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naim_nymphPosted: 10 October 2018Last Updated: 11 October 2018
Please don't shoot me, i'm just the messenger : ) This 20 minute YouTube clip is well worth a look at, and even though it may contain much you're already aware of, it's reassuring to know you are not alone in what you may think about modern music: I would argue there is actually some very good music around today [ to include all genre ] but once you dial in the over-generalisation of typical mainstream pop i am 99% on board with what is said. I sometimes overhear my twenty-something...
YetizonePosted: 10 October 2018Last Updated: 11 October 2018
This may be of interest to the Bowie fans on here. A new doc - David Bowie: The First Five Years to be aired in 2019 and and Bowie at Glastonbury 2000 to be shown in October. I’ll certainly be tuning in… “David Bowie: The First Five Years is the final part of the trilogy of films, all made by BBC Studios Production, looking back on the legendary performer’s life and work. It follows the acclaimed and award-winning David Bowie: The...
RedmiresPosted: 03 October 2018Last Updated: 08 October 2018
Shocked to hear on the radio just now that Geoff Emerick has died. I'll spin a couple of Beatles LP's tonight in his memory. What memories he must have had.
PederPosted: 06 October 2018Last Updated: 07 October 2018
???? Montserrat Caballe' has died ???? The Spanish Opera-Star Montserrat Caballe’ has died,..she was 85 years old. Montserrat Caballe’ debuted in 1956,and has performed at major opera houses all over the world. ?1987 she also got a Pop-opera hit with "Barcelona",..a song she did with Queen-singer Freddie Mercury. The following year,the duo also made an entire album of the same title. ???? RIP Montserrat Caballe' ???? /Peder.
Sloop John BPosted: 05 October 2018Last Updated: 05 October 2018
I hope [@mention:32118649575894026] doesn't mind me quoting him on a different thread but it certainly is a salient point that there is a lot of costly box set releases coming out for this Christmas. The Beatles and Dylan might interest me but I do wonder whether I might be best to wait until the new year and hopefully save some money - or do I risk missing the train altogether, how "limited" are these releases? Compared to the full Beatles box set they do all seem far more expensive in 2018...
GazzaPosted: 04 September 2018Last Updated: 05 October 2018
I have purchased second hand cd,s from this site... very few problems with good customer service. In the last few days I have sent over 6 e-mails about a poor qualityCD with no response, does anyone know what if anything is going on? I have stopped buying until I hear from them.
EborPosted: 27 August 2018Last Updated: 04 October 2018
It's not a new programme, but this current offering on the BBC is rather good: Some interesting examples and illustrations, many of which will be of interest to members of this parish. Mark
Bob the BuilderPosted: 30 September 2018Last Updated: 03 October 2018
There are a few of us on here who may enjoy this excellent series even for those that do not enjoy House Music you still might want to watch and enjoy.
The Strat (Fender)Posted: 02 October 2018Last Updated: 03 October 2018
Guys, Give me your recommendations. Thanks. Lindsay
AndyP19Posted: 02 October 2018Last Updated: 02 October 2018
Just picked up the UK and US audio of Live Aid on 7 Digital for £8.99. Just under 100 tracks in a 3Gb Zip. Assume this is the audio from the DVD which I only got really for Bowie (used to have a cassette recording from the FM radio broadcast) oh and the Coldstream Guards! But some classic performances.
nickpeacockPosted: 01 October 2018Last Updated: 01 October 2018
This is a sad day indeed. Aznavour was the last of the truly great crooners, a master of La Chanson Française. Some of my all-time favourites in any genre: - Non, Je N’ai Rien Oublié (one of my desert island discs!) - Il Faut Savoir - Mes Emmerdes - Plus Bleu Que Tes Yeux (listen to the version with Edith Piaf) I saw him at the Royal Albert Hall a couple of years back. A legend. Still, a legacy of 1400 songs should keep me going. Adieu...
PederPosted: 30 September 2018Last Updated: 30 September 2018
???? Otis Rush,..Blues Icon Died ???? The legendary Chicago blues guitarist,has died from complications due to a stroke at the age of 84. Otis Rush, of the pioneering guitarists of the Chicago blues scene,died Saturday from complications from a stroke he suffered in 2003. He was 84. Rush’s wife,Masaki Rush,confirmed her husband’s death on his website. A note read, “Known as a key architect of the Chicago ‘West Side Sound’ Rush exemplified the modernized minor key urban blues style,..with...
Bf56Posted: 29 September 2018Last Updated: 30 September 2018
I will be having a Marty Balin day in memory of Marty Balin. He wrote many of the gentler songs by Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship and numerous solo albums. I never got to see him in the heyday of JA or JS but saw JS at the Robin in Wolverhampton, of three tours in recent years, it was the only time Marty Balin was with them, with of course, the late great Paul Kantner. Martys performance was magical. His fabulous voice full of emotion. He will be greatly missed. Bob F
Wugged WoyPosted: 27 September 2018Last Updated: 29 September 2018
The latest installment in the Bootleg Series is available for pre-ordering. Official release is 2nd November. It covers arguably his greatest album Blood on the Tracks - early New York recordings, remixed Minneapolis tracks which appeared on the original album and boat loads of outtakes. Six CD's covering only the original 12 tracks plus 2 extra unused tracks may seem a bit of an overkill for most. But for Dylan nuts this is pure Gold Anybody in for it ? Or am I the only one that's hopeless...
Alley CatPosted: 09 September 2018Last Updated: 27 September 2018
I suspect we all have favourite albums that we like to use for demos on vinyl, CD or other media. Playing with various Naim components in recent days (different old/new, pre/power/streamer combos) I'm actually quite surprised by how these favourites fare differently when they're favourites on a current system for sound quality and personal taste. A few examples: Carol Kidd - Nice Work - Linn hi-res download and perennial favourite sounds better and better with any upgraded component in the...
YetizonePosted: 25 September 2018Last Updated: 26 September 2018
Just a quick heads up for Jools fans. A new series (53rd!) starts tonight. The usual slot of BBC2 at 10pm or the extended show on the following Friday. Also on the iPlayer after broadcast. On this evening. Performer Jess Glynne Performer Idles Performer Soft Cell Performer King Princess Performer Ralph McTel
dave marshallPosted: 02 August 2018Last Updated: 22 September 2018
I was listening to Fink do "All Cried Out" last night, thinking that I preferred it to Alison Moyet's outstanding original from the '80's. Fink - Biscuits For Breakfast. Alison Moyet - "Alf" Pondering whether there were other examples in my library, I also concluded that Cyndi Lauper's "True Colours" and "Time After Time" had been covered beautifully by Eva Cassidy. Eva Cassidy - Simply Eva. Cyndi Lauper - True Colours - The Best Of. Obviously, this is all a matter of personal taste, but any...
GazzaPosted: 22 September 2018Last Updated: 22 September 2018
I saw Chas n Dave many times on the London pub scene, and they were a great act. Sad to hear Chas Hodges past away this morning. Although not an act I ever would buy records, they could rock a venue, another one bites the dust????
blythePosted: 22 July 2018Last Updated: 22 September 2018
This morning, I randomly pulled out an LP which happened to be "Tenement Symphony" by Marc Almond. I vaguely remember buying it but possibly played it very little, or at least I'd forgotten about it. Now, some 26 years later, I was amazed, not only at what a great album it is but also how well produced it is! What's your favourite, re-discovered album from 25+ years ago?
EborPosted: 19 September 2018Last Updated: 20 September 2018
I’ve lost the details of a piano piece I was intending to buy and google hasn’t been able to help, given how little I can remember about it. It’s driving me crazy - can you help? A while ago, I came across a shortish piece for solo piano. It was written by a fairly ‘proper’ composer, twentieth century, normally known for fairly challenging repertoire but this piece was quiet and elegaic, almost melancholy. It was piece number 2 or 3 from a suite or set of piano pieces. After finding it, I...
Mr PawsPosted: 20 September 2018Last Updated: 20 September 2018
Hi, Does anyone know if this album is available asa Hi-Res download anywhere? Cheers..
PederPosted: 13 August 2018Last Updated: 15 September 2018
The American soul Queen Aretha Franklin is reported to be seriously ill and her family should have gathered to say goodbye. Franklin is seriously ill and Franklin's close urged to prepare to bid farewell already two weeks ago. "I'm so sorry to have to report that the Queen of Soul and my good friend Aretha Franklin are seriously ill. I spoke to her family members this morning. She wants you to pray for her, "writes Evrod Cassimy, reporter at the local television station WDIV-TV in Detroit,...
kPosted: 17 January 2018Last Updated: 14 September 2018
DalamtianPosted: 08 September 2018Last Updated: 14 September 2018
I want to listen to some hi res music on my Nova to see what it sounds like, I stream from Tidal which doesn’t support hi res so where do I go to get it? I’m thinking of downloading it to my iMac and transferring it to a USB stick and playing it through the Nova, is this correct? Nick
TOBYJUGPosted: 12 August 2018Last Updated: 14 September 2018
There have been numerous threads for worst album cover in the past, but what about your favourites ? Might be that it simply best visually represents the music within. Conjures memories of posters on the wall as a youth. An image that caught your attention before hearing it. Something that defined the way it was listened too. An iconic image that has stood the test of time ?