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ursus262Posted: 23 September 2018Last Updated: 11 January 2019
I quite like the sound of going all analogue and having a go at FM reception. The Uniti 1 has an FM tuner, or I could get a secondhand Naim NAT 05. Is it still as good as it's always been?
AceonePosted: 22 September 2018Last Updated: 11 January 2019
Good afternoon everyone ,can anyone advice me on witch hat speaker cables are they really good value for money ,iam thinking about buying these cables ,thanks acetone.
Fabio 1Posted: 09 January 2019Last Updated: 11 January 2019
Hi all, my Glider is seven years old and so I'm looking forward to buy a new one or retip it.Just got on the Benz' site and here is what came out:"the Benz Micro website is currently unavailable due to maintenance. Please check back later".Actually I must say I always had problem with this site since I bought my cartridge.My Naim Dealer just tells me the same.I purchased the cartridge from him and so he got in contact with the Italian supplier of the brand and they said they are no more in...
ToboPosted: 10 January 2019Last Updated: 11 January 2019
I am a proud owner of an Atom (bought new) used in my office. So impressed by the Atom I decided to buy a Nova for listening in my lounge. I found an ex-demo 14 month old Nova at a local Naim Dealer and was told it came with remainder of 5 year Warranty. I checked this with Naim and there is only a 1 year Warranty on ex-demo units. This may, or may not affect the price people are willing to pay for ex-demo equipment as there seems to be minimal saving and a much shorter Warranty.
GoJetsPosted: 07 January 2019Last Updated: 11 January 2019
Hi fellow naimees: What are folks’ experience with the Nait 5si and KEF R series, specifically the R500? I am currently driving Energy Reference Connoiseur speakers, RC 30, a small floorstander with two 5 1/4 woofers, acknowledged as a laid back speaker a la Wharfdale Diamonds series. The sound is fairly dynamic, PRAT-full with good slam for progressive, classic, new wave, and krautrock, but I am looking for a touch more openness in the mids to uppermids. A home demo of the KEF LS50 revealed...
ernPosted: 11 January 2019Last Updated: 11 January 2019
AceonePosted: 11 January 2019Last Updated: 11 January 2019
Hi has anyone tried the tellurium q blue speaker cable and got good results.
solwisestevePosted: 10 January 2019Last Updated: 11 January 2019
Am I correct that the Twenty.26 is now discontinued and replaced by the Twenty5.26? A local dealer has the Twenty.26 in stock at a substantial discount.
Bob the BuilderPosted: 05 January 2019Last Updated: 10 January 2019
There are many, many threads discussing upgrade paths but what about those who want to down grade? I became very dissolutioned with the diminshing returns I was getting from my system which plateaued at 282/300 and so I sold it and bought a 102/180 whilst I decided what I wanted to do and absolutely fell in love with Naim all over again. So I then decided to try a few options out within the Olive range and ended up with 82/SC I've also added a UQ2 as a streaming source connected to a Chord...
NaimAudioPosted: 10 January 2019Last Updated: 10 January 2019
Why are you changing the Forum? We’re just changing the Forum platform for now – moving to a new provider that brings a lot of benefits, not least easier access to the Forum from a wider range of devices. We’re not planning more fundamental changes unless they are ones you want – this is your community as much as ours! Will your user accounts carry over to the new Forum? Sorry, but as it’s a new platform, we can’t simply port users over, so you’ll have to register again. It won’t take long...
Shropshire HillsPosted: 10 January 2019Last Updated: 10 January 2019
i currently use an Audioquest DragonFly Dac to improve the sound from my iPhone/iPad to my headphones when travelling. I am thinking of using the iPad and DragonFly Dac as a way to stream music to a Naim 42/110 amp. So far I have identified 2 possible 3.5mm to Naim 5 pin Din interconnects - Chord Clearway and Audioquest Big Sur. Both are around the £100 mark but I wonder which would be better? Chord cables generally work well with Naim but perhaps the Big Sur is a better match with the...
PederPosted: 06 May 2018Last Updated: 10 January 2019
I said earlier in some thread, that I shall write a thing about the LP12, that maybe can help many here,.....well here it comes. -------------- ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????------------- A year ago,or maybe longer back in time (time goes so fast), we find this issue with the LP12.....if it has the ?Radikal power-supply. We have tested alot, and we have problems to understand, why some LP12's on Klimax level sound so bad. It was a guy in our group who find this issue/problem.After we fi
ommadawnPosted: 10 January 2019Last Updated: 10 January 2019
I was rooting around my garage loft the other day and found my old Rega Planar 2 turntable and Pro-ject 7 integrated amplifier (Czech Republic built from late 80's). I was wondering if there was any way of connecting the Pro-ject to my Nait XS? The Pro-ject amp has Tape i and Tape ii outs but nothing labelled pre-out. The Rega seems to work well mechanically and I temporarily disconnected my speakers from the Nait xs and had a quick listen via the Pro-ject which sounded very good considering...
WillyPosted: 08 January 2019Last Updated: 10 January 2019
My Dynavector at 5 years old is on it's last legs, probably more on its knees if I'm honest. If I trade it in for a new one I get a discount and that's attractive, however I'm curious if something like a Linn Krystal might be a better option, despite taking the no-discount hit. Anyone compared these two and care to comment? Regards, Willy. PS. LP12, Lingo, Ekos into Superline 52/PS, Supercap, Snaxo 362, 250s DBLs More PS. Local dealer stocks the Krystal but Dynavector, or indeed anything...
NaimAudioPosted: 10 January 2019Last Updated: 10 January 2019
We would like to invite you to our upcoming events, where we will be showcasing and demonstrating our Network Players amongst other Naim and Focal products. To see if an event is coming near you, please see the listings below: Acoustic Streams - Naim Audio Streaming Event - 18-19/01/19 Acoustic Streams, Penzance, Cornwall, TR20 8DU Acoustic Streams will be hosting a weekend of events showcasing our Network Players on the 18th and 19th of January . Including the ND5 XS 2 & NDX 2, our...
Sun KingPosted: 09 January 2019Last Updated: 10 January 2019
Some time ago I sold one year old Atc Scm 11 speakers, because I just could not get along with their analytical emotionless nature. Then try some other brands to found the sound I like – musical, not to analytical, warm and emotional. Bought Spendor A2 eight month ago. I love them, enjoy them, feed them with music, wipe the dust of them, sometimes even pat them and talk to them. But … … I recently got Spendor Classics 2/3 on home demo. I am bewitched. I can not think about anything else...
David SPosted: 09 January 2019Last Updated: 10 January 2019
Dear All, I have a CD555 and an NDS. The CD555 does not get any use these days (infact none at all), so I got to wondering if I should connect the 2 PSUs to the NDS. My understanding is that this involves taking one Burndy from each of the PSUs (one with 2 markers and one with 1 marker) and plugging them into the NDS This leaves me with 2 unused Burndy cables. Can I not do the same into the CD555? I would then achieve each unit powered by a different PSU and as I never use them...
BoubaPosted: 19 December 2018Last Updated: 09 January 2019
Hey all, As per the topic's subject, I'm very tempted to buy a pair of LS50 in the all black edition. Did anyone here see these in the flesh? I owned the regular gloss black version with the rose gold woofer and remember it was very prone to scracthes and a real fingerprint magnet, and ended up selling it at a good price although i loved how they sounded. KEF website mentions "black powder coated" and the finish seems kind of mate black. So I'm very tempted to buy one but was just wondering...
IconoclastPosted: 09 January 2019Last Updated: 09 January 2019
Just wondering if anyone has compared these two speakers.
manoPosted: 09 January 2019Last Updated: 09 January 2019
Hi My current system is: LP12/Ekos2/Dynavector DV20X/ Lingo2/Prefix. NDS/XPS2 NAC52/Supercap 2x250s/SNAXO/Supercap. (250s serviced by Naim a couple of years ago) NAT02 All olive apart from the NDS and XPS2 I've planned on building up my system to an active 4 x NAP 135s since the year 2000, when I started off with a 72/180. I've had the SBLs from new since then and I'm determined to get the best out of them yet. I know I need to upgrade the XPS2 to a 555PS and add a power supply to the Prefix...
solwisestevePosted: 08 January 2019Last Updated: 09 January 2019
In the world of hifi I often hear people talking about how xyz music sounds when played with such-n-such kit but are we missing the point here? I mean shouldn't the aim be to reproduce the music to sound exactly as the artist intended? I think this is particularly relevant when playing vinyl where I hear comments like people like the warmth of the vinyl sound where t he "warmth" of the sound really means a bass sound that is less accurate to the source. So the aim, IMO, should be to...
Biddler66Posted: 19 December 2018Last Updated: 09 January 2019
I have been after a CDX2 but can't seem to find one for love nor money and so I have started to look at a HDX2. I have read the various threads about comparing them and the SSD/external storage etc but I can't find out a rough guide to see how much storage you need. I have 80Gb of music ripped from CD in my iTunes account but I presume (wrongly?) that the files stored on a HDX will be larger. Is there a rule of thumb to compare my iTune file size to HDX ?
MangoMonkeyPosted: 30 December 2018Last Updated: 09 January 2019
looking for a set of floorstanders to improve upon Kudos X2 - for a small - 10ft x 12ft room. Electronics are Naim Dac/Nac72/HiCapDR/Nap250DR. sold my harbeths (boring) today.
M2bfxPosted: 09 January 2019Last Updated: 09 January 2019
I know this has been discussed a while ago, but.... I have just taken delivery of my Naim Supernait 2 a few weeks ago and just got around setting it up with my older Meridian 500 series kit and my latest purchase of the REGA P3 with the Elys 2 and the Rega MM Mk 3 Stageline I am getting a slight raz from my 506 CD player which goes in on RCA at present......but only on high volume, so I can live with this till I purchase a Naim CD later in the year. However my main issue is that I'm getting...
Charlie HendersonPosted: 23 November 2018Last Updated: 09 January 2019
Good morning everyone! I wanted to introduce myself to you all. My name is Charlie Henderson, and I have just taken on one of the most exciting roles of my life, and a role that I feel privileged to hold, as the new Managing Director of Naim Audio. I've been an admirer of Naim Audio since my teenage years (which is too many years ago now to think about!) and hold our obsession for producing the very finest in audio quality very close to my heart. In a world where too many companies are...