyland, as part of a fountain/light show, and as a sound-bed for the times, and all of the "cool adults" around me. Listening today to my parents' Herb Alpert records: "South of the Border", "SRO", and "Whipped Cream . . . " with my 14-year-old daughter (grudgingly accepting), was a moment of mutual amazement at how great records can sound, with a...
BazzaPosted: 16 August 2018Last Updated: 19 August 2018
I received two emails earlier, one for my Gold membership and another for my Silver membership offering a free 6 month trial of Tidal. It seems they are offering this trial to all Arsenal members. If you're already a Tidal customer and an Arsenal member (some of us have to be ) you might have a chance to save a few quid.
Calum FergusonPosted: 18 August 2018Last Updated: 19 August 2018
There’s a CD coming out with official release date of 7th September but I would like to get my hands on it a few days earlier. Anyone out there in the industry know if this is possible? Thanks
ConsciousmessPosted: 12 August 2018Last Updated: 18 August 2018
I’d say: John Brown - Bob Dylan Our Shangri la - Mark Knopfler
Alley CatPosted: 09 August 2018Last Updated: 18 August 2018
I can't remember the last time I went out in earnest looking for good old vinyl copies of albums in one of these shops, I suspect the professional second-hand market cottoned on which is why most of my forays years ago were uneventful unless I wanted popular 60's/70's crooners, Hawaian music or similarly unexciting albums. I ambled into one today, I think it was Oxfam - bloody hell they were charging up to £9.99 for secondhand vinyl which was not very inspiring (Rod Stewart, Chris de Burgh...
tdh10Posted: 17 August 2018Last Updated: 18 August 2018
Very brief and reductive overview of the genre: R&B, one of the oldest forms of American recorded music, was born out of a need for "record companies to describe recordings marketed predominantly to urban African Americans , at a time when "urbane, rocking jazz based music with a heavy, insistent beat" was becoming more popular". It has since been married to every popular genre since, and is the basis for much of what we recognize as pop music today. Contemporary R&B has roots in...
ken cPosted: 16 August 2018Last Updated: 16 August 2018
RIP... /ken
SkipPosted: 13 August 2018Last Updated: 16 August 2018
Welcome to my world. Great opportunity for us all to focus. This was a quick trip. My recent college graduate son brought a few friends over to listen to vinyl. We listened to Buckingham Nicks and almost got to The Band on vinyl and then they were ready to head. One drink. They nodded and then they were out of here. What one vinyl side would you play to engage them? Their attention span drives everything in the world. Twitter, FB, Spotify. How to roll with it? How to roll with it on vinyl?
Rich 1Posted: 09 August 2018Last Updated: 16 August 2018
A post from FinkFan has prompted me to ask 'how do others cope with tinnitus when listening to recorded or live music?' I was born with it and have learnt to filter or ignore it, indeed for a long time I thought it was normal and that everyone had it! Rich
BailyhillPosted: 14 August 2018Last Updated: 14 August 2018
Hello I would like to download a couple of 5.6 DSD or 2.8 DSD albums that show what the format could do and entice me to purchase additional ones. Looking at StudioProMasters, not knowing better, I would try the Audiophile Speaker Setup and The Firse Selection of Hi Rez Classics. My tastes run piano, violin, and country. Any suggestions? I know HiRez is a mixed bag, but the best of the best must be worth it. Afterall, not all vinyl is el primo. Whats your favorite? Bailyhill
Kevin-WPosted: 11 August 2018Last Updated: 14 August 2018
Made an interesting discovery earlier in the week. A guy on Soundcloud called 'patestapes' has uploaded more than 80 vintage (1970s to 90s) Peel shows. They make for fascinating listening - brought back so many memories and it reminds one just what a much-missed presence JP still is, even after 14 years. Back in the late 70s and 80s I used to tape Peel's shows, first on a boombox then on a mono Philips reel to reel. Wish I'd have kept them... But for those interested, here they are - enjoy! ...