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u5227470736789439Posted: 27 November 2005Last Updated: 14 January 2019
Just about to watch the secong half of 'The Odessa File.'All the best from Fredrik
Mr UnderhillPosted: 25 August 2014Last Updated: 12 January 2019
As the other thread has been closed - let's start a new one!
JimDogPosted: 11 January 2019Last Updated: 12 January 2019
Ok - so this question is admittedly pretty nuts, but: I have 272, serviced 150x and Arivas - this system sounds great for 2 channel music, and good for TV too. I will upgrade to 250DR and new speakers when the boat comes in - but for now I have a strange desire to add an extra dimension. My nutty idea is to create a 5.1 system on a small budget: buy 2 rear speakers and a centre channel speaker 2nd hand - say £300? buy a 2nd hand sound processor or an old AV receiver type amp - this box would...
scubafinkPosted: 11 January 2019Last Updated: 12 January 2019
Hi all, a purely technical question. I have connected the front speakers of my Marantz av8802a preamp to the av input on my 282. I then use the 282 remote and hold the prog button and the mute/CD buttons illuminate on the 282 and the volume control knob flashes. Does this mean all is setup now?
bob60Posted: 11 January 2019Last Updated: 11 January 2019
hi everyone i have the Unitilite with Focal Aria 906 speakers and I have just bought a Loewe OLED TV. i Donít have room for a soundbar, would it be possible to listen to the TV through my Focal speakers or are they not designed for TV sound? my TV has Bluetooth if that helps many thanks
TesilkPosted: 08 January 2019Last Updated: 10 January 2019
175 vs 145 for Central channel amplification with AV2. What is the best option? Front and rear speakers are active ATCs.
Bert SchurinkPosted: 05 December 2018Last Updated: 06 January 2019
Thought it would be good to open a thread on tops for great concert DVDís or Blu-rayís. As we sometime also move the music to the screen. As in the early years the picture quality was not always perfect I suggest we focus on sound impressions first. I will start with an absolutely stunning one, Pulse of Pink Floyd...
GeeJayPosted: 04 January 2019Last Updated: 06 January 2019
Updated my kitchen system over Christmas to Sony KD-49XF9005 4K TV with Sonos Beam soundbar/smart speaker and Sony X800 4K BluRay player (in overhead cupboard); Very pleased with resultant sound and picture in the Kitchen, with added benefit that Sonos is Alexa enabled, so we can voice control the TV or listen to the radio with a spoken command (useful when cooking). It also connects to the ARC HDMI socket on the TV, so nicely integrates sound using the Sony remote control. The TV is one of...
CoralPosted: 29 December 2018Last Updated: 30 December 2018
Hi to all, I am having issues with HDMI on my Naim ATOM: HDMI is enabled and connected via HDMI cable to my TV (Samsung), but no sound comes from it. Display on Atom says "HDMI No Input signal". TV is connected via HDMI ARC port and Naim is visible on the TV if I switch to this HDMI port so obviously it is connected but if I want to hear music and switch sound from TV speakers to HDMI, I cannot do it as Naim says No input signal . I tried changing different cables and even tried with Google...
NJBPosted: 04 December 2018Last Updated: 05 December 2018
Actually, several things are wrong but where is the main issue? I replaced an all in one Sony set up with a Sony DN840 AV receiver and Kef 1005.2 speaker set. It worked ok, but no punchy wow factor. I used an old pair of Totem dreamcatchers as the front left and right speakers. It was better, and then got a deal on a Focal centre speaker. It got better in some ways but feels unbalanced. The Focal centre is very dominant even after trying the Sony auto speaker setup program or trying it...
sidneyPosted: 02 December 2018Last Updated: 02 December 2018
Hello All, I have recently installed a home cinema system and I am considering integrating my CCTV system so I can easily view camera images on any monitor in the house. I have a 4 channel DVR which I purchased from DTS Digital the system supports a composite video output and my home cinema system supports a coaxial video input. My question is how do I know the two will be compatible. I know that my DVR output is analogue but if the two are not compatible will it damage either system in ...
kevin J CardenPosted: 01 December 2018Last Updated: 02 December 2018
What a corking good movie! Historically accurate? Hell No, this is Hollywood. Fair to all involved? Of course not. Extremely moving and great fun? Definitely. Big thumbs up. Get thee to a movie house before it goes ex.
JimDogPosted: 21 November 2018Last Updated: 22 November 2018
Connected to my HiFi/AV system are 8m speaker cables, 3 ethernet cables, 10 power cables (including Freesat STB, Samsung STB, router, solar panels box), 2 plug socket extension blocks, interconnects and a satellite aerial. Which cables are best kept apart from each other? And are there any ways I can reduce interference (without separating the TV system from the Hifi).
Jonas OlofssonPosted: 26 October 2018Last Updated: 28 October 2018
After many moons and at least 4 times back to Naim there is little hope that n-Vi will survive until Christmas. It wonít power up (again) and there is lots of functions not working any more so the obvious question is: is there anything beyond a n- Vi? Im using it in a 5.1 system with Naim Axxess (Center), Kudos 10 A (Front), Vector rear and n-Sub. So, whatís next? Any Linn? Or what? //Jonas
StevekPosted: 25 October 2018Last Updated: 26 October 2018
Richard. I obtained a bnc to rca video lead as advised, please which output to I use, I connect to 2 outputs only getting bars oN the the tv screen, help please Ta Steve King
ursus262Posted: 14 October 2018Last Updated: 18 October 2018
I've just watched Dr Who and Strictly this evening and the sound from my PVR, a Humax, sounded terrific. Normally it sounds as flat as a pancake. Do they adjust the bitrates for the audio depending on the programme?
DavidrPosted: 15 October 2018Last Updated: 15 October 2018
Advice please. I need pre-out for the left and right, possibly for the centre in the future. I would also like to be able to swap between 4K and HD if possilbe as I do not like 4k for everything. Also auto set up would be great I have 52/supercap, 135s and Sonus Faber Olympica Is. I use SF Solo Centre and rears and these are fine for my needs I really dont want to spend over £1,000, less if possible. Many thanks in advance
sidneyPosted: 28 September 2018Last Updated: 11 October 2018
Hello I am new to the forum, just looking for advice regarding home cinema. I have a second lounge which I plan to turn in to home cinema room. I am just looking for advice with regards to what I will need exactly in terms of projector, screens, lighting, blackouts and brackets etc. Any advice please?
gsrPosted: 19 September 2018Last Updated: 20 September 2018
All, Currently have a Denon AVR3805 receiver linked to Anthony Gallo nucleus rear speakers and through to my main stereo Naim (AV bypass) & PMC centre and front speakers. Overall happy with the AV sound but looking to upgrade rear speakers. Want to keep speakers small as they are just behind the sofa which is literally a foot from the rear wall. Any suggestions? How would the Denon (about 10 years old now) fair against the Sony STR DN1080 for example? Thanks Gordon
jfritzenPosted: 03 September 2018Last Updated: 18 September 2018
Hi, I'm considering to buy a new TV, an OLED from LG. I have no experience with Smart TVs yet. However, I've read that some Smart TVs were known to spy on their users, and so I would like to block its access to the Internet in the router. Has anyone done this? Will a Smart TV typically complain incessantly that it can't reach the Internet? Or will it behave, and work as a Dumb TV? KR Jochen
analogmusicPosted: 08 September 2018Last Updated: 09 September 2018
Hello all, I use a chord Mojo for AV duties, but as it only has one optical input, it is quite inconvenient to keep switching optical cables between by Cable TV optical out and apple TV (for netflix). I was doing some research (on the Naim forum) on what to do.... and I think [@mention:1566878603985147] mentioned he uses a few Octava devices for this with his AV2 (similar to what I am trying to achieve). There are a number of such units on Amazon made by other companies, but not really sure...
ConsciousmessPosted: 24 August 2018Last Updated: 07 September 2018
Is I preferable having the input volume low and Naim amplification high, or vice-versa? I have a good yet budget £250 Marantz ND1508 and the AV input volume for pre-out can be altered, but when the inputs higher, Iíve got to reduce the Naim amplification. So essentially, I can high input volume, low amplification or low input volume, high amplification. Which one is advisable considering the input volume is £250 and the amplification is £30000??
AnavrinPosted: 15 August 2018Last Updated: 22 August 2018
Hi Guys I have a Naim Uniti Star, which at the moment is connected to my TV via TosLink for sound through some Wharfedale Diamond 230 floorstanders, Im looking to add a Centre, sub and two surrounds for a 5.1 setup, but I want to keep my front speakers connected to my Uniti. Can anyone recomend a simple AV receiver that can power the Centre and surrounds has pre-outs for the front speakers, I donít need loads of inputs, donít need WiFi/Bluetooth and I have no DVD player, just want to run...
BazzaPosted: 18 August 2018Last Updated: 19 August 2018
Iíve plugged two different optical cables into the optical port of my Mu-So and found the connection to be quite loose. There is no positive click when the cable is plugged in and the slightest of tugs will disconnect the cable from the port. Sound is coming through but I feel that the connection should feel more secure. Have other Mu-So owners experienced similar? My current cable is a Monster fibre optic.
BazzaPosted: 15 August 2018Last Updated: 15 August 2018
How do I open the battery cover? Iíve tried sliding the bottom half down but it wonít budge. The manual doesnít cover this and I donít want to force it open and risk breaking it. Also, whatís the SIM tool for? Thanks for your help.